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  1. Call on your warranty now... What you are explaining as happening is just the start, the time it takes to turn on will get longer and longer and all you will hear is the clicking sound until it turns on and then one day it just won't turn on... I remember specifically reading this problem on the US Forum, Trust me on this... Call on your warranty ASAP...
  2. Hi, I am not sure about your screen burn in, maybe you can search the forums for some info. The only product I am aware of is Pixel Protector. Google this and read about it as it apparently helps fix screen burn in... skouta.
  3. When I started this thread some 2 years ago I was one of the first to receive the new F-Series LCD.... So I thought I should provide one last update... Well, I am no longer the owner of the F-series as it died and the part for repair was unavailable... So it was swapped over for a newer model.... That is all...
  4. I believe Samsung have a 14 day exchange warranty via the retailer. So contact your retailer and ask for it to be exchanged quickly.
  5. Mine clicks several times once the tv has just been switched off. Tv works fine as I have had it since November...
  6. I hope that was all tounge in cheek Caprica because that service was anything but service....
  7. As far as I can see from Samsung's website, LCD televisions come with a 3 year warranty.
  8. I did the same thing a few weeks ago, I did get an answer from them but I also received the 26" which I was entitled to, not the 32" upgrade. I'm happy with the 26", good luck you never know you may get upgraded now as they seem to be doing more of this lately.
  9. Good pick up Gibbo, Well it is exactly what people who have upgraded had said, Samsung just lowered the effect of the settings...Interesting. Also interesting to note that the Sony is no better. On another note what is c-net's concern with applying firmware fixes??? Does this cause other problems or are they just saying consumers don't like doing this.
  10. I am very pleased to hear that some people who have waited long periods of time for their free LCD are getting upgraded. I am also very pleased that Samsung have made firmware upgrades available on their website rather than the original need to get a tech out or wait for a USB key. I think Samsung although definately not perfect, they have listened and responded to the people which can only make them better. Samsung keep improving and I may forget about the past....maybe...possibly...we'll see...
  11. My Take... Now I had the "wave" issue but to remind everyone Samsung had a firmware upgrade available within a couple of weeks of my end of November purchase. Samsung now have a firmware upgrade for Motion Plus and Judder problems (within 4 months of my purchase). I obviously understand everyone's frustration with Stock Supply issues and the Free LCD Promotion supply issues. But this is beacuase of the huge take up of this great LCD, better than the Sony IMO and check the Sony forums they have their own issues with their LCD. The beauty of this new technology is that firmware can be upgraded and rectify issues or just make other overall improvements. Guess what...this is what is happening, Samsung are listening and are providing firmware fixes. I have stated previously that writing on these forums about the probelms people have had with these sets is fine but you also need to ensure you contact Samsung so they can log the problems, send a tech out if needed and then work on a solution quickly. In all honesty I don't think enough people have contacted Samsung directly as they are waiting for someone else to do it, well if more people contacted them and logged the problems then we might get solutions quicker... So, should Samsung have released a set with problems...NO!! Should Samsung rectify the problems with the sets...YES!! and that is what they are doing so Samsung thanks. That's my take. skouta.
  12. I guess I go from one extreme to another... I watch Ovation for Andre Rieu concerts then I watch Fox 8 for WWE and American Idol. And before Shady Soldier comments...My 15 year old daughter enjoys watching the Andre Rieu concerts with me...
  13. 1. Lifestyle Food 2. Fox 8 3. Arena 4. Lifestyle 5. CI Network 6. E! 7. Sky News 8. Ovation - (Andre Rieu concerts) 9. Comedy 10. TVSN
  14. Firmware 1012 question... I have looked at the link and it automatically wants to download the file. Where is this available on their site? I have tried to look it up but there is no info on it. Other firmware updates for other equipment explains what the firmware is for so why isn't there info on 1012 and why can't I find it on their site??? Can someone please see if they can locate it. Thanks, skouta
  15. Do you mean scart to composite or scart to component?? If you have scart to composite then one way to improve your picture would be to buy a scart to component lead.
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