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  1. Panasonic TH-P42S10A

    $1675, got the Wii redemption too!

    thank you Roxi at Webbers Retravision Rockhampton! These guys are the best in QLD I reckon, at first i thought she made a mistake quoting a TH-P42X10A. Selling the Wii to a mate for $300 as well...

  2. picklesam,

    Click on the Qld link in the "Get the best Reception" post at the top of this strand. It will tell you where to look. Can you get digital 7 Qld?


    hi all thanks 4 the replies, I can get like 3 or 4 ABC channels, 3 SBS channels, 2 WIN, 4, 5 radio stations and 4 or 5 Seven ones...i'll try contacting SC10 tomorrow...

    and with one of the WIN channels it just shows clips of animals/flowers etc in HD...no programs?!

  3. I bought the 42PX70A for $1700 before Christmas. I am very happy with this TV, the PQ is fantastic especially for the FTA HD channels. However I saw an ad yesterday that Good Guys are now selling them for $1588 ticket price, that's a quick drop in price for Panasonic. These TVs are worth more than that I believe : )

    So how much did you pay for your 42PX70A?

    got mine for $1399 at retravsion, being delivered early next week. They also have the 50px70A for $1999

  4. man.. i thought that price was great for a 42" PX70A...

    i just got an email back from the same place..

    they've got the 50" PX70A for a crazy $1999 .................aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!

    and i'm not in QLD!!!! aaaaahhhhhhh

    holy s#@!, that's like $600 discount? u know wot if u bought it from there and get it delivered u'd still save heaps? i got a delivery quote of $65 from the electric discounter in Brissy, which is like 9 hours drive from where i live.

  5. What a great score !!

    Can Retravision staff sell stock from other stores?

    Wonder if the Rockhampton branch could sell me one of these out of a Brisbane store?

    prob not mate, each store is individually owned, the saleman told me the boss bought 20 of them...like i said my local retra (emerald) had the 7A for $1699, i told them bout Rocky's price on the 70A, i would've got the 7A if they did the70A price but they insisted on seeing a catalog, i asked them to give retra Rocky a call but they wouldn't so screw them...

    mate maybe you can buy one from ROcky retra and get it delivered? I can't imagine the cost of delivery from Rocky to Brissy be that dear...prob under $100, this way u're still saving at least $200...

  6. OMG OMG OMG....

    care to share your recipet????????????????????????????

    i reckon no retailer will price match on this price though

    if you can, email me at quananhchau at unitedcredit dot com dot au!!!!!!!!!!!

    Haven't got it yet, i had to pre order and put down a deposit...prob comming next week, u got a fax number? i'll fax it to you when i get the receipt...please note it's the 42 inch model, not the 50..

  7. Went to the local Retravision in VIC this arvo and they had the 7A at $1496. I mention that they were advertised on TV for $1388 and they said i may have been mistaken as they were unaware of that price. Maybe it might be a local promo?



    same here, my local retra has it for $1699!! they too were not aware of the $1388 price, but if i go for a 3 hour drive i can get the 70A, not the 7A for $1399!!!

  8. retravision in perth are advertising the 42" PX7A for $1388 for anyone who is interested...

    got to be one of the best priced name brand plasma's on the market!

    wow that is an awesome price, is there a catalog so i can take it to the local to price match? i can't find an online catalog

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