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  1. Well if its everywhere online stop being a little bi*ch and tell me it then instead of wasting time speaking out your bottom.
  2. Lighten up would you. I will always ask a question on a forum and there will always be someone like yourself with nothing better to do than bother to take the effort to say I can find it myself and where to find it. However if a 360 person that knew the answer were to post then Im sure it wouldnt put them out by answering such a question. Criterion are amazing how they have completely changed so many facets to the game, of course they make money they are a business, but a few bucks for awesome new cars is nothing for the great entertainment it gives us. And as for getting the cars, if you dont want to get them, dont get them, I was at 75% or so and really lost interest in finishing the rest of the races so it was a GODSEND to just grab the remaining cars! And the only thing I would use a PS3 for would be from stopping the door blowing shut. :-)
  3. I just have component on a 50 inch plasma and its beautiful, hard to imagine it could get better with hdmi, even though mine is hdmi capable.
  4. SO I havent played burnout PC for ages and I crank it open with the son this morning, and holy cow!! Hot wheels cars??? Fully sick mate, LOL. The little bike is hilarious!!! Unlocked all the cars I never could before. Criterion have really and truly created a new world of gameplay and continue to evolve, I cant wait for the island upgrade, when is that due? Well, if you havent got a 360 and you love racing games, then why havent you gone out and bought a 360 with burnout paradse city? This has just made the weekend cool and interesting!! Thanks Criterion, you rock, and you know how to push the envelope. Makes me ponder what my 7yo will be playing in 10 years time, the mind boggles!!! I saw the new 360 stuff on the news last week also, playing a car game with no controller just your movements, unreal. I havent got into the cops and robbers thing yet though, do you need to get a gold live membership to do that and is it worth it??? have a good weekend guys regards Justin
  5. Bump! Anyone with any details about the year old P9 Sammy? Ive been told that there are no parts for them anymore and they are offering refunds, can anyone else confirm any details? regards Justin
  6. More info on this???? I want mine looked at as the white dots are driving me mental! Would like an upgrade to their latest plasma please samsung! lol
  7. Hello I have a Samsung P9 50 inch plasma, had it for a year and a few months, not a bad tv, but if I had the cash I would ditch it for one of those new 200hz Sony lcds!! Anyhow, back to reality..... When I play xbox 360 on it there are tiny white dots that shimmer on some parts of the screen at some different times. Its getting too annoying now so I remember there being some issues with this set discussed about a year ago. I dont know if Ive just put up with it this long or (more likely) that its developed it recently. I am using the standard component xbox cable to connect to the P9. I know there were some issues with HDMI and white dots on this tv, but I thought they were only when using Full HD. SO I guess my question is, how can I be sure this is the common problem with this set and hence call up samsung support? I havent got a hdmi cable for the XB otherwise I would try that one for a change. I dont have any full hd gear to try it out like a BR player or something to see if that has white dots as well. Is there any other way I can check this fault? thanks very much, have any of you guys upgraded after getting the P9? regards Justin
  8. Wow dvd player you guys reckon, didnt even think about that one! Will take some shots and repost here, thanks! Justin
  9. Hello Recently, I have noticed on a couple of X vids that there are strange thin lines that appear during the movie, mainly around the faces of the characters but elsewhere as well. When I play the movie on the pc or lcd, I cant see the lines, so I am wondering if it is an issue with the tv. Anyone got any ideas what it may be? I was thinking the hdmi issues that people had with the P9 but they arent dots, they are thin lines. Its a philips divx dvd player connected via hdmi. thanks Justin
  10. Been reading a review of DIRT and how much they reckon the MS wireless wheel works so great with the game, so thought I might get a wheel for me and my son to play racers on. My question, is the microsoft wheel the one to get? And those that have it, is it good for games like burnout paradise as well as the rally games? thanks a alot Justin
  11. The air conditioner! So how often to you lose track of where the logitech is? Old xbox, do you have a wireless kit for it? We have way too many remotes, could be an idea thanks )
  12. Hi I want a remote for the 360, I see two different kinds (LONG AND SHORT) and lots of various generic ones on ebay. I have my eye on the smaller one, is there any benefit of the larger one besides having a number pad? thanks a lot Justin
  13. Well I am totally confused once again. I put trversity on my pc, seemed to come up on the 360 pretty easy, it just found all my albums and sorted them which was cool. Adding media and then gettign to it to play is a long process, like multi clicking different folders, if anyone has any advice, please speak up! I want to browse photos, play mp3s and play divx on the 360. The quality of some divx I just played on 360 via trversity wasnt great, is that because its transcoding them and therefore losing some quality? For example my usual mode of attack for divx is to burn it to dvd media then play it in one of my divx compatible dvd players that upscales it to 1080p. The result is pretty good, on the big 50 inch plasma of course its no blu ray! So my question is should I keep using trversity for movies, or go back to using the dvd player with divx on the dvds or should I use another method. I couldnt seem to get the media player going on the 360, for example, I click where it says setup media player on 360 and it gives me a code to use and then I go into MP11 and click share media but no 360 ever came up like it was supposed to and I didnt see anywhere to put that code I wrote down off the 360, so I just kind of left that alone and used trversity. I havent really figured out how to surf the net or use internet radio stations on the 360 thru trversity yet, I followed the instructions, but couldnt see any internet stations where they are supposed to be. I usually use winamp stations on the PC here. thanks for the replies regards Justin
  14. Yeh its chock full of stuff mate, worth a look, my son plays all the game demos on there, its a nice little bonus I think and u can delete it really easy.
  15. Yeh I noticed! doesnt matter, a games a game, Im trying to plod my way through using tversity tonight, I dont know what Im doing but I seem to be adding the media and stuff on there some how, its not real intuitive the 360 for media unlike the xbox 1 version, there I go topic changing again, I was checkign out a game called Fuel coming out in 09 x-phile, its looks amazing, like burnout but in a wasteland with tornados! woohoo, I notice they dont release next gen games anywhere near as quick as the older ones, a lot more complex no doubt!
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