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  1. TLDR; it is just OK, nothing more. TL; I’ve been on the lookout for a replacement center speaker since replacing my fronts, which have a much warmer timbre. This may seem like a relatively straight forward endeavour, buy from the same series, however I had a number of constraints. 1.- It couldn’t be more than 56cm wide. 2.- It had to have a wide soundstage, as it’s for the 120” screen. 3.- It had to be warm and not rear ported, to fit in the cabinet. Previously I had been using for over a decade a pair of AudioEngine P4’s, connected in series and laid on their sides, which surprised me how well my experiment actually worked. They had a wide soundstage convincing voice reproduction, and generally superior audio to a lot of other centers I tried. I finally stumbled on the Theia by Earthquake Sound, (https://earthquakesound.com/index.php/en/component/zoo/item/theia). There are no professional reviews, nothing in forums w/ the sole references from three amazon reviews. I liked the design concept, they looked fairly good quality and Earthquake Sound’s other Titan speakers got positive feedback, and I guess they're reassuringly expensive. I emailed the manufacturer, to ask about enclosed placement and actual measurements bcos they claim 49cm everywhere, but the manual also states 62cm… I received no reply, but the 10” passive radiator curiosity convinced me to part w/ my $. It arrived in a couple of days and sure enough the long side was 62cm and the narrow 49cm, which required my jigsaw to leave the speaker in situ. Fit and finish: Poor, cheap Chinese manufacturing. The front grill broke while trying to remove it, the black lacquered finish has rotary buffing marks and it looks like putty has been used between the front mdf panels. Sound: They measure ~OK, but I’m hearing lows and high mids more than anything, the range of the 4” Kevlar cones + Piston-Max isn’t as great as I’ve come to expect. I guess you could argue that’s a product of a 2 way speaker. I could counter that the 10” could be classified as a pseudo woofer… but I’d be wrong. Some info on the SLAPS: http://www.earthquakesound.eu/car-audio/slaps-passive-radiators/slaps-10.aspx Soundstage: This is my biggest gripe, horizontally quite wide, but vertically narrow, so now the center is very localized and much lower than the source image. I’ve angled the speaker to point directly at me, but still sounds like it’s coming from below the image. Score: 5/10, they sound marginally better than the P4’s, but cost 4x. Measurements from 3 places front (green) /centre (black) /rear (pink) of listening position. Given they’re 3.2m~4.4m from the speaker, my room has a large influence.
  2. Further information: No idea what they sound like. B&W sent them to me for buying other gear. Photos:
  3. How did the R11's sound? I recently declined a pair in favour of some B&W 702's bcos I was remined of my income.
  4. I ended up return the 800F's, I just couldn't live w/ the rattle chuff, I was always listening out for it instead of enjoying the content. I bought some B&W 702 S2's @ 2x the price, which are still in their early stages, but they don't sound as airy as the 800F's and are considerably warmer, and are warm by any standard. If Paradigm resolve that rattle chuff and some of the quality issues (I also noted some filling peaking out the sides at the front when packing them up), I think they'll be on to a winner, bcos the 702's in my opinion at this stage sound inferior to the 800F's w/ the exception of low frequencies.
  5. Item: Sony IER-Z1R Location: Perth Price: $1490 Item Condition: Like new Reason for selling: No longer wanted Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Bought 13th Jan 2020, arrived 17th so not even 3 weeks old, about 6hrs use all up… they sound awesome, but I forgot I dislike IEM comfort. I have only touched 1 pair of the many ear tips. Photos:
  6. Thanks , I'm glad I'm not not the only one hearing it. It does sound like a rattle, but it's definitely the port in my units bcos it can be attenuated by partially blocking the port, and the noise does seem to be generated from the airflow inside the cabinet and then released out the port. I have heard it w/ some other tracks but it's a little more defuse. I've also never heard anything like it before, and I've had a fair few speakers in my life time w/ ports. Paradigm finally got back to me and said it was not normal and that I should contact my retailer or the distributor. Not sure which amp you have, but w/ my Marantz SR6012 in Pure Direct mode it reduces the noise however using Audessey MultEQ room corrections it really brings it out.
  7. Lowering my score to 4/10, or a "needs improving". The reduction is due to Anthem/Paradigm's lack of interest in the email I sent them, and bcos I have now bi-amp them and the port chuffing is even worse. Pro's: Nice airy sound stage Excellent mid range Con's: Absolutely awful port chuffing noise with lows. Cheap build quality, loose plastic, creaky cabinet, poor fitting feat. No manufacturer support.
  8. Here's a video... use headphones. The video might get copy write flagged, so it's id is "v=BriqEqWwvt0" Towards the end you can hear what happens when I partially block the port. If I completely block it makes weirder noises from the front.
  9. My amp spec say Power Output (8 ohm, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.08% 2ch Drive) 110 W. In the photo they were pretty close to the wall/window but I have since moved them to about 25cm away, while testing I also placed them at various positions and even over 1m out, with little change. The 2049 track does make them sound aweful, and the an easy way to fix the distortion in that track is to enable Audessy LFC, which contains the bass or prevents the LF from travelling through walls. Sound tracks/effects from say TRON legacy and Dunkirk while still bass heavy don't make them distort. However the issue is also present on the 3rd track "Flight to LAPD". The vendor had a listen and confirmed it sounded aweful but never followed up. @micman12 there's made in China printed on the box and they're shipped from China. They were also a little dusty with dusty finder prints on the top, whcih from my experience indicates a lower priced Chinese assembly plant. They also creak a little. Which amp do you have and have you tried playing the stereo Sound track of 2049... ie the .flac version. The DTS HD track while watching the movie doesn't exhibit the issue and the speakers only distort when played in Stereo, so full range just through the 800F's. It's also not the track as it sounds very good with my Sony MDR-Z1R's, and other speakers. I'll post a video soon.
  10. It's both the left and right. That Bladerunner soundtrack really brings out the worst in them... and the low problem exists way up in to the 300Hz region too. They still sound pretty good if you don't let them play rumbling lows at volume.
  11. OK so here's my interim review. The 800F's sound good, but they have a serious flaw; awful blow hole noise. Comparing them to the Q700's they have a bigger and clearer sound. However I discovered their flaw very early in my testing. 2049 by Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch Blade Runner 2049 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), surfaced the issue. I was listening at a decent volume in stereo and I could hear a vibration that sounded like a rattle snake in one of those Coles reusable plastic bags. I thought it was a vibration from the window or projector screen, but it was air from the 800F's port. W/ your ear up against the cabinet you can also hear less than smooth air flow inside. With the AVR in DTS Neural:X the port noise ~disappeared. Audessy set the xover @ 60Hz, so I think the port issue is present at below 60Hz. Also if you lower the volume in stereo mode the noise dispattes. I haven't taken REW + umik-1 out to take measurements yet, but I think they'll have a fairly flat curve w/ some mess below 80Hz. Other than that, they're made in China and have more of chinsy feel than a premuim one. The base isn't that flat and I couldn'teasily screw in one of the rubber feet. So I'm scoring them a 5/10, which equates to an all round OK. I score the Q700's a 7/10 bcos they were almost 50% cheaper, have better quality or are less plasticy, and no weird noises. Taking price out of the equation the 800F's are better all round at low and medium volume.
  12. Item: SONY KD75X9400C 75" UHD 3D FALD LED TV Location: Perth Price: $1800 Item Condition: No visible issues. Reason for selling: No suitable place, not used. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Purchased: 2015-11-25 for $8100 invoice available. https://www.pcworld.idg.com.au/review/sony/x9400c/581761/ https://store.sony.com.au/archived-television-4K/KD75X9400C.html My spiel: 1. Used only for watching movies, so about 4hrs a week when I was using it. 2. Has better image quality than my new LG C9 OLED, and probably the best screen/motion/upscaling I have witnessed. Hard to believe but it's a nice screen. 3. Has full local array dimming. 4. Built-in speakers are probably the best of any TV. 5. Too big to fit anywhere in my house without blocking out windows, it’s very large ~2m width, hence the sale. Condition: 1. Front, sides are 100% perfect. 2. Rear has a little adhesive residue left from attaching LED bias lighting. 3. 1 pair of 3D glasses has been melt bended to better fit my viewing angle. 4. Original box a little damaged from being in the garage. $1800 ono. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  13. Generally what people do to to be safe and prevent amp damage is replace it w/ a dummy load (resistor).... they're ~$5 on ebay. But depending on how the xovers and wiring is done (ie not in series) you should be fine.
  14. Touche. When I was researching sensitive speakers for my tube amp, the Heresy III kept popping up, but I would have had to pay GST and I didn't like their cabinet for my bedroom. I got the RP-150's for abount A$450 shipped from amazon. I'm generally not a fan of ports, but only when you can hear them pushing out air.... speaking of ports I got talked in to getting the Paradigm 800F's and I paid the deposit.
  15. The seller just came back and are now offering the Paradigm's at a $150 premuim over the KEF's... still think the KEF's are better bang for the buck. klipsch Heresy's get a good wrap, or is it rap.
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