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  1. Hi Quinn. I am a little surprised nobody else posted. I thought audio hobbyists love showing off their gear. Your LSXs look nicely hidden in plain sight. I have a house full of Musiccast too. Here is my main setup: You are looking at: 1. Epson TW8300 2. Custom made HTPC 3. Yamaha RX-V2081 4. Emotiva XPA2 Gen 3 5. SMSL SU-9 DAC 6. Yamaha SW300 sub 7. Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019 8. Eero wifi unit 9. Tangent Clarity 8 - used as surrounds
  2. Edifier S3000Pro is well reviewed. They sound very acceptable to me in my bedroom. I imagine for near field listening in a fixed position in front of a PC they would be even better. My experience says they have too much bass and so a sub is not needed. But you might prefer otherwise. You may also consider Edifier to Edifier to be a sideways move rather than an upgrade. Alternatively, a Yamaha WXV50 + eBay floorstanders (secondhand or new) might be within your budget. Currently there is a pair of Wharfedale Crystal CR-30.5 for under $500. Personally, my PC audio is via T
  3. Agreed, Echorec and MrBurns. I do find Thomas's review most enjoyable out of the whole bunch. He is more philosophical, more "reflective", and so the review itself makes for "soothing" viewing... like you have a buddy talking to you about your hobby. This is much the same effect the Top Gear guys imparted when they were still at BBC. And one more thing about valve amps, not many people ever say "hey, this thing sounds spot on using the factory valves". Somehow, everyone is of the opinion that the manufacturer has gone to all the length to produce a good product to compe
  4. This really bothers me.... Have you noticed all the reviewers pretty much review the same products? And they all "know" each other. Thomas, Z, Darko, Andrew, Steve, the Canadian sitting around bunch. It's always Schiit Freya, Emotiva XPA, KEF LS50, Topping D90..... and now W R8... And what they say is always the same: this thing performs as something else that costs this time as much.... if you chain them all together, you might just conclude that a $200 component is as good as a $1000 component, which is in turn as good as a $5000 product, which then competes with the
  5. Yes. I have a few LM and Cayin and Muzishare models in mind. I visit friends and relatives in China once a year pre COVID. When things return to normal, I will just go bring one out with me as luggage. They go for approximately half the price over there compared to buying from Melbourne. Since all this is just a hobby and I am a bit of a hoarder once I buy something, I am happy to wait for value, especially given I am very happy with my current setup - I am finding it hard to imagine how the sound can possibly be better when it’s already this good. I am just very mindful that a big
  6. Buoyed by the good weather, I drove around Melbourne trying to get a good deal on the Evo 200 to take home last weekend - but all dealers have sold out, with many incoming units already spoken for. What economic crisis if such absolutely discretionary items are selling like hot cakes? Anyway, since I shop for fun, the moment seems to have passed on this. The more I read about the PL, the more I think it won’t sound too different to my SS setup - certainly not to the extent of a $4k spend.. and I will certainly lose punch and dynamics from the loss of power... yes, yes, bandwidth bl
  7. I think it goes without saying that you should buy audio/music that you yourself "phile" for whatever the reason (vocal, melody, bass, cymbal, whatever), rather than buy "audiophile music" - which is just what someone else "phile"ed, for their particular interests. That said, there are many popular tracks that the "industry" or hobbyists tend to use to evaluate equipment. Although personally, I prefer to use tracks I myself am familiar with, even in that regard.
  8. You know, I was choosing between two pairs of headphones.... Sennheiser HD598 was a great pair of headphones for the price. It's neutral, airy, has very clear treble... It's presented in a no-frills plastic box with paper sleeve. Made in China. SF Pryma is a fantastic looking pair of headphones. The leather belt buckle design is so unique... hand-Made in Italy, proudly engraved on the earcups... presented in a fold out presentation box, with a slide out compartment for a pouch and manuals.... just an absolutely gorgeous looking unit... And they sound..... well... not th
  9. They are the biggest things in this price range... I meant physically... They will either look really "specialised audiophile" or "DIY ghetto" depends on who is looking at it and how it's presented I guess.... Also being open baffle, I think room acoustics would play a major part in how they sound.... and my room is a bit "L" shaped.... so it's a huge gamble..... Aesthetically the Horn option really stands out.... The design allows them both to be swapped for fun... at the added expense of course. LOL
  10. At these prices they really need to be quite good at everything, don't they? My wonderful pre-shopping journey has taken me to the Quintet15 now from PAP..... open baffle design, DIY.... approx $9K USD shipped..... similar price range to the SF ON5 and W E4... But maybe that's too big of a gamble I will regret.... also it looks like I might be able to build that from Ikea panels and locally sourced speakers to experiment with...
  11. Yes, I understand that. What you are describing is basically turning a spike into a nail. This is what happens on a soft-enough surface. On a slippery tiled surface, the nail effect may not be a sufficient trade off to... say, the horizontal inhibition that comes from placing the wooden speaker box directly on the the (somewhat) sticky tile (sticky from moisture, dust, plant residual etc)...
  12. Yeah that makes sense. Thanks, Steffen. Following this logic, if the vibrations are transmitted from the speakers to the floor and then to the hi-fi rack and then onto each component, then really the simplest way is to mount spikes/rubber feet on the feet of the hi-fi rack....? Or are we saying the "vibrations" are actually coming from the components inside each hi-fi box to start with (even though they are all solid state)? Do transformers vibrate in operation?
  13. Sure. My bad for describing it from a simply "visual" perspective - couple = attached directly to ground; isolate = separated by spikes. Let's talk about it your way, which I know is more industry norm. Spikes may actually function as a decoupler on the horizontal plain on a smooth tiled surface due to the reduction in contact patch size. Woofers mounted low down can conceivably produce enough kick to vibrate the speaker forwards and backwards. Straight down speaker placement on tiles without spikes might provide better horizontal coupling due to contact surface redunda
  14. Hey guys. I've read the post here about how speaker and component isolation improved sound. I am trying to understand why. Speaker isolation/coupling is easy - they vibrate. And isolating them using spikes or coupling them by placing directly onto the floor will change how the speaker box vibrates. And rubber pads probably achieve partial isolation and partial coupling. So then sound changes with each of the three setups. For better or worse. But how does "isolating" components like DAC/CD player/Streamer/Amp/Preamp change the sound quality? Why would the el
  15. I will probably get shot down here from people who are into exclusively audiophile-brands for audio gear for suggesting this, but I must say I have been extremely happy with my Yamaha NS-F700 as my main fronts, a Yamaha SW300 sub. I got the Yamaha fronts as an upgrade to my 10yo Tangent Clarity 8 floorstanders - they now serve as rears in my surround setup.... and those were very nice speakers too when I had them on front duty.... I couldn't find much about the NS-F700 before I bought them, but after purchasing them "blind", I found them to be neutral, with fast enough base, and re
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