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  1. I was considering this for my Hugo TT2 too but after your experience, I am not keen anymore. GLWTS
  2. Further information: I am selling the well respected Arcam irDAC-II. I am the original owner and I have used it as my desktop setup to drive a pair of KEF LSX speakers and the HD800 headphones. The DAC is 2.5 years. The sound is transparent and smooth. It has an excellent headphone amp as well that can easily drive hard-to-run headphones like the Sennheiser's HD series. It is still selling new at $850. Further details of the DAC can be found here: https://www.arcam.co.uk/product,accessories,accessories,irdacii.htm It is well reviewed at
  3. Further information: Hi I am selling the well reviewed and renowned Meze Audio 99 Classics headphone. I received it as a gift about a month ago. The headphones have only had about 20 hours of play so its yet to be broken-in. The headphones don't suit my taste having being spoilt by the Sennheiser HD800 which I already own. So I am selling the Meze Audio 99 Classics for someone else to enjoy. There are plenty of positive and excellent reviews of these headphones online: https://www.stereophile.com/content/meze-audio-99-classic-headphones
  4. Whilst there is a USB standard, in the audiophile world, this is not the deciding factor in the sound signature of the cable. In my experience, cables will sound different based on the conductor type, quality of the conductor material and the quality of the shielding. The difference will be subtle. How much of a difference you will hear is also very dependent on how revealing your system components are - a less revealing system will not show up the differences as much as a very revealing system. There are so many variables and this is why this hobby is so interesting as it keeps pulling y
  5. Further information: I am selling a pair of the renowned Van den Hul the Hill RCA interconnect cable. Its a high end hybrid cable with a carbon connectors instead of the usual copper or silver conductors. Its part of the 3T series of hybrid carbon interconnect cable range that Van den Hul sells and the Hill sits between the lower Rock and the flagship Mountain interconnect. There are plenty of the lower model Rock on the internet and the Hill is a step up in sound quality. On my system, I found the cable to be very open, neutral, smooth sounding with very good detail ret
  6. Thanks Geoff - much appreciated! Hope you had better luck than me on the Melbourne Cup today!
  7. Further information: I am selling the well regarded Wireworld Equinox series 7 speaker cables which have been in my system for over 4 years. They are a great mid-range all rounder speaker cable. They are very neutral sounding with great sound stage width. In my view, this cable is better sounding than the QED Genesis Silver Spiral speaker cables which I had before these Wireworld cables. Product information from Wireworld can be found here: https://www.wireworldcable.com/series-7-archive.html#speaker A review of the cables can be found on Abs
  8. You can always get a BNC to RCA adaptor if that suits - I have one and can throw it in if you are keen.
  9. Further information: For sale is Chord Clearway Digital Coaxial Audio Cable (BNC to RCA connectors). The length is 1 meter. Price includes postage. Good review by Hi-Fi Choice: https://chord.co.uk/awards/group-test-winner-chord-clearway-digital-hi-fi-choice-409-april-2016/ Still in great condition. Thanks for looking. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoe
  10. Further information: Up for sale is Atlas's flagship BNC S/PDIF digital cable. It is a BNC to BNC cable and it is 1 meter. Only used between my CD player and DAC. In excellent condition. Sonicnally, its very neutral with lots of clarity, resolution and tight bass. An excellent review by Hi-Fi World can be found at this link: https://www.atlascables.com/reviews-products-digital.html where it was quoted that: "The Atlas provided a heightened clarity that was sincere and, frankly, uplifting in its approach to the music
  11. I think spending the $$ on the WW Platinum may be an overkill for the Klein DAC. You are probably better off spending the money on a USB reclocker like a iFi Audio ipurifier 3 where you get more bang for your buck. I actually use the iFi Audio micro iusb3.0 to cleanup the USB signal. Honestly, the Curious USB is a very good cable for the price. The only reason I upgraded to the WW was because I got a great deal. Stick with the Curious USB for your Klein DAC as the WW Platinum will need a really good DAC to fully show the differences.
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