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  1. With the aud at present definitely worth the 10% saving on either lifetime or 1 year three pack if possible.
  2. No you will have to purchase tidal separately via monthly subscription.
  3. Item: 3 X CD storage Price Range: free Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: each one holds 60 cds. Take 1 or all three pickup Vic 3095
  4. Gorgeous lever machine. I have owned a la Pavoni europiccola and Olympia cremina lever but this is a step up with the spring lever. GLWTS
  5. Would love to see pictures! Are the princesses with the wood veneer sides or black piano finish?
  6. Will have a look at how to get the 3 buy discount. Anyone interested PM me.
  7. @koputai the cd ripper + a coffee machine on the back of the van and a tour around Australia as @Mat-with-one-t suggested and you will have a nice little business going!
  8. Apart from the woodwork everything else looks to be in good condition. Huon pine will be nice as well as smelling amazing. Always reminds me of Tassie with the Huon smell. Interested to know how one gets the arm board to the point of the paint coming off under the tone arm?
  9. Absolutely! I would be tempted too. Different state unfortunately.😞
  10. Any one know of any room lifetime membership deals at present?
  11. Don't know about the cork but the material I ended up using was cheap and had self adhesive backing that was easy to apply and take off with a good contact surface. The link to where I bought it is a few posts back from @audiofeline.
  12. Thanks @audiofeline I did end up taking about 10% off from that was in that picture as I covered a few holes I should not have and it sounds good. The good thing about that material is it is easy to apply/to take off and it was very economical! Thanks for getting me onto it.
  13. No problems with the length of the 707 on this TT. I did not have the template with my grace so I drew one up from the description from the tone arm manual. There are a few td150 mkiis out there with the 707 on the original plinth so no problems. The beauty in making your own plinth is you can extend the arm board width to what ever you like to fit any tone arm!
  14. Will track down the file for you soon. The plinth is fine no warping evident. Just clamp and glue for the edges. I also had some wooden bracing glued in place in the internal edges of the plinth as you can see in the post below. Seems to be holding up well.
  15. No worries @oztayls happy to send the file. I did not end up getting a cover made i just use a sheet over the TT when not in use. The original tone arm is nice but the grace 707 is a step up from my ears. But you can easily have two arm boards made to compare the two. I ended up making a MDF arm board and stopped using the Redgum one in the pics above as that one warped a little.
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