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  1. Finishing off the session today before dinner and Neflix ........ Carpenters The Very Best of the Carpenters Australia 1982 A nice little find on Discogs - NM - do not think it has seen a turntable as the centre hole was tight and I had to widen it slightly - a few crackles here and there even though I wet cleaned it - maybe dust? Guess time to think about a RCM with a Vac soon..............
  2. = @needlerunner heading to Amazon AU !!!! 👍🤣
  3. I know right !!!!! 💜 it is worth it just for that track. I have that on Prince's "Girl 6" CD but not the same as vinyl of course. and of course there is Adore
  4. Prince The Hits 1 Germany 1993 Another Mint condition album which means I am back to eating noodles all week again (food is over-rated anyway) - person had this in their attic unplayed ✔️ Well it is NOT unplayed now 🤣 Side note: Prince Rainbow slip mat from the new release "Rainbow Children" album.
  5. Janet Jackson Damita Jo (original pressing) US 2004 Janet Jackson All For You (original pressing) Europe 2001 😃 Picked up these two items in Mint (Damita Jo) & NM Condition - (shrink wrap now removed & hype sticker stored) - purchased these together from the same seller and they can now go and buy a Mac Book Pro (just kidding...........well kinda............). 😉
  6. The Delinquents Soundtrack (Kylie Minogue & Various Artists) Australia 1990
  7. I like Teskey Bros - shall check this one out 🙂
  8. Belinda Carlisle Runaway Horses 1989 Australia Mint condition album - had to get the price sticker off the cover - was sold by Big W for $17.99 - when is the last time Big W sold albums? Anyway with some TLC got it off with only a teeny bit of damage so pretty happy with it. She is now all cleaned and re-sleeved as usual. Was nice to have the inner sleeve in mint condition too.
  9. Me Monday morning when I gotta get up for work again - Arrrrggghhhhh
  10. Brought this for $30 from Amazon and could not resist giving it a spin before I get a frame for it. It actually played flawlessly - and sounded pretty darn good to be honest, better than some of the recent arrivals I have had the last few weeks 😂. I was shocked how great it played. I must have got lucky with this one. Looks so nice on the turntable too, would love to keep it there when the T/T isn't in use, but figure that is not a good idea long term?
  11. That song is a cracker - I love the story how he wanted it on the Album but the rest of the band said NOOOOOOO but he threw a Tanty and got his own way. His voice is like Rod Stewart's I guess but in harmony it brings the right thing to the table that is for sure. I had some of his solo albums at one stage but never played them, so sold them off on Ebay when I was converting everything to Digital for a while there.............. Brian's solo works are good - have you heard the tracks from Pinnochio he did? I should search for this on Vinyl............... *sigh* just looked seems never on vinyl .........so CD it is .....
  12. I shall check it out on good old "Spotty" - never thought I was into Piano Jazz to be honest - but my recent pickups of Linda Ronstadt and Annie Lennox "Nostaligia" I have enjoyed very much and agree, very calming Sunday Morning or late Arvo chill out music. The thing I love about this forum, it introduces you to other things you may not consider - thank you for the link xx Kylie Minogues "Abbey Road" is usually my chill out Sunday music - either on Vinyl or CD - don't matter I love that album ........acoustic is always lovely.
  13. I agree - the reviews on the 2009 issue are better than the 2011 ones - but still not perfect. Overall I have been disappointed with the Queen re-issues - they are not as dynamic as they should be IMHO - the CDs do sound better - but I am a sucker for the Innuendo artwork. I have a couple of Queen items coming so hope they stack up better. This issue of Innuendo is not awful - but did have a couple of pops and minor surface noise towards the end of Side 2. The Freddie Mercury "Never Boring" I really liked though, that sounded really rich and full but the "Barcelona" re-issue I also picked up was not so great. I picked these up cheap enough so guess that is OK. I like early Queen too - and I prefer the younger Freddie in Harlequin tights as opposed to the Mustache one - but I love all their albums and I really like Brian May's voice too - it is so warm and lovely - but Rogers - not so much 🤣
  14. Queen Innuendo US 2009 Love the artwork from Innuendo and the 7 inch singles too.
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