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  1. and they have been running their adds promiting their afl finals in HD FALSE Advertising
  2. FOX Sports has announced two new channels, FOX Sports 4 and FOX Sports 5 -both in High Definition- to launch from Monday, November 3. This will take the number of HD channels to 7 for the sports broadcaster. “2015 will be the best year ever on FOX Sports, with more hours of Live, premium sport than we’ve ever had,” FOX Sports CEO, Patrick Delany said Link to full articale: http://www.tvtonight.com.au/2014/09/fox-sports-adding-two-more-channels.html
  3. Whats up with the NRl no Games Being Broadcast at all this year on Channel 9 Adelaide lats year we got it LIVE ON GEM on a Friday Night
  4. wish we had free to air via satellite in Adelaide we get nothing but abc and sbs you guys on the east coast are very lucky
  5. And DOOL has been picked up for another 2 years recently by nbc
  6. Great news but now that Foxtel has got it it gets even better Foxtel to fast-track Days of our Lives Twelve months after it was axed on Nine, iconic US soap Days of Our Lives is set to return to Australian screens. This time it will air on Foxtel’s Arena channel, just hours after the episodes have aired in the U.S. Nine axed the series last April after 45 years on Australian television before finally returning online via Crackle.com. Days will return from 12:50pm Tuesday April 15 AEST for the first time ever, “day and date” with the United States. But viewers also need to be brought up to date with 6 months worth of episodes, which reflect the historic gap that existed in its former life on Australian television. Arena will screen 10 specially selected episodes introduced by Days cast members, designed to bring them up to speed. The will air weekdays from Tuesday April 1 to Monday April 14 at 12.50pm.
  7. The reason why channel 9 are showing the highlities package now and not fox is because of the new cricket tv rights deal and all matches will be live now regarless of weather or not sold out. they can show it on gem when the news is on etc as well.
  8. and good news all the cricket will now BE LIVE AND IN FULL NATIONALLY even into the host city eg Adelaide even if it isnt sold out. i have audio of James Sutherland discussing it on 1395 Fiveaa
  9. EXCLUSIVE: Soapie fans missing Days of Our Lives have been rewarded, with TV Tonight now able to confirm episodes will resume in Australia via online streaming video service, Crackle -and it’s all for fr http://www.tvtonight.com.au/2013/06/days-of-our-lives-episodes-to-resume-online-for-aussie-fans.html
  10. channel 7,9,10 are availbel to only brisbane,sydney,melbourne on foxtel satellite not Adelaide and Perth
  11. Hi guys thought i would revive this thread now that WIn channel 9 Adelaide has been sold it it is part of channel 9 on the east coast now maybe we will finally see it on Foxtel. I wouldnt be holding my breath though
  12. just to let you know the carlton vs st.kilda game is live on 7mate into Adelaide on moday night not chanel 7
  13. Check out this http://www.tvtonight.com.au/2013/05/rumour-new-deal-looming-for-days-of-our-lives.html
  14. wow thats not good news well guess we will have to wait and see
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