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  1. I agree with you. Many of these culprits are the discovery channels, Arena, ESPN, Eurosport News, Weather Channel, SKY NEWS (Come on, why?) among others. Foxtel needs to think about the picture quality of the channels instead of focusing on recycling older episodes of shows (Notably Outrageous Fortune (a kiwi drama which is shot in widescreen) will be shown on arena (season 1), which isn't widescreen; whereas season 2 is on channel 10 and i think it's even in HD; i'll have to look into that). I really don't like watching 4:3 channels on my wonderful HD Plasma, not even the letterbox shows. I could just plug in my old tv and it'd be better to watch on it. Just a side note, In my opinion ESPN has rights to big leagues, but the quality is shocking. Especially when the on screen scoreboards take up the entire top third. The funny thing is that over there, gridiron and the rest of the big 4 are in HD now, but not over here. It must be due to the source feed that foxtel gets. Come on ESPN, stop treating us like second class citizens and give us a good looking widescreen feed. Oh... and also please for the Aussie SportsCenter, please spell it SportsCentre. It really isn't that hard...
  2. This new set top box is a PVR, essentially a HD iQ. What about those that don't want PVR functionality? You going to make them pay $15 on top of what we already pay for something that we don't need? I may see a use for a HD iQ, but it is hard to earn money, but it is easier to spend it. FTA all the way! Spot on mate.
  3. I watched it on my HD Set top box on my HDTV. It looked good on my viera. It'd be nice to have surround sound though... It shows that channel ten can really get their act together when it comes to sport. Most of the sport shown here is on foxtel, and the quality is average. I have no idea what the rest are doing, but Channel 10 are really doing their bit in the HD world. I like HD and 5.1 sport, they did the exact same thing for the Rugby World Cup and the Grand final. Imagine the A-League on Channel 10...
  4. Not on sat sadly It looks like you'll have to fall for the totalitarian regime of foxtel But HD Terrestrial is the best that you can get in this country. no offence intended
  5. These are my thoughts: Yes I do agree that it has to be 720p minimum, but I think that access to HD quality content on foxtel shouldn't be an add-on and have to come with a PVR. Rather, it should come standard for a HD foxtel stb that isn't a PVR for all new customers and those who wish to upgrade. I do have a HDTV myself, and I would like to see Foxtel in HD (particularly Sport, Docos etc.), but it has to be affordable. It was very hard for me to convince my family to switch to digital because of the large costs, but luckily some call girl offered us digital for the same price... Do us all a favour and make HD Foxtel standard Thank you.
  6. I want digital tv in my room, but I don't have the space to fit in a regular sized HD Set top box (and yes I know how i can send video and audio across rooms). I just want to know if there are any systems out there that I can use that will let me control the stb which is in one room, and control it from my bedroom. Any ideas?
  7. I can agree with that digitalj. But hopefully once I upgrade to a mac, i'll eventually get a HD Tuner (I want the Elgato EyeTV Hybrid). And plus most of the HD set top boxes are way too big for my room. If I had a camera on me, i'd take a picture of where the tv is for you to see... And I always have the HD set top box in my lounge room...
  8. Rane, you must have one BIG bedroom to fit in a 40in plasma... Good luck anyway
  9. It's a shame that I don't speak Greek We need more free english satellite channels! /end rant
  10. I've got a suspicion that it's image retention because it appears to have gone away after a little while. I only just worked out the difference now!
  11. I have the next one down. It's alright, but I have problems with accessing my HD STB. There are 2 HDMI inputs on my TV; one is free and the other connected to my HD STB. Every time I want to switch to it, it goes to the wrong HDMI input (on the tv remote, you choose the HDMI ports using the one button. you choose the av channels using the coloured buttons. it's a panasonic viera 42in c.2006 model). Suggestions?
  12. Hi. I am looking for a small SD Digital TV receiver for my bedroom tv. I was looking at this one from Dick Smith that is 60 dollars. Does anyone have this unit? And are there any other alternatives aside from the Wintal one?
  13. Don't get me started on it. I've had my panasonic plasma since the latter part of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. It is very, very hard to watch sport without experiencing burn in on my plasma, and funnily enough it only ever occurs at my home when my family I watch sport. We first discovered the problem after watching Bathurst coverage on channel 10 on our Digital Set top box. I hate burn in! Out of curiosity, are LCD screens any better than plasma screens in relation to burn in?
  14. I liked the concept, and http://web.archive.org/web/20040406101945/...er.teac.com.au/ really shows how powerful the stb actually was. Can someone please make a newer one of these! I will be forever grateful
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