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  1. So? You still need to be athletically gifted
  2. 6 sided rings are enough to put me off, thanks anyway. Its trying to be WCW and will eventually die. WWE attracts 300% more viewers in the US
  3. Haha were you paid by Jeff Jarrett to say that? Wrestlemania was brilliant, just watch Flair/HBK and Edge/Taker. That'll open your eyes
  4. It makes perfect sense. Much like Gymnasts etc they need to train ridiculous amounts, hardly anybody has what it takes to be a Pro Wrestler. And of couirse theres the obvious Entertainment part with storylines etc
  5. Correction. Its Sports Entertainment Well not TNA, cos they are the new WCW - Utter garbage compred to WWE. Wrestlemania on Monday, only $30 for 4 hours on Main Event
  6. Whats the chances of getting broadcast rights over there though? Surely not that hard is it?
  7. Anyone know if you can get Setanta in New Zealand? And if not, why? :ph34r:
  8. Never fear, i'll be wide awake come late night Sunday! And whadda ya know, it got sorted today
  9. Has anyone noticed that Setanta Sports is not featured in the TV Guide section? Means i cant set up Recording or Reminders for the coming week
  10. In no exact order, it does vary : Fox 8 (only cos of WWE) Fox Sports 1/3 Setanta Sports Comedy Channel CI Channel UKTV Lifestyle Weather Channel Eurosport (crap picture though) Channel V (Only for Metal/Rock/Pop Rock)
  11. As crazy and money grabbing as it sounds, i'm all for it if it means a game in Australia live in person!! Hell id go even if was Wigan vs Bolton
  12. As a mad Chelsea game, surely you were glad to miss the ending!! hehe I always record the following programme on the off chance of a show going over but yeh, i wish it could do it automatically
  13. It has its moments, but any league with 8 teams and no relegations is pretty lame. And the fact that the team that qualifies for the Asian Champ League, has to wait a whole year to play in it! Might head down for a few Melb games though for the sake of it. Surely a few more teams could be added from VIC, NSW and umm....Tassie?
  14. Cant say id put Celtic Reserves in there mate I basically only watch the Premiership, SPL and Internetional Games/UEFA Cup/Champs League. I rate La Liga though as Serie A is pretty dull for the most part
  15. Well yes but if you paid any attention, the SPL has been very unpredictable for the most part (besides the Old Firm). Its very hard to predict who will end 3rd or in the Top 6 and thats what i care about. Also, i'm sure even Gretna could crap on any A-League team
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