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  1. That worked really well - thanks! Now I just need to get the settings just right
  2. I got a letter last month saying that because I am in a multi-unit dwelling, we would be losing Aurora to fit in the new Showcase channel. Something interesting that the letter also said is that Foxtel plan on upgrading / changing so that all users (even those in apartment buildings) will be able to access all features (it specifically said IQ) by early 2009 - does anyone else know anything about this?
  3. I've just tried hooking up my PC to my X series, and it mostly works, with one problem - the brightness and contrast settings seem to vary up or down depending on what I am doing on the computer. For example, if I am just at my desktop, or just playing a video, then the brightness and contrast are very low, but if I have another window open (like a properties window), the brightness and contrast are fine. Is this likely to be a problem with the TV having wierd auto-detect settings, or an issue with the video card on the PC?
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