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  1. from the foxtel mag these were to start dec 3 and i'm in brisbane with cable. 875 - ABC News Radio 877 - ABC Radio National 878 - 702 ABC 879 - ABC Local 880 - ABC Goldfields 882 - ABC Classic 883 - Triple J
  2. yes foxtel tunes is not as good as what they had before yet another backward step for foxtel what became of the abc radio stations that were to start dec 3 which they had a listing in the foxtel magazine?
  3. I'm looking at getting a second dab radio, no more then $50 i'm looking for something that will display the Frequency and bitrates of the stations. i have a friend who had a white bush radio afew years ago that could display the info. was looking at this from dick smith the Latitude Australia DAB+ Digital & FM Radio from dick smith $49.95 is it any good.
  4. channel 10 on channel 110 working aok here brisbane south side on cable.
  5. Reducing the number of movie channels but not the subscription fee has been a horror for customers and a drama for Foxtel. From January 1, the subscription TV giant moved to just one movie package of 11 channels (movies/drama), which includes two channels repeating the same programs two hours later. The new offering also splits movie content into genres. Previously there were two packages and a total of 15 channels, with four of them repeating content two hours after it was initially screened. The reduction in the number of packages and channels, but not the subscription per month for those who were previously paying for both packages, has caused a major backlash. Subscribers have vented their anger on Foxtel's Facebook page with more than 600 posts criticising the change. "If the range of new movies doesn't increase and the cost doesn't stay the same then it'll back to DVD's and downloads.... even back to cinemas....," wrote Dennis Radisich. Bruce Foster wrote: "Expect my call tomorrow Foxtel, I'm cancelling my Movies subscription! Refuse to pay for the reduced channels for the same price! Oh and if you send me a price increase in the next month or so expect me to cancel the lot!!" Foxtel's director of corporate affairs Bruce Meagher said the call centre had received more telephone calls than usual about the new movie channel package. However, he said most subscribers who called were satisfied with the changes once they were told they would not be worse off. He said once Foxtel had finalised movie deals with Disney and MGM, subscribers would be the winners. "We are significantly increasing our on demand library so that will also increase the number of movies available," Mr Meagher told AAP. "We would say they are no worse off and over time they will be far better off. "The experience we are getting in the call centre, because they are getting calls as well, once that is explained to people they are quite OK about it. "What we have to do on Facebook is go back and start directly addressing it which is what we are working today." Meagher said having two less time shifted channels was not really an issue, because a lot of subscribers used an IQ box to record movies. He said customers who were only subscribing to one of the two previous movie packages were being catered for. Streamlining the movie channels would mean less "straight to DVD" content being aired and there would also be an increase in the number of movies available on-demand. "We are significantly increasing our on-demand library so that will also increase the number of movies available even though they are not on a channel," he said. "For those who only took one of the movie packages before, there are grandfathering arrangements so they will get the same number of channels as they had before." http://news.ninemsn.com.au/entertainment/2013/01/02/17/01/foxtel-feels-viewer-backlash-over-changes
  6. it would be very interesting to see how many people drop the movie channels after jan 1. i'm thinking about it save $32 a month. there are movies on other channels. and even on abc 2 and 7two if you like old movies.
  7. 4RPH Digital is on-air in brisbane. sounds much better then 1296 am.
  8. FX channel to launch -with day and date series FX channel will launch on the Foxtel platform in early 2012 promising the latest shows to air on the same day and date as the USA. http://www.tvtonight.com.au/2011/10/fx-cha...ate-series.html
  9. let's hope they can stay away from playing the same tracks over and over not like Koffee and sbs chill. what a turn off. a good radio station is one that plays less repeats, with so much music out there, they don't need to play the top 20 tracks all the time. time will tell. --------
  10. anyone know when 4rph will go digital? and will they broadcast the same as 1296. the signal on am is not the best.
  11. just found TEST, it's playing triple j scrolling text...THIS IS A TEST.
  12. i said YES to the magazine, i would be lost without it, i look up new shows and movies for the month, if foxtel ever got rid of the magazine i would get rid of most of my packages. i could not plan what i'm going to watch by just using the epg or the online one, going up and down and around & around in the epg. it would take all damn night. i've been with foxtel since 97 and i did not get a survey regarding use of the magazine.
  13. Test F is now on air in Brisbane with 96five family, the same as 96.5 fm
  14. the 500 channels are sport, i guess january 11 531 will go, and 131 will start. Foxtel has reserved channel 131 to transmit 11 on cable -meaning satellite viewers are likely to miss out. http://www.tvtonight.com.au/2010/12/clock-...al-viewers.html ----
  15. Eleven will be on channel 131 on foxtel. ------
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