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  1. After sending them two demand letters, I have finally heard back and was sent a cheque. Unfortunately, they obviously didn't pay too much attention during the process. I explained to them that they owed me $92.34, and displayed how the amount had been calculated. Despite this, they sent an invalid cheque - in the digits section, they wrote "$81-", and in the amount in words section, they wrote "eighty dollars only" (ie. the amounts don't match)... have contacted them AGAIN and still waiting for a reply... I'll give them a week, and if I don't hear back, it's ACCC time. If anyone wants a copy of the main demand letter to use for themselves, just let me know and I'll be happy to share it.
  2. Or, if you have the box connected to the internet, the box can use that connection to order (and download in certain cases) pay-per-view movies (and also the content on demand)... the only things that still need the phone line (AFAIK) and aren't set correctly to use the internet connection are the voting features on Sky News Active, and any contact made through iAds.
  3. So for the last day or so, my Foxtel signal has been touch and go (Brisbane cable) - it would sometimes cut in and out, and other times just cause pixelation at random times on any channel... and now there is simply no signal being received at all... after calling their IVR system, the computer says that the ETA for fixing it is 7pm TOMORROW! ... For a Brisbane metro area, that just seems ridiculous, and if it really does take that long, I'll be pushing for a credit on my account - not really good enough Foxtel! haha [/rant] ...
  4. It only appears on certain channels, when only certain shows are advertised, and even then, only when you're watching the live signal. So if you're using live pause, viewing a recording, or watching a channel that never offers the green button recording capability, then you might never see it... Safe to say, I see it about once every two months... haha! Unless they get it to work when you're not watching a live signal, it seems quite useless for IQ2 really - as the majority of my viewing isn't live (which is why I got the IQ2 in the first place - so I can watch my favourite shows when I'm ready - not the other way around)
  5. They're going to have to do a lot more than that before the end of December if they're going to keep their already modified 2008 promise of "everything being widescreen by the end of 2008" ... two years ago... See if they can manage it this year!
  6. I see this message appear all the time, but it only lasts for a few seconds - and only shows up on my box when pressing the 'planner' key while the box is switched off.
  7. Discovery & Animal Planet are, but Nat Geo Wild is only widescreen on the HD channel... the SD channel, which is screening the same content, is still 4:3, despite the WS icon being set in the EPG... Perhaps that will get fixed in the next few days?
  8. I tested it once by downloading a movie, but then deleted it and didn't watch it (free)... I think they really need to give people some incentive to go to the trouble of connecting the box in the first place (particularly if they have no existing data point, and have to purchase a wi-fi adapter or powerline networking equipment etc) - such as some free content, half price for a certain time, content never before seen on "normal Foxtel" etc! $3.95 per movie is OK - as it saves me from having to go to the video store etc, but $2.95 for a 20min TV episode that has been repeated endlessly is a total rip... Perhaps $4.95 for the whole season or something, but $2.95 for 20 mins of South Park isn't worth it! Also, in a cost-per-minute comparison, a 100 min movie is $3.95, but 100 minutes of TV content (at ~20 mins per episode) is $14.75... I could probably find the DVD of the *entire* season for less than that! Also, I wish they would add HD movies to the offering. I know that they have some HD movies on demand through the previous Box Office system, but I'd be much more likely to actually purchase a movie through the Download service if HD was an option. My internet plan includes 130GB per month, and if I could ever be bothered to call my ISP, I can upgrade that to 200GB for no extra charge, so download usage (even when it's metered) is not really an issue for me. To end my rant, my actual internet connection to the Foxtel box was purely a coincidence. I had ordered a wireless access point (configured in "client mode") for my Bluray player to access Bluray Live, and about a day after it arrived, this new service on Foxtel was activated! I don't think I would have paid $100 for the unit just for Foxtel though...
  9. If you dropped Kids & Music, you'd be paying $74/mo, not $73.50. ($42+$16+$16) Current prices are shown here: http://www.foxtel.com.au/discover/packages...own/default.htm
  10. I've done this, and it does not work. It actually never records that program in the first place - as the smart card doesn't have the encryption key for that channel and therefore can't access the signal. To the user, it appears to have been recorded, but the reason that it ends straight away is that it has nothing to play back.
  11. About time I've seen movies on there in letterbox format (and for some reason they actually used the WS icon in the EPG when they were only letterbox) - so there would still be some benefit to them converting.
  12. Any channel number can be mapped to any transponder and broadcast channel, whether it be vertical or horizontal polarity.
  13. I believe it *may* have ended in 2005 - I remember it being gone for some time before Fox Footy was closed.
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