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  1. Blu Ray Title Trade

    I am after the 4K versions as well
  2. Blu Ray Title Trade

    if you get another game of thrones i will have one to
  3. Blu Ray Title Trade

    if you still have Unforgiven I will take it off you
  4. Blu Ray Title Trade

    Mummy I will have it. If still available
  5. Blu Ray Title Trade

    Will take Furious off you if you still have it
  6. Blu Ray Title Trade

    I will buy from you if you still have it. Harold and Maude
  7. Blu Ray Title Trade

    Number 64. mandella is that one mandella a walk to freedom if so i will buy it also I would like to purchase : 87 blu-ray silent mountain $9 34 Blu-ray Black Mass $6
  8. Blu Ray Title Trade

    Which version of Stalingrad do you have. there is a 3D 2013, a 1993 and a 2003 versionm and could you also tell me if it is region A pr B
  9. Blu Ray Title Trade

    If you still have it I will get it from you
  10. Blu Ray Title Trade

    I will buy it if the BD is not locked
  11. Blu Ray Title Trade

    anyone know of 4k movies selling at a good price
  12. Blu Ray Title Trade

    Anyone know if 4K bluray are region free...
  13. Thanks guys.. it is ouot of warranty but i dont want to replace the machine as it is the only one I could buy that had 2 HDMI outs.. i have 3D and need one out for my sound system and one goes to the TV to give me the 3D.. might have to pay the money and get it fixed
  14. It is only happening with Bluray discs I purchase from the UK everything else plays fine. This problem only just started I had no problem before and I have done the updates on the player. Really got me baffled.
  15. I have a Panasonc bluray player and for the last 2 months when I try to watch a disc pruchased from the UK my player has trouble reading it. I have to keep ejecting and loading the disc till it eventually reads it, this can be after as few as 2 attempts or as many as 50 attempts. It only happens with movies I purchase from the UK all other disc dont have a problem. Is anyone else having this problem and or does any one know how to fix this problem.