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  1. Item: sansui 8080db Location: Vic 3095 Price: 1000 ( will donate to SNA when sold) Item Condition: very good Reason for selling:not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Recently professionally serviced and in full working order. This amplifier sounds amazing still after 40 years. Classic sansui sound with lots of power to drive most speakers at 80W per channel into 8 ohms. This model has the dolby processor as well. Their is no audible crackles with the dials or volume control. Dials, faceplate, case is in very good condition, a small scratch on the right side of the receiver as per picture. Lights are original as well. This has been well cared for. comes with original manual and pamphlets. Not negotiable on price. This is a very well built receiver. happy to post ans will pack well. https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/sansui/8080.shtml Pictures:
  2. Gorgeous pictures of Karajini. Loved swimming through knox's gorge to the top of the water fall. If you were in Melbourne I would love to snap them up. GLWTS.
  3. I currently have an azur 851n I use as a streamer and DAC. I have heard many good reviews of the gross + PSU as you stated and am torn between the Fein II paired with a sMS 200 Sotm and sticking with my current pre/power setup. Or going extreme and an all in one option like a pair of devialet phantoms. Or in between and the new all in one offerings from the naim uniti series. I guess I just have to work out what I see as important at present. Minimisation of components or persuit of my ideal sound.
  4. I think the view of this series success really depends on who people view the target audience is. I grew up with episodes IV to VI watching the last two at the drive in and as a child was super excited about the good Vs evil thing those episodes highlighted. Now I see that same excitement in my kids with the current series ( a little less so with ep VIII ) and with the joy i see in them gets me equally excited about the last episode. I don't feel that as I grew up with Luke, Leah and Han that Disney owes me anything in closure or that they are rehashing what was in the original. They are movies and if you don't like them then fine don't watch them. No need for all the hate on them.
  5. According to the link two of them! What is out there that can connect to them at present? Great price for a feature packed integrated. GLWTS.
  6. @RussB @Snoopy8 thanks for the detailed comparison. Not only does it have a great PSU inbuilt but a step up sound wise to the gross. I was wondering for a moment there snoopy8 if you had left Maria K at the bus stop and were coming back to the separates! I am keen also to go the all in one pathway but the Fein II is really tempting me.
  7. With jj abram at the helm for 9 I think we are in for a treat. If anyone can mend it he can. He did some fantastic work with the star trek movies. The scene with Leah and rey, lando in the falcon brought a tear to my eye.
  8. Item: Cambridge Audio Azur 851N Network Audio Player (Black) Location: Vic 3095 Price: 1600 (retailing about 2700) will donate to SNA Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: reducing component count Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Offering my main streamer/dac for sale as aiming to reduce my components count. The azur 851n been a wonderful dac/streamer and is Cambridge Audio's flagship over the past several years as well as winning many awards and rightly so. It’s a nice sonic upgrade from its cxn models with what I would describe as a smooth and wider soundstage than the lower models. It has a vast selection of inputs and upsamples signals to 24-bit/384kHz as well as managing DSD64 Had my NAS connected up as well as Spotify and tidal steaming through with no issues. The Cambridge Audio app is not the best but does the job. This also acts as a preamp as well but I have not used that feature. This has been well cared for with no scratches or marks visible and the remote is in excellent condition. Letting this go as I am trying to consolidate and looking into the all in one options including amp. Review https://www.whathifi.com/cambridge-audio/azur-851n/review Pictures: Note above is a stock picture of the back connections as mine is still connected at present.
  9. Yes saw that the reactors are out, targeting those requiring a smaller physical setup but still good output. Am up in Sydney for work at present and David Jones in Bondi junction have a pair of golds setup so will try and have a listen.
  10. Just look a bit closer to the pic in your first post snoopy and see that you have the hub connected!
  11. Thanks snoopy do you drive your pair with the hub or split the optical between the two speakers?
  12. Can I ask what the dac is like from the Phantom gold owners? Are you using the inbuilt or external dac?
  13. Orpheus do have some beautiful woodwork in their speakers. I have a pai of Voltaire's that are finished in bubunga burl and they just show the amazing level of craftmanship. GLWTS
  14. Thanks Bruce reading throught the thread looks like some have used them before and they know their way around a Sansui. Apparently this model is a bit complicated due to the Dolby section so will see what they can do. Cheers
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