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  1. It knocks alanh's figures on satellite viewer numbers or Imparja's numbers into a cocked hat. Methinks someone juggleth the the truth.
  2. I've just recently noticed that Imparja is trolling for new advertisers and telling them that Imparja can give them access to nearly 500,000 new advertisers through VAST satellte TV, Somewhat more than the 200,000 figure you quoted. I'm in the Blue mountains of NSW and still get advertising for Qld, NT and SA.
  3. Having had Optus Aurora for about 10 years and using Humax decoders for all that time, I've gotten used to replacing capacitors and diodes as needed. I know these are early days but I'm wondering if anyone has encountered problems with the UEC VAST box, So far mine has performed flawlessly and compared to the Humax runs cool all the time.
  4. Early days in negotiations yet Alanh, but getting NITV onto VAST is a good step forward.
  5. Thank for this information Smacca.You asked earlier what people thought of the UEC box, Personally I'm quite satisfied with It's compact design and cool running after Humax's, with power supplies that cooked your breakfast. I'm sure that the artificial restrictions placed on it by the government can be "Loosened" in the future by minds far brighter than mine, so now for me it's just a matter of reliability.
  6. Hi again Smacca, Is there somewhere within the decoder where I can find the present software that the decoder is running, This will show if the download has succeeded and the software is the current implementation.
  7. From this post I thought that I would have to go to a site and download/install software upgrades. Not lifting fingers is what I do best, Good to hear that this is the case.
  8. What organisation handles the distribution of these cards, ASIO, CIA? I thought it was intended to try to supply a service to rural viewers that's comparable to city services. Space on the satellites has been negotiated and paid for by the government, read taxpayer, Why all the bureaucratic meddling in what should be a straight forward business transaction? Small aside to Smacca or mtv, What changes have been made to the software that would make it worth my while to download and install it in my decoder as I get nervous when I start fiddling in areas where I can do damage? Don't want to go back to Humax/Aurora setup.
  9. Thanks for that information mtv and smacca, I missed the earlier post. EUC seem to be taking steps in the right direction but I still think the box when released was a bit primitive.
  10. I've noticed that at some of the most inopportune moments the UEC box has started a download. As the box has a number of inputs/outputs on the rear I'm curious as to if over time UEC intend to download the necessary software to activate these and perhaps bring the box up to a standard with a bit more versatility? Or maybe I've just got a dickey box?
  11. Thanks for the link alanh, Wouldn't it be great if the VAST box and card weren't tied down so hard? Lots of privately owned boxes out there that could do a better job than the UEC.
  12. The majority of the complaints seem to be about so defective a box being the only one approved for use on VAST. In an open competitive market place anyone who had deliberately bought a UEC STB would be too embarrassed to admit it.
  13. After 5 working days I'm still receiving Qld programming on VAST instead of Southern/ACT. I rang Eastern Australia Satellite Broadcasters Pty Ltd (EASB, a joint venture company set up by the broadcasters Southern Cross Media and lmparja Television) 03-99222186 The young lady I spoke to assured me that they had nothing to do with who receive their programs and maybe I should contact BCDE or ACMA. When I told her that it was one of these departments that had given me her number to contact she suggested I ring the Sydney office on 02-84379400 to see if they could help. I rang Sydney and spoke to a polite young lady who didn't know what VAST was and assured me that they only handled sales. I contacted EASB again and told her of my "No luck" with Sydney so she suggested I try Canberra on 02-62422400 and ask for a signals engineer as the switch girl wouldn't know what I was talking about either. I rang Canberra and asked for a Signals engineer, but no luck, The switch girl relayed my problem to a third party and took the particulars, Card number, Address, Post code etc. She told me that I shouldn't be receiving Qld transmissions as I was only entitled to Southern/ACT, and she'd pass my information on to someone else. So far I'm still on the Northern bouquet, Gee I hope there's no trial in Qld that's sub judice that I shouldn't see on news broadcasts. That would be in contravention of my conditional access.
  14. KAKTUS


    An update on this: I contacted UEC this morning to see if there was some way I could switch the box back to Southern/ACT. The tech informed me that the locality that your card has enabled is set by the service providers and somehow they'd switched the card to Qld. He was going to contact them and see if they would switch it back to Southern/ACT for me. I asked him why the box was so tied down with the restrictions placed with the card box being married etc, He said these were part of the conditions placed on UEC to get the supply contract and if the card failed they had to replace the card plus the box under warranty. So I'm wondering, if the card fails after the warranty expires will the owner will be up for a new box as well as a new card.
  15. KAKTUS


    Strange thing, We have VAST, NSW ACT until 17.45 yesterday 22-3-11. In the middle of Deal or No Deal it suddenly dropped to QLD programs 1 hour behind NSW. The decoder still shows it's on the NSW, ACT bouquet. Anyone else have this problem?
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