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  1. Thanks, looks like ill have to hook it up at a relatives house. Does anyone know if you have to have playTV hooked up to an antenna when updating?
  2. FInally got my playTV from UK today, very happy except for one small issue, The EPG is set to GMT+0:00 (9.5 hours out of sync for SA) and cannot be changed (even by changing the ps3 system clock). Just wondering if anyone else has this issue, or if it has been fixed with an update. Unfortunately for me, i cannot get broadband where i am, so it looks like i'll be sitting on version 1.00 for a while
  3. hmm, i wonder, will people with the uk version be able to uninstall their software and install the australian software when it comes out? (perhaps by borrowing a friend's disc or something) P.S. i do not have playTV (yet) so im unsure if this would work
  4. I went for R2 just because im sick of WWII shooters, its been done too many times. R2 has a bit of a sci-fi twist.
  5. The only reason i dont have broadband is cause of my location. Can only get wireless with a usb modem, which i dont think can hook up via ethernet to the ps3 very easily (if at all) In co-op im up to Orick (location 2) and ive only done 6 out of 61 missions.
  6. Can someone help me out? I only just started co-op (offline, i dont have broadband) and im finding it incredibly boring and hard. Its not because me or player 2 suck (i completed the campaign on normal (8h 36m) and difficult (8h 36m also)) After realising the campaign difficulty also affects the co-op difficulty (had it on superhuman: all chimera have bullseye mk2) i changed it to casual, but it was only a tiny bit easier. Chosing a medic and soldier leaves the soldier out of ammo and defenceless Soldier and Special ops leaves you vunerable if you take damage and special ops and medic is ok until enemies come at you. Co-op is meant to be played with at least 3 people (hence 3 classes) so why did the developers put in 2player co-op. I mean its good that they put it in there, better than nothing, but i would have thought they would subsequently make it a bit easier, seeing as youre down on numbers. Can someone give advice or tell me how they do it. Currently the only way that works is choosing any classes, but have one person always stay way behind, out of the way while the other does all the work. This way there is less chance that both people will die at the same time and fail. Its slow, boring and not co-operative but its the only way that works for me. Help please
  7. P.S. I HATE THE GRIM !!! (unless theres a car or box to stand on)
  8. Took me 8.5 hours to finish on normal, now playing on hard. However, I felt it was easier than resistance 1. Maybe because last time i played #1 I was finishing superhuman. Number 2s storyline is more outrageous and mythical than #1, which was more mysterious. Dont know if i like the cliffhanger/twist ending though, so much is left unanswered.
  9. I also just want say the Auger Mk2 is awesome. Not only can you shoot through walls, but you can now see enemies through walls.
  10. I got is yesterday night, Ive only played it for 2 hours, but its really good. locpender: it is much more like halo than the first resistance. Resistance 1 tried to be very realistic and conservative, but resistance 2 goes all out. The enemies are way more sci-fi, theres a better team atmosphere and the levels are very varied Massive ships float above you and huge battles go on. Also, you swap weapons sort of like in Halo (although i havent played halo much) All in all its a great game so far, much more fun, I think, than the first. EDIT: got it for $88 at bigW
  11. Hey everyone, I got an email today from news@uk.playstationmail.com with a redemption/voucher code for Home. I don't know if they're rare or not but seeing as how I don't have broadband, I wont be able to use it. It expires on the 1st of December. Also, I dont know if other people can use this code, but if you want it, the first post on this topic will get it PMd to them.
  12. if you still havent figured it out, you have to place a shirt and two shoe stickers on the cardboard guy befor the bridge pass thing he'll walk over and lower the bridge
  13. I've been reading around the web and I'm seeing a lot of reports of people saying firmware 2.41 has stuffed up their Ps3. Sony claimed that 2.40 caused a 'limited number' of problems for users, so they pulled it straight away Yet 2.41 seems to be causing more than a 'limited number' of problems, and its still available for download What's going on? Post details here if 2.40 or 2.41 has stuffed up your system and what the problem is
  14. what shipping method did you get?
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