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  1. Then why did you choose to not respond to those of us who PMed soon after your original post. This is a community and we expect some common courtesy from all members, especially when they are trying to sell something. Smells dodgey, I will be staying clear like the other members have already stated.
  2. Wii Games for sale: Bully: Scholarship Edition - $35 posted WarioWare Smooth Moves - $30 posted Or make an offer for both.
  3. ^^ Good work Conway, you definitely got the best deal so far. HDMI cable plus choice of game.
  4. Yes, I'd rather pay more for the slim considering the improvements. Also claims of YLOD for the old PS3 is starting to be a worry. Though there's nothing to say the new slim is perfect yet.
  5. I've read some Big W's have the fat PS3s for $399. That includes bundles like the Killzone 2 bundle. But it's pretty tough to find any stock now. Best bet would be to ring the Big W before heading down there.
  6. Doh! Just found out the deal is actually: $499 for PS3 Slim with Resistance 2 OR Batman: Arkham Asylum. So this or HN deal are the same.
  7. I just heard of a new Dick Smith deal. $499 for PS3 Slim + Resistance 2 OR Batman: Arkham Asylum. Great deal if you wanted these two games. Beats the HN deal now. ^Updated with actual deal.
  8. HN deal is the best so far. Someone has even mentioned that you can select ANY game, but best to check with the actual store. Still waiting so see what Toy'R'Us and the department stores will do. Big W and Kmart may be even cheaper. Yup, I would wait and if nothing better comes along, grab the HN deal!
  9. The free game can vary between stores but apparently these are on offer at one of the HN stores: Killzone 2 Resistance 2 Singstar Abba Little Big Planet Not a bad deal!!!
  10. [update and price drop] Games for sale. Prices include postage. Will also consider trades for 360 games. Viva Pinata: Party Animals (new and sealed) - $20 - Pending Forza 2 (Limited Collectors Edition) - $35 + $5 postage (big box, all codes unused) - Pending Gears of War 2 (Collectors Edition) - $45 + $5 postage (big box, all codes unused) - Pending Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock - $30 Pro Evolution Soccer 6 - $15 Halo 3 - $40 PM me if you are interested. Cheers! ps. I will throw in a couple of 48 hour Xbox Live Gold cards with each 360 game you buy.
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