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  1. Thanks all for feedback. This is my attempt to follow this version of Dolby guide for 5.1.4 (relocated speaker location in blue color). i remove the speaker from side wall as they do not fit into right angle at all.
  2. Hi, please see pictures in attachment. Picture 1 and Picture 2 is from current Dolby website. the top down view has rear surround in front of rear atmos while the side view has rear surround at the back. The picture 3 is from AVS forum and maybe different version of dolby guide having the surround in the corner and rear atmos much closer to the listening position. Considering my couch is closer to wall I am wondering if picture 3 setup is better (surround at corner and atmos closer to couch better) , or stick to the current guide in picture 1 where there is more separation in atmos front and rear speakers. ( I can put rear atmos 300mm from rear wall) would stay away from 7.1.4 if possible, as already suggested previous reply as it seems to not add much, adds clutter to wall and wife won't like it..
  3. Okay I think best to go for 5.1.4, and get some room from wall to couch, in this case would it best to place the surround at corner pointing to listening position? The dolby guide is somewhat confusing with a 2 diagram showing slightly different surround position
  4. Any other thoughts? What if the rear speaker up high wall mount as presence speakers? But I suppose the atmos speakers will not match.
  5. Hi wife won't allow, as it is not ideal to rotate the seat as will block the window, and I can't move the window to other wall as it looks out to aircon unit and fence, not planning for multiple row, and limit the "multiple purpose" use of the room...
  6. Hi I am building new house theatre is 6m long and 4m wide. As per attached plan there will be front, Center, sub, 1 ceiling pair for atmos 1 side surrounds pair and 1 rear surround pairs for 7.1.2 . (all surrounds at 1.5m height). I am seeking option whether to turn rear surrounds into rear ceiling atmos to 5.1.4 as some people suggests is better setup than 7.1.2, and will be less clutter in the wall,. However I am not sure if that suits my room, Alternatively this can be mounted as rear presence speaker but at what height? If I am going 5.1.4 what should be the distance of side surround from rear wall/corner? Thank
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