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  1. Anyone in Ballarat, Victoria who is on the prowl for a pair of "Opera Seconda" Loudspeakers https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Opera-Seconda-Loudspeakers-Italian-Audiophile-Speakers/303023869142?hash=item468da14cd6:g:ydIAAOSwWk5cNaUZ:rk:1:pf:0 $1200 pick up price. They have provided some very dark photos, so it is hard to tell if they are mint condition, but the price appears sweet, seller has been with eBay since 2012 with 100% score (If that helps)
  2. A beautiful pair of loudspeakers, spectacular even. GLWTS Link to version 2 removed, my apologies
  3. woodvaliens

    SOLD: FS: KEF Q300 bookshelf speakers (Perth)

    Some pictures inserted under where you say "Pictures:" 🙂 would be really helpful for your sale @thangvan
  4. woodvaliens

    Blu Ray Bargains Thread

    Just picked up Jeepers Creepers (The 1st movie) on Blu Ray, selling at Amazon USA for $4.99 (US) at the moment http://www.amazon.com/Jeepers-Creepers-Blu-ray-Jonathan-Breck/dp/B008MU8ZOI/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1351589081&sr=8-2&keywords=jeepers+creepers This movie has been in my wishlist for some weeks since it was released in the USA (Prior to that you could get it in Germany I think), then it's price dropped to this price (71% off). I then rounded it up (lots) with Mystery Men, Fallen (Denzel Washington) and Spawn (Directors Cut). All up for $47.04 and $8.98 (US) shipping, total $56.02 (US). Paid in US dollars as I always appear to pay a couple of bucks more when I pay with Amazon conversion. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the details showing that all of the discs are region A and B (from bluray.com) are correct. I did not expect the movies to appear on the Aus market any time soon.
  5. The new cables do look sweet, but the image quality is the same as before (But at least if I ever get any more issues, I now have that many HDMI cables now, about fifteen in total, that I have some to rotate around to test). I got five one metre ones, but thought that there was meant to be some marking on version 1.4's to indicate that they were capable of 3D and ethernet, maybe I got 1mt version 1.3's. Still look very nice, and a lot less cluttered behind the scenes. Well worth the money for that alone. Tell your mate (That you sold your Kuro to) to get rid of all his low voltage lighting, maybe even from the garden path (If the reflection can get in through the outside windows) , Your Kuro wouldn't be the one that is on Ebay now would it? Plus, I do wonder after I brought up about the Kuro in Victoria on Ebay, with no bids at that time, then two bids were put on just after I put it up here.... Come on, who is it bidding from here . I see that it is up to $530 with one day to go. I love my picture quality so much, if that was in Perth I would be going for it too, as a second TV (Without the wifes permission too). What screen did you move to from the Kuro Foxtail? Or did you go to projector? I find that looking at screens over the last year or so has left me wondering what I can go for next. If Pioneer still sold these, I would be looking at getting a bigger one of the same. Though as jsmith points out about OLED coming on line, and if they ever come under $10,000 for something like 60" or up, I would go for that if the image quality knocks my socks off. But does OLED perform better than Plasma for action movies (With LED/LCD I notice image judder in fast scenes, my plasma copes with those scenes better to my eyes). I am sure it will run cooler and with less energy use (My plasma is great on winter days, it heats the theatre room up quite well). Mark
  6. As I said in my last line above...... The wife says she is always the one who helps me to sort these things out in the end. I find it better not to argue those points. Hmmmm, a very indirect sort of sort of help she gave me there. But if she had not just walked in as I was going through switching things on and off, I would have been at this for the next couple of months, and end up replacing my fully functional Plasma screen with another screen (Because of one damn light bulb sent from hell to my kitchen). Funny how I can get the blinkers stuck on, and just dig myself in deeper and deeper, because the simplist thing would not cross my mind. I still think that if I had not raised the problem here, and then started getting back into playing with the system again over and over, I would not have found the actual problem at all. I already felt like I was repeating the fault finding without any success. Thanks again to all for the nudges to get me back into it Mark
  7. I could have been at this for another couple of months, and still gotten nowhere near what was happening. The boss (Wife) says it was all her work, if she had not walked in at the one time that both my brain cells were connecting to talk while looking up at her and seeing the recessed low voltage light in the kitchen ceiling behind her, I would still be off in laa laa land. Now I hope that I will not be dreaming about this at night (Yes, I have been dreaming about what may be going wrong, and then put that into action through the next day without success). Mark Bloody low voltage lighting sucks. A $3 lamp has cost me lots of grey hair and tiume (and some money),, though better not think about how much it has cost Pioneer service (I hope they don't call me back..... please)
  8. Fitted the new HDMI cables that arrived this morning from Oznetics. Looks a lot neater with cable that are just the right length rather than what I had going on before (Most of my cables were 1.8mt, and I had coils strapped up at the rear of the unit to get rid of the excess. Now this is where all the pennies dropped at once (Epiphanies that would have been nice to have some months ago). Not that I have to confess anything, and maybe this makes me look a little silly. While changing all the HDMI cables over to the new ones, I have then come to try the setup afterwards, first the Dune HD media player, all boot up and then shut down as they should, then the PS3, again all boots up and shuts down as it should. Then as I start up the system for the BP550 Sony Blu Ray player, the TV stays off, will not take any commands at all, but at that exact same time, my wife had just walked in a side entry door that we have joining our closed off Theatre Room to our kitchen. I know that this may sound silly, but she opened the door to the room at the exact time that I was booting up the system for the Blu Ray player. So I asked her to close the door, and suddenly the TV takes commands again. Asked her to open the door again, and tried to shut down the TV, and it will not take any commands. This took me back to a comment the service tech made on visiting our home, he said that Wi-Fi signals and lighting can cause errors on the IR sensor. So I can disregard the Wi-Fi, but my wife had switched on a low voltage down light that is over our kitchen sink,. I could see the light from the Theatre armchairs we have, but the light would not be in line of the IR receiver. So then I asked my wife to switch the light off that is over the kitchen sink, and then I tried the TV remote again. The TV switched on and off fine with the kitchen light off, but as soon as she switched it back on, the TV stopped responding again. Now at that point I was feeling rather silly, but how on earth light was bending around from a door way to hit the IR receiver had me scratching my head, and this light would be about ten metres away from where I was sitting, so not bright as it came into the room. My wife pointed out that as she was standing in the doorway to the Theatre room, she could see a reflection of the Plasma screen on a glass plate covering an oil painting that hangs at the rear of the Theatre room. Took the oil painting down and the TV works fine with the kitchen light on or off. Further to this and the flowing list of epiphanies that had hit me , I then recalled the comment from the tech about light globes causing issues, he did say that when a light globe does cause a conflict, you can often replace the globe with an identical globe and not have the same issue, as it may not give out the same IR in its light. So I replaced the kitchen light globe with another one that was part of the same double pack that we purchased to replace that globe a couple of months ago (I know, maybe I should have linked the error starting within a day or so of changing a light globe in another room, but I didn't), put the oil painting back up in the theatre room, left the kitchen entry door open and with the kitchen light on, the TV worked fine with all remote commands. I swapped the globe back to the other low voltage lamp, and straight away the TV was not taking orders from the remote. The service tech had tried switching the lights in our theatre room on and off during using the system to see if there was any conflict (Which I thought was strange up until now having an actual light induced fault that I can see for real), clearly he did not consider that indirect light from another room would cause this fault. All the headaches I have had over this, and the messing around with components and cables for nothing. And the reason that I can pull the HDMI out of the TV and it works when the kitchen light is on, is due to that standing at that side of the screen to lean back and pull the HDMI out, puts my body in the line of sight from the IR receiver to the oil painting (with glass cover) that must be reflecting IR from our kitchen light. How can I have reached 50 years old, and never had an issue with IR conflicting with any device I own I just don't know. To be honest though, if I had not been messing around with so many things following tips here I would have still been scratching my head as to what was going wrong. If we always had the side kitchen entry door to our Theatre room open, then I am sure that I would have figured this out sooner, as the TV would have been playing up all the time. A series of things lined up with the root cause of IR interference. The main thing is that the system is working fine now (Well I hope this is not just another coincidence. But being able to lock out the IR at will with that one lamp in another room appears to seal the case). Thanks again for everyone's input, and I hope that my bizarre reflected IR interference problem that I have had may help anyone else to think a little further out of the box (Or theatre room). Mark (Feeling pretty stupid today but happy to confess in the hope that this may help others)
  9. I am only using HDMI standard cables without audio return or ethernet at the moment, I will be installing HDMI cables capable of that once they arrive from Oznetics, the receiver is set to upscale anything via HDMI to 1080P, but not to change aspect ratio, not that this should do much work as nearly everything is coming in at 1080P from the devices (Even my MagicTV is set to output 1080P), I had though about changing that setting to passthrough video on all inputs on the receiver, as I wondered if having that setting would have the receiver double handling and playing around with 1080P video content coming into it. I will try messing with the remote first, and try to change some of the settings suggested above, I would not have thought about slowing down the commands or changing the order of power up and down. The easiest one will be to try and add delay to command execution from the harmony, and I will see what happens from there. Why this would have become an issue after working fine for about a year does my noggin in, but I am happy to have something else to try. My wife and I have been spending some time going around looking at new screens (60 inch and up), I still prefer the look of action movies on Plasma screens, and neither of us like 3D TV (still see it as somewhat of a novelty, but tiring to the eyes and annoying having to wear those goggles). Strange though this may sound, we both think that we get a sense of 3D from watching our Kuro LX508 now, the picture is so clear and crisp (We just use the picture setting from when we had it calibrated), that is the big issue when you look at current models (Like the Samsung PS60E8000), we both thought that to our eyes it was not as "real" as our Pioneer plasma. With our current (annoying) screen, the picture has us both feeling that we could be just looking out of an open window on the scene that we watch (Not that stops us getting really annoyed when something starts to play up). I am hoping that we will see some new screen technology soon, so that I can jump on the upgrade wagon happily and buy a new screen and maybe upgrade the rest of the system too. Thanks you again to all. I will give it a couple of days use before updating the result of the changes to the Harmony (Unless is plays up again first time I use it). Mark P.S I have just double times for all commands to the LX508, and see where that takes me. Changing something from 1000ms to 2000ms (Power up and down) and input changes from 500ms to 1000ms is not something that actually appears much different when you are switching your system on or swicthing inputs, so if that helps, yipee.
  10. Hi Chopsus Well, I know my first post for this thread appeared long, but I did not put in everything. If I add that the error does not just happen with switching off, sometimes it does not switch on (Though this is not as frequent). I am not talking about having just switched back on after the system was on already for hours, this can be switching on at 6pm on a day, after last closing down at 9pm the night before. Again, the plasma will not respond to any commands from the Pioneer remote or Harmony, but will respond to side control buttons. Also, if the screen does not boot up when it should, and ignores commands from either remote, if I pull out the HDMI connector coming from the receiver into HDMI input 4, the screen will work with either remote straight away. Very frustrating, and to be honest, I had to start listing all these things because I started to get confused as to which item I had removed from the system during fault finding. And what happens when I am thinking of pulling all the HDMI connections from the whole system and using component, just to get that whole HDMI thing out of my head. As for resetting the screen to default. The service centre said that they had done this when they returned my unit (Strange that it still had my personal image settings in it after they did that). HDMI control is switched off on every component in the system, I did this after my first call to Pioneer where they suggested just that. I will have a play with the Harmony remote settings, and see what changes I can make as suggested. The only other thing is, that I have an old Harmony one (That has a sticky button, which I keep as a spare from about a year ago when I purchased the new one), and the system plays up with that remote too, and I have never updated that remote since I purchased the new Harmony one (All just adds to my confusion). Clearly I have many other things to try. I will just use the remotes for each item (My wife will not be happy about this at all), but I will try the component connections (5 sets and five toslinks) first as this is sticking in my head about pulling out the HDMI lead to the TV and everything just starts to work straight away. Maybe this is just coincidence each time, or pulling the HDMI when it is running causes the IR fault to stop being locked up. One thing at a time, and thanks to all for your input. It would be much easier if it were not intermittent, I would get an immediate result each time then. Mark
  11. Regards Peter Gillespie PS When you ran the TV not via the receiver I take it your Harmony usage pattern also changed? Peter To cut a long story short...... I had a giggle at that myself now I used the harmony as I would normally, and did not re programme to cut out the receiver, I just switched off the receiver each time it started up using the Yamaha remote. I wanted to keep everything running as it would normally (Harmony and component items), trying to do one thing at a time to ensure I find the one thing that is causing the issue. As for when it locks up, I have put the harmony away in a solid wooden drawer, and the pioneer TV remote still does not work on the TV (unless I pull out the HDMI cable from the receiver, then it works straight away), so I expected that any IR that it may be sending to the TV (If it did start to put out a locked IR signal to the Plasma screen anyway) would not be an issue with it been out of sight of the system. Unless the Harmony is sending so many signals to the screen that cause the IR receiving system in the screen to get "confused". As for connecting the receiver to the TV via component, I did do that first up, and learned that anything that connects to the receiver via HDMI must go to the screen in HDMI or is cuts out the picture part of the signal, audio still goes through (Something to do with the anti copy properties of HDMI systems?). So unless I used component connections on all separate players connected to the receiver, that would be an issue. I did not have five sets of component leads and toslinks to cover that (Again, unless I just used one item at a time). The idea of using the TV without any inputs was at the direction of the service centre, as they said it shows that there is nothing wrong with their products, it is more likely to be the cables, receiver or any other item I have in my system. Thanks Peter, any info is helpful, and hopefully might push me in the right direction. The new cables from Oznetics have not arrived yet he posted them on Thursday night, and everything takes longer to arrive in WA, and when they do arrive, as the fault does not appear every time I use it, I would need to use it for several days before I would be sure that it cured anything. Mark
  12. War & Peace warning (I go on a lot here) Wondering if anyone may have had a similar issue? My Pioneer LX508A (50" Kuro plasma screen) is coming up to its fifth birthday this December, and I have started to have an issue which should really have started just after December and out of its five year warranty period. I am running the LX508A from my Yamaha RXV3800 receiver, feeding into the receiver I have a Dune 3 HD media player, PS3, Magic TV and a Sony Blu Ray player. All connected together via HDMI, and run using a Harmony one remote. Bearing in mind that nothing in the system is under a year old, and has all been running like a happy family together since I had all the bits (Well, some years ago I did have an issue with my receiver, but thanks to Chopsus that was fixed in settings). Over the last couple of months, when we have come to switch the system off (After a watching a movie etc.. maybe two or more hours of running), everything switches off as it should, except on the odd occasion the LX508 stays on (blue light on in bottom right corner). When this first happened, I expected that I may not have had the harmony pointed quite right to catch the IR sensor at the bottom right of the screen, so I try the help key on the harmony that runs through the switch off again and asks if that fixed the problem. To cut a long story short, what we found is that every other day, or some times more than once a day, the TV would not switch off. If I then use the Pioneer remote and try to switch it off, that also does not respond. It will not change HDMI inputs, volume control or switch to TV mode, it just locks on HDMI input 4 where my receiver feeds into (I have tried using HDMI 3 also, and reprogrammed the Harmony, same fault there too). When the TV is unresponsive to the remote commands, if I press any of the buttons on the right hands side of the TV, like standby, volume or input etc.. it works fine, but still ignores remote commands. If I keep pressing any remote command while sat in front of the screen, anytime from one to three minutes the LX508 suddenly works with the remote. All very strange to me. I called Pioneer help line and they asked me to try a couple of things (This was a series of calls over a couple of weeks, try this, then that to see if it can be fixed or the fault narrowed down). First thing was that I should switch off HDMI control on the plasma (This was actually on, but I did not need it really as the Harmony gets everything to play nice anyway), I then replaced all HDMI leads on the system, as they said it could be a single faulty lead. Instead of replacing one at a time, I did all 5 at once, the fault remains. They suggested that the PS3 is a regular culprit for stray HDMI message errors that could be locking the TV up. With the PS3 unplugged from the system it still faults. I then just used my media player plugged directly into the rear of the Plasma on input 4 (receiver not connected to the screen at all), the screen still locks up. I then just used the screen connected straight to the Magic TV via input 4 (again, with the receiver out of the game), it still locks up. At this point, Pioneer authorised the local service people in WA to look at the screen (R&I electronics of Morley WA). The service manager at Pioneer told me that he had already authorised the replacement of the HDMI main board, as he thinks that this may be a HDMI error in the unit. By replacing the HDMI main board that should cover several areas that would be too hard to track down a single fault on. The man at Pioneer also told me that they have never had this fault before and never replaced a main board on an LX508 in Australia, but they do have a new board to issue for my job held in Queensland office. When I booked the screen in with R&I , I was told that the local service agent will be making the decision what to do, not Pioneer, and they will not be replacing the main board, but will bench test it in Morley to find the actual fault. They would leave me a loan screen while they play with it. Well, they picked my LX508 up the very next morning, very fast service indeed, but advised ,me that as it turned out, they did not have a loaner TV to give me just yet (They dropped that off a couple of days later, an LG). R&I had the screen for about a week, and when I called to ask what was happening with it, I was told that they could not find anything wrong with it, and they would call me back later. The next call was to say they were bringing my LX508 back the next day. The screen returned and the gentleman who dropped it off spoke with my boss (Wife). My wife said that she hoped that the fault would be fixed anyway as they had replaced the HDMI main board as requested by Pioneer, the delivery guy said that nothing had been done with the TV, it had not even been opened up as it never faulted in the workshop. My wife and I just thought that he may not know what really had been done anyway, and we kept our fingers crossed. The second night of use the TV locked up again. I called R&I electronics back up and explained that the TV still had the same fault, and that all the time we had their LG loaner plugged into our system, that it had not frozen up, nor had our daughters Samsung Plasma that we had used over about a week plugged into the same system, they all worked as they should. The Pioneer screen was still showing the same fault. When I asked again if they had replaced the main board, the reception staff checked the records and said that the service tech had ordered the main board, but that this had not yet arrived from Pioneer, they suggested that when it comes in we may get a call from R&I asking if they can come to our home and fit the new board in house. So I waited another week, with no calls from R&I. I called them again, this time speaking with a different reception staff member who checked again, as told me that the main board that had been ordered was to replace on that had been used on my LX508. This had me wondering if it was a generic part, or why they would hold an LX508 main board if no one in the whole of Australia has ever had to have one replaced. To this, the reception member checked their repair records and advised me that their store alone has replaced four main boards on LX508's under warranty (I love being told bullshit, it makes me feel so happy). Anyway, the gentleman said that their service tech should come and look at my system as he had spoken with the tech while I was on hold, and the service tech suggested that it will be a cable error, or something I am doing wrong. So they booked a service appointment to attend at my house. A couple of days later. the service tech arrived, I made sure I got the day off work to be there for this one, and he asked me to go through the error history, and what I had already tried. He suggested that the Harmony One may be locking up and sending a single IR message which is holding the TV controls out, but then how can it still switch everything else on and off over and over as I am cycling the system waiting for my screen to respond, plus it will not answer to the actual Pioneer remote, but will respond to the actual button on the TV itself. I had also tried to put all remotes away in a solid drawer to counter that IR possible issue as advised by Pioneer during original fault diagnosis. He said it would be stray IR coming from any light source (We do not use lights in the theatre room), it may be an issue caused by Wi-Fi somewhere conflicting the IR sensor. I questioned him over the HDMI main board replacement, and he confirmed that they had changed the board even though they were not able to get the TV to fault prior to doing so (I am having trouble believing him now). He said that he was at a loss to explain what could be going on, and asked me to switch the system on and off several times over the next couple of minutes, and of course it worked fine. He also said that they do sometimes get people who call for warrant work on things that are working fine, and though it makes no sense, it does happen to them. Though insulted, I just stated that I do not see what benefit I would get out of wasting my own time playing a charade like this. He then said that he would contact Pioneer and explain what is currently going on, and get direction from them on what to do next. The next day, and I know this is not something that you should do, but when the screen locked up again, I pulled out the HDMI lead immediately from the rear of the Plasma, and tried my remote again. The screen responded to IR control straight away. It would appear to be HDMI related. I have tried just using the TV to watch free to air, without any HDMI inputs on the screen. Over about three days of use (And sick of watching adverts), the screen did not lock up once. I passed this info to the R&I service tech, and he said that this actually just confused him even more, he was leaning toward interference from the Harmony, or a Wi-Fi signal somewhere. Now, I am not sure what to do. It appears that I am at a dead end. Neither Pioneer nor R&I electronics have called me back with a next step. It is not like Pioneer can replace the unit, they don't even make screens anymore. I had thought about calling Pioneer again and pushing further, but where would that get me? My wife and I have been out looking at other 50 and 60 inch screens, and were have not found one to match picture quality of the unit we have now (Well, in our eyes anyway). To top that, when I was googling for faults and ideas on the LX508, I see that someone is selling a whole working unit on eBay in Victoria for $520. Damn that is cheap, if it is still in good working order without any screen burn in (http://www.ebay.com....=item20cb5faf12), so I guess that worse case they may suggest that the screen has a really low pro rata value anyway, never mind that they were selling for over five thousand when still being made. Damn it, if I lived in Victoria and not WA, I would buy this unit for spares at that price. Anyway, If anyone could stomach reading this war and peace, and has had a similar issue, I would be grateful if you could share your knowledge with me. Hope this was the right forum to post this one in too Mark Sorry, I said I was going to go on and on. P.S After speaking with the the man from Oznetics, and my concerns that cheap (under $10) HDMI cables I have been using may be causing issues for me (Not that I got them from him, I was just calling to ask what he thought of my situation), he was pretty sure that this had nothing to do with any HDMI cable I am using seeing as I have used two different sets of cables with the same error showing. But seeing as I was pushing to get a set of premium HDMI cables anyway, just for my own peace of mind, he was very kind and did me a very nice deal on a set of five. That man is a gentleman, plus he kept on trying to convince me that I did not need to buy any more anyway..
  13. woodvaliens

    Blu Ray Bargains Thread

    The Hut in the UK having their specials on DVD & Blu I just picked up "Bulleproof" with Wayans and Sandler on Blu Ray (Well maybe I am the only person in the world that likes it, so?) Selling at JB for about $20 The hut for 4.95 pounds delivered. So cost me around $8 (I am sure that many of you wouldn't want it if it were free). TheHut Bulletproof BD Happy shopping Woody
  14. woodvaliens

    Blu Ray Bargains Thread

    Cheers for sharing this one. Keep my fingers crossed. I see that they currently have a "Buy Two get One Free" on discs already, plus most prices have online discounts already (They have Star Wars box set for $85.59, from RRP of $139.99 at the moment 36% off). I guess they may do "JB Hifi" type deal where they do 50% off, but put everything back to full RRP and remove the B2G1F deal. Make sure you actually see a $ benefit between buying now and during their 50% off. Will certainly be looking myself Thanks for the heads up Woody