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  1. Thanks for the offer @t_mike - given I only threw Y300 ($5) at this and have the full album on the way I’m all good - will try the sandwich method in the interim and see what happens! Haven’t had issues with any other records yet so I reckon it might be the exception rather than the rule!
  2. Haha, thanks @cheekyboy for the info! I found the Vinyl Flat when I did some searching after reading through your post but wasn’t sure if it was snakeoil or not! Interesting to know it exists, but probably not something I’ll snap up any time soon. Last night I rechecked the 45 that’s been problematic and confirmed it’s just vertical movement. I spun a handful of other records afterwards and everything’s tracking fine so I think it’s the exception rather than the norm (which is excellent news!!).. Like you said, might be that I’ve got a new frisbee on my hands (and given it only set
  3. Thanks @t_mike - I'll take a closer look in a tick, but I don't recall the tonearm moving horizontally, just vertically. In terms of compliance, I'm probably getting this wrong but here's a go at it. The tonearm's apparently a Pro-Ject 8.6 or 8.6C model tonearm. Elsewhere suggests tonearm + fastener's weight is 8.7g. So I plugged this into the cartridge resonance calculator on Vinyl Engine (here) to get a result. The Quintet Blue weighs 9g and the compliance is 15 μm/mN according to Ortofon's site (here). Looking at the chart, 15 on t
  4. Any recommendations on where to start with a flattener? I didn’t know you could flatten records if they were warped! I’ll have a look into the compliance side of things too - I read elsewhere of other people pairing Quintets with the same tonearm with good results as I found the charts confusing, but I’ll have another crack at it!
  5. Thanks @aussievintage - I thought it might be the case... and a little paranoid I’ve stuffed something up which might damage my records!!
  6. Alrighty, time for an update! Spent some time last night working on my turntable and am pretty happy with what I’ve put together. I ended up having to buy a new counterweight for my tonearm as the Quintet was 9g and wouldn’t zero out, so that finally arrived earlier this week along with some other stuff from Pro-Ject (grabbed their vinyl goop cleaner thingo, an anti-static brush and a stylus brush). My initial fitting was successful but I was having trouble tracking on one of my 45s and after sleeping on it decided to revisit the whole thing and recalibrate
  7. I’ve recently swapped out my Ortofon 2M Red for an Ortofon Quintet Blue. As part of calibrating the new cartridge (first time doing this!) on my Pro-Ject 1xpression III I’ve made the following changes: Steel platter replaced with acrylic Counterweight replaced to account for the added cartridge weight (couldn’t balance initially!) Cartridge aligned with the Pro-Ject protractor that came with my turntable VTA adjusted when I noticed the tonearm wasn’t parallel with my tt - I swear it’s almost perfectly parallel now on the tonearm and the bottom of the Quintet to
  8. @Mr Thorens - it’s all good, I’ve already added the acrylic platter but thanks for the info as I’d forgotten about that!! I was conscious that I should have hit the cart up before doing the platter but it looks like I got it right!! @2Brix - happy for you to reserve judgement I did some hunting around before grabbing the cart and the PHO-8’s gain in MC mode seems to be happy with the Ortofon Quintet series from what I’ve read elsewhere, but I’ll report back nonetheless on how things go. Expect some more kudos if it goes smoothly!
  9. Unsure if people are interested but thought I’d share how things have been going. I mentioned in my last post I’ve added the PHO-8 into my setup and it’s working really nicely. It wasn’t a night/day difference compared to the phono input on the RX-A2020 but it’s a subtle improvement that added some wider/broader properties to the soundstage, especially when listening via headphones. I’ve since added two squares of the white’s 5cmx5cm pads under each of the turntable spikes which has done a great job fixing the turntable picking up vibrations. I’m going to add another un
  10. @YippeKiYay, I’ve got the same player. While there isn’t an easy remote style hack it’s not too difficult to modify if you’re comfortable working on reasonably small solder points on modern PCBs it’s not too hard and they supply some kynar in the package if you don’t have any single strand handy. Once completed and the firmware’s been flashed DVD is set to region 0 and you swap BRD regions by powering off then choosing one of the coloured buttons on the remote to switch it on. Mind, not really a plug and play solution I guess!
  11. Thanks for the tips around the ME - started using it last night and made a big difference to my tt! Need to put together one of those ultrasonic cleaner kits to fix up the source of the grime!!
  12. Wow, thanks for all the ideas everyone! I reckon I’ll start with a cartridge and go to an Ortofon 2M Bronze - @2Brix, I originally picked up my turntable from Denis White and had amazing service from there so no dramas heading back that way. I hadn’t thought of MC as I don’t know how flexible my PHO-8 is so I might stick to MM for now, especially as it sounds like the Bronze is a good match with tonearm and tt. I hadn’t thought of modding the sub-platter and bearing @Cardiiiii - thanks for the link, I’ll keep an eye out for that as I’m hoping the exchange ra
  13. So my last thread around pre-amps (which resulted in picking up a Vincent PHO-8) has kinda got me thinking about some further tweaks to my turntable! I’m currently using a Project 1 Xpression III Carbon turntable with Ortofon Red cartridge. I imagine I’m at a few hundred hours on it at the moment, so not close to needing a replacement cartridge any time soon but curious around some sensible tweaks. I’m using the stock steel platter with the cork mat but was considering the Pro-Ject acrylic platter and ditching the mat. Any thoughts if this’ll do much to improve some of
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