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  1. Wow... I started this thread back in January, after i had just picked up a 508xda for $3850. This thing has exploded! less than 4 months later the price was down to $2700. That's Ridiculous. 28 out of the 43 thread pages have been created in the last 2 weeks. I'd say the price dropping strategy has spurred interest... to say the least!
  2. Free to air is brilliant on the 508xda tuner! The only issue is it takes 3-5 seconds to change between channels, but the picture quality makes up for the slowness.
  3. DAMNIT!!!! $3299!!!! $550 cheaper in 1 month. I should have waited 1 month, seriously.
  4. So retailers should be selling it for less than that now? I paid $3850 for the xda a month ago so id assume so....
  5. the 508xda is a brilliant television, stunning picture quality. BUT but when you live in sydney and there are multiple broadcasting towers repeating signals across the basin and you cannot delete the duplicate crap quality channels, it starts to Sh*t you. ESPECIALLY when you have parents who find it too complicated to do anything but type a number to bring up a channel, and it automatically goes to the shitty reception channel. So you have to change up or down one to get to the good one. (that's beyond my parents) This means it can take 10 seconds to change to the channel you want. I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE (the whinging from the rents and having to remember which channel is full reception when you go into programme list) IM MANUALLY SCANNING THE BASTARD! PIONEER HOW on this bloody earth did you release a Tuner that takes 5+ seconds to change channel? How could that have passed quality control testing? AND WHY CANT WE DELETE AUTOMATICALLY SCANNED CHANNELS!!!! It's like the most BASIC THING! Who in their right mind after releasing 8 generations of plasma panels could not think of adding this? FFS! This is going to be a long night on the DBA website and manually tuning the slow bastard. Until we get an external tuner, because im not going to put up with this slowness for the next 10 years. (Great Television though, comes highly recommended)
  6. Kuro is much better than Bravia, and every other flat panel television on the consumer market.
  7. When the DVD player plays over YPbPr component into the TV, the TV says it is playing an input of 576p. Before "Upscaling" DVD players, did YPbPr component output to 1080p? or has 1080p YPbPr output been a recent addition to DVD players, along with HDMI? im guessing the latter...? And also - you're saying i wont see a difference between playing DVD's through VGA on a laptop (it already looks damn good), and a high quality upscaling HDMI/YPbPr DVD player? I would love to hear your recommendations for High quality upscaling DVD player brands and how much i should pay for them. thanks owen.
  8. Airhenny, i paid $3850 for my 508XDA 2 weeks ago. Someone got the 508xda yesterday for $3780! Someone in DARWIN paid $4000! Surely in Perth, you can do much better than $4300! Ill email you my receipt if you like and you can print it out and take it to Rick Hart/JB hifi/ Harvey Norman/Myer/Bing Lee/David Jones in Perth and they should drop their price below $4k....
  9. Nah component is crap from the DVD player - the image looks smeared. VGA is crisp and clear, i dont see how the quality could improve if i got an upscaling HDMI DVD player... The computer scales the image straight to the XDAs native res. There's also no messing around with interlacing and deinterlacing on a computer. Thanks for the heads up with the recommended 576p output on the HDMI players.
  10. I picked up my 508XDA for $3850, That was the benchmark until you picked it up for $3780! Good work t1000! which JB Hifi did you pick it up from? I got mine from HN Bondi Junction. Ive emailed my receipt to about 15 people and someone said the stores are refusing to match the price i got! Even at the same store i got it from! So i dont know how you managed $3780! Also on the Issue of 1080p vs 768p that everyone seems to have their panties in a knot about - The Human Eye CANNOT Resolve 1080p Beyond 2m ON A 50" Television Screen! This has been said many times throughout the forum! IT'S TECHNICALLY IMPOSSIBLE! http://myhometheater.homestead.com/viewing...ml#anchor_13194 6.5 feet = 1.98m Most people watch their TV from at least 2.5/3m away. It's a Load of MARKETING HYPE. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also those people who want the nitpicky details: When you are watching cinemascope movies cropped to 16:9 (so it fills the panel) on blu ray, the vertical pixel resolution is NOT 1080, it's actually 800. At least it is on Lord of the Rings, and Pirates of the Carribean..... so id say all the rest of the cinemascope bluray movies out there as well. So it's actually stretching 800 lines over 1080 lines on a 1080p panel, where as on a 768p panel, it's only being downscaled 32 pixels. I hope ive cleared up a few things!
  11. I cant believe i said something that stupid! (i wrote the comment at around 3am, i was exhausted, posted it in the morning without reading it) Of course the TV has an upscaler in it, as bobby said. but you still need an upscaling hdmi dvd player to put the signal through at HDMI, is what i was trying to say. Bobby - is the quality really better putting a DVD through HDMI at 576p as opposed to 720p? I would have though the scaler in the player was better than in the TV? apparently not...? Also have you done a Dvd playback on Computer via VGA vs Dvd player via HDMI comparison for quality? I've found the Computer DVD playback to be stunning via VGA...
  12. no worries, but any DVD player with an HDMI output IS an upscaling DVD player. Because it upscales the DVD to HDMI output resolution, which is (up to) 1080p..
  13. That is ridiculous. I can certainly tell you it was not just a ONE OFF. They didnt tell me it was a "one off", i negotiated a price, what liars! And the price should only go down, not up - that's another lie they've dished out... Did you go down to JB Hifi? They should have matched it... what about bing lee just outside the bj centre? The XDA does the best it can with whatever source you put into it. RCA and component are old shitty connectors, so they're not going to look stunning on a 50 inch plasma. BUT, they are acceptable as a short term solution, as Eazy said, until you get players with HDMI connectors on them. However if you sit 5m+ away from the TV (very few people would do this) RCA and component looks ok to watch, because the distance is far enough away from the TV, so that you cant see the impurities in the image. Of course it would make a difference if the connection between the DVD and TV was better - (HDMI) - It looks much better. Go pick yourself up an upscaling DVD player for around 200 bucks, or use your laptop to play dvds through the vga port. The result is so much better!
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