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  1. @YippeKiYay, I’ve got the same player. While there isn’t an easy remote style hack it’s not too difficult to modify if you’re comfortable working on reasonably small solder points on modern PCBs it’s not too hard and they supply some kynar in the package if you don’t have any single strand handy. Once completed and the firmware’s been flashed DVD is set to region 0 and you swap BRD regions by powering off then choosing one of the coloured buttons on the remote to switch it on. Mind, not really a plug and play solution I guess!
  2. Thanks for the tips around the ME - started using it last night and made a big difference to my tt! Need to put together one of those ultrasonic cleaner kits to fix up the source of the grime!!
  3. Wow, thanks for all the ideas everyone! I reckon I’ll start with a cartridge and go to an Ortofon 2M Bronze - @2Brix, I originally picked up my turntable from Denis White and had amazing service from there so no dramas heading back that way. I hadn’t thought of MC as I don’t know how flexible my PHO-8 is so I might stick to MM for now, especially as it sounds like the Bronze is a good match with tonearm and tt. I hadn’t thought of modding the sub-platter and bearing @Cardiiiii - thanks for the link, I’ll keep an eye out for that as I’m hoping the exchange rate + postage should hopefully get that to under $200. I’ll then keep the acrylic platter till last unless something comes up in the classifieds. In the end it might be over-capitalising by a bit, but I’ve got some sentimental attachment to my tt and am looking forward to pushing it a little further The only thing after all this would be upgrading the preamp, but I’ll probably wait until after I get a separate stereo integrated amp to run in HT bypass mode to drive my 2-channel audio and relegate the AVR to doing all the other processing. This is a dangerously fun/$$ hobby!!
  4. So my last thread around pre-amps (which resulted in picking up a Vincent PHO-8) has kinda got me thinking about some further tweaks to my turntable! I’m currently using a Project 1 Xpression III Carbon turntable with Ortofon Red cartridge. I imagine I’m at a few hundred hours on it at the moment, so not close to needing a replacement cartridge any time soon but curious around some sensible tweaks. I’m using the stock steel platter with the cork mat but was considering the Pro-Ject acrylic platter and ditching the mat. Any thoughts if this’ll do much to improve some of the performance? Or is getting a better mat, like the Herbie’s Way Excellent II, a better investment? The steel platter’s pretty easy to take up when I need to go between 33/45rpm, unsure if the acrylic platter will be a little more awkward The other more obvious thing is the cartridge. I’ve seen a few Ortofon Blacks in the classifieds lately and figure this is overkill for the turntable (and possibly a bit fiddly to calibrate from what I’ve read). Curious what recommendations there would be? I imagine to avoid over-capitalising I’d probably need to cap the budget at around $500 for a MM cart, and had considered the Ortofon Bronze or Blue since I believe the latter can come pre-fitted to the same series of TT I have (blue the price for a new cartridge is well within my budget). I’m certainly not wedded to Ortofon though, just nervous as it seems tricky to match cartridge to tonearm/TT. I’m very much out of my depth in this area! Oh, and certainly not against second-hand either - would probably play a few hours a week depending on where things are at, so usage isn’t huge. The general consensus seems to be 1000 hours in general on a stylus before it needs replacement which gives plenty of room given my listening habits.
  5. Thanks @Snoopy8 - I had been reading through some of those threads and wasn’t sure whether it was okay to ask questions in there or post my own topic (still a bit of a newbie here when it comes to posting!). I’ll continue to do some reading but may swing past VAF’s showrooms in the next month hopefully (looking to replace my current DC-2 bookshelves with their slimline models to wall-mount my surround speakers), I can always ask to demo some of the 2 channel gear on their DC-7s to get a bit of a feel for what to feed my setup. My understanding is that VAF’s DC series are possibly a bit more on the neutral/clinical side, so it may be there is a better match if I went for a different amp to a Yamaha AVR to drive them.
  6. Good to know - I’m not using mine in the lounge anymore so it’s hooked up to a pretty bog-standard panel in another room, but if I want to migrate into a more full-featured setup will look at replacing it with something else!
  7. These forums have started getting me thinking about how I have our lounge room audio setup. I’m currently running VAF DC series speakers (DC-7s at the front, DC-5 centre, DC-2 bookshelves for the surrounds), so not the more fun Signature line Picked these up in kit form back in 2003. AVR is a Yamaha RX-A2020, so middle range of the Aventage series bought in November 2012. The only issue with the AVR in terms of features are a lack of 4K/HDCP2.2/HDMI2 compatibility and I’ve been slowly getting more interested in listening to vinyl over the last few years. Recently added a Vincent PHO-8 preamp as my turntable was too far away from the amp after getting new furniture - was a fun excuse to give the phono stage of the AVR a break. I don’t really care about crazy DSP settings - TV/movies are all played in their native surround formats and I prefer to switch audio to Direct, though I’ve been playing with Stereo mode on the AVR more recently to take advantage of room correction. No interest in Atmos, and the sub’s rarely used these days as most of the playback’s at average volume so movie playback doesn’t wake up the rest of the family! I’m hoping the budget will allow to upgrade the AVR in the next 12 months so I’m starting to consider options. I’m tossing up whether to incorporate a HT bypass that’ll give better music performance (so an integrated stereo amp using pre-outs) or try and stretch the budget for a better all in one solution. Curious on thoughts - I can’t see budget going above $2.5k, so I’m thinking stereo integrated amp (second hand possibly) and a modern AVR that’s compatible with newer HDMI processing might be the way to go, but that budget may not be realistic to achieve something that’ll better the current setup. Or go for an AVR in that price range instead and keep things simple. Thoughts, or am I dreaming??
  8. I region modded my Sony UBP-800 (main 4K unit in the lounge) and BDP-S3500 (secondary player elsewhere in the house) with kits from Rattlebyte. If you’re handy with a soldering iron and used to wiring to small ICs it’s not that hard, but the postage delays at the moment would be pretty brutal if you wanted something in quickly. I’m slow/methodical with the iron so I probably spent an hour including disassembly/reassembly, maybe a little more depending on how anally retentive I was being with cable management or swearing at the player when pulling it apart. Once modded all DVDs are region free out of the box, for changing Blu-Ray regions you power off the player then press one of the coloured buttons on the remote to wake it up to push it into regions A, B or C. Have been using both for a while now with no issues (using Australian and US BRDs). The BDP-S3500 is a little buggy sometimes and needs a hard power-off, but that’s more to do with the most recent firmware and I’ve been too lazy to roll it back.
  9. I thought it might have been a long shot! Good to know about the AVR key though to split off HD audio to keep that rolling!
  10. I realise this may be a stupid question - does anyone know if it’s possible to modify a Yamaha RX-A2020 for HDMI2/HDCP2.2? When we picked our up in 2012 I was hoping the 4K passthrough would help future proof it. While I realise HDCP2.2 can be stripped out or downgraded to an earlier version compatible with the AVR, I believe 4K passthrough maxes out at 30hz and I doubt HDR would get through either. As our TV takes 4K/60 and HDR I was hoping I could bust out the soldering iron and my SMD rework gear to replace some ICs, but I suspect all the gear in the Yammy will be custom. Still, in case anyone had played around I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask The budget won’t stretch for a new AVR for a while so I was curious if I could otherwise breathe some extra life into our AVR!
  11. Just wanted to chime in to say thanks to everyone for your help again - I finally got around to finishing setting everything up and it’s working really nicely. The Vincent PHO-8 sits perfectly on the half-width shelf above the turntable and I’ve been able to run the cables neatly down the corner of the cabinet and then run behind to the AVR and power board out of sight. Added some cabinet lighting while I was add it too since I had the drill out so it looks a bit wanky, but I’m happy with the setup. My initial impression was that there was a slight improvement, but I then went back and recalibrated the turntable, popped it on the isolation disks that Pro-Ject supplied with it and put the headphones on (how I tend to listen at night these days since loud music will wake up my [very patient] wife and son). After this I could definitely feel the new setup is a nice step up from relying purely on the phono input on the AVR. Definitely more lively and warm (subjective as that is!), synths and rhythm guitars definitely improved though not quite night and day. It must have been good because I ended up spinning a bunch of 45s that sit on the same shelf as the preamp for a lot longer than I thought I would! I feel it’s an excellent outcome for me as it’s let me find a new home for the turntable that’s easier to use, is definitely a step up from the phono input and has been fun to start dipping my toes into preamps It has gotten me thinking a bit more broadly for the setup in the lounge though, such as incorporating an integrated stereo amp with HT bypass to try and get the best of both worlds, or encouraging me to think a bit more broadly when it comes time to retire the RX-A2020 (which, tbh, is only because it doesn’t support 4K60/HDCP2.2/HDMI2.0, only 4K30 over HDMI1.4, and I have 4K sources). Would be interesting to see if there’s any capacity for separates at that stage, unsure if that’s likely though!! I’ve attached an image of it spinning a recent find - Monta & Brothers’ early Japanese 80s synthpop/new wave-ish track Desire which I keep putting on when kicking off a listening session! Vincent’s in the top-right, it’s a very classy looking unit!
  12. Also wanted to say thanks to @lenticularis for recommending getting in touch with Bill, have put in a request for a 3m cable to run between the preamp and the AVR
  13. Thanks @Batty - I’ve just sent the seller a message to give it a new home
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