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  1. Hi MLXXX, I was under the impression that there are no 4K 3D tvs available. I also love 3D. I have a Panasonic 65 in plasma 3D tv. Late last year I bought a 75 in Panasonic LED 3D tv as a backup in case the plasma died. I have over 100 3D blu ray discs and would hate it if I coudnt watch them .Cheers.
  2. Ive had my HUMAX for about 4 months now. Originally couldnt connect to the internet to do anything. I finally did a firmware update by downloading from the website to a usb. After the update it hasnt missed a beat. I use it everyday to record and replay programs Ive recorded. Series recording works fine. Ive tried setting recordings remotely from my laptop and it works ok. Hope to use this when I go overseas next month. The only problem I have had was when there was a power failure it deleted my future record settings. I didnt lose anything I had already recorded. Cheers.
  3. Hi CWT. My Digitalview had always recorded and played MPEG4. It hadnt missed a beat in 6 years. It does everything I need.
  4. Thanks Peter for your reply. I did try reformatting the hard disc but It was still playing up. Anyway I found someone on Gumtree who was selling a new Digital view DVR810 which he had stored away unused. It arrived yesterday and I connected it up today and it works perfectly. A good result. Thanks again for taking the time to reply Peter.
  5. Hi everyone. Although I seldom post here I always read the site everyday. Always very informative. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions about this. My Digitalview DVR 810 which has served me faithfully for many years is developing problems. When playing back sometimes it jumps forward 10 minutes or so and when I rewind back to play again it jumps back to the same spot. Also sometimes the sound doesnt sinc until I press play a second time. This seems to have started recently since recording ABC HD and SBS HD in MPEG4. Maybe its just a coincidence and the hard drive is dying. Im now looking at buying a new PVR. After searcing info Im interested in the HUMAX 7510T 0r 7500T. I cant find anywhere the difference between these models. I only need basic functions as recording and playback FTA tv. Mainly ABCHD and SBSHD. The most important thing is reliability of recording. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. I have noticed that one of my all time favourite movies THE EGYPTION has finally been released on dvd by Beyond HE on 4 May. I already have a cheap Chinese copy but the quality isnt very good. It doesnt appear to have been released in USA. There is an official 20th Century Fox release in Spain. Can anyone tell me if it has been released here in its original aspect ratio, ie cinemascope. 2.35/1. Thanks.
  7. Ive just done an occasional check of the Digitalview site and noticed that they have discontinued the DVR810. It says to check back occasionally for any new products. I hope they are working on a new model HDPVR. My DVR810 has been going strong now for over 3 years without a hitch and I couldnt be happier with it. But if I ever need to replace it Id hate to have to go for another brand. Maybe its like the Pioneer plasma where people are not willing to pay a premium for a premium product. Does anyone have any info about this? Cheers to everyone who contributes to this very informative site.
  8. The same thing happens with my Digitalview PVR. It is routed through my Pioneer amp. I notice the handshake signal on the amp flashes for a few seconds before the picture appears. It also only happens when changing hd channels ie changing the lcn. Ive never worried about it as its not really a problem for me. Ive never tried connecting it direct to the tv. Cheers.
  9. Here are some of my favourite tv series I have seen over the years and have the dvds. THE OCTOPUS.......alltime favourite. TWIN PEAKS.........a close second. BABYLON 5............best sci fi. OUTER LIMITS.......the original. TWILIGHT ZONE.......the original. THE AVENGERS.........with Emma Peel. DARK SHADOWS........great gothic horror. I CLAUDIUS...........from BBC. ROME...........HBO/BBC. 6 FEET UNDER........HBO. LOST...........hooked. DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES........guilty pleasure. I love and have the old BBC comedies such as HANCOCKS HALF HOUR. STEPTOE AND SON MORECAMBE AND WISE FRANKIE HOWARD. HI DE HI. ARE YOU BEING SERVED. ALLO ALLO. IT AINT HALF HOT MUM. MONTY PYTHON. FAWLTY TOWERS. HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY. SOME MOTHERS DO AVE EM. BLACKADDER. YES MINISTER/YES PRIME MINISTER. MR BEAN. FRY AND LAURIE. ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE. THE FAST SHOW. THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN. LITTLE BRITAIN. GIMME GIMME GIMME. JEEVES AND WOOSTER. I also have but still to watch... BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. DEADWOOD. THE WIRE. DEXTER. THE TUDORS. ENTOURAGE. Cheers.
  10. I also have had the DIGITALVIEW DVR810 for 12 months now. It has never missed a timer recording including a months worth of timed recordings when I was overseas for a month. Cheers.
  11. I have had my Digitalview now since February and have never had a single problem with it. Ive just returned from a months trip overseas and it faithfully recorded all my shows while I was away with no problems. I couldnt be happier and would thoroughly recommend this unit to anyone.
  12. When I got up this morning the time on my DIGITALVIEW 810 dvr had updated to daylight saving time overnight while in standby. Cheers.
  13. Hi All, Ive had my DIGITALVIEW now for a month or so and couldnt be happier apart from the occasional sound dropout. I had sent an email asking about when the over the air updates would commence through the ABC. I received an email back the next day to say they hoped later in the year. Again excellent customer service. I have downloaded the firmware update to a LG usb stick after deleting what was on it. No problem. When transferring to the DIGITALVIEW it failed the first time but was successful the second time. I have had no further sound dropouts. So all in all Im 100% happy. Cheers.
  14. Well I conected up the new Digitalview on Friday. It was a breeze. It took only a few minutes. Scanning the channels took only a few seconds. the picture quality is brilliant. The blacks seem deeper than the old Hotchip hdstb. To use it is very simple and intuitative. You almost dont need the instruction manual which is very clear. The operation layout is very similar to my Pioneer hdddvd recorder. So far it has performed flawlessly. All timers have recorded ok. There have been only 2 split second sound dropouts live and 1 from the recording over a few hours. I havent used any of the other functions as I previously mentioned I only need it to record and playback tv later. In all so far Im 100% happy. Cheers all.
  15. Hi all, Well after ringing around I today picked up the 320GB model from Trevor Lees in Kew for $1100. The instruction book is excellent-very clear. I wont have a chance to set it up til the weekend. Cheers.
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