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  1. Happy to report mine got fixed up today and is now back in place. Thanks for all the help guys xxxx
  2. Wow that looks beautiful, now I wish I got the high gloss one - stunning !!
  3. Hahahahahaha - the difference between the sexes - mine has scented candles on the top, the liqueur I keep in the cupboard to make my Fluffy Ducks !! 🤣🤣
  4. Me too, although I like the idea of the Pool Noodles cut to size as well, because when you push a record back in, you are unlikely to damage the edges of the LP Jacket by mistake as they are softer? I am going to go and get some white ones 🙂
  5. Yes they are I agree, I saw this idea too that he says lessens the gap at the back and also can offer some stregthening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dl0dPTrhxRM And I just saw in the comments some people use the pool noodles at the back - easy to cut and much softer than wood - that is a pretty cool idea too, and so cheap
  6. I dunno, but I am OCD so it will worry me - I have it in the car now, the guys can look at it tomorrow a small bit of ally angle might be worth putting in the corners instead just to brace it who knows, although the boss says the top and sides should come off easy enough and the centre only needs turning around - hopefully..............
  7. Monday vibes - this is a Birthday Present 🥰
  8. And look - his white cabinet at the start like MINE !! You guys sure mine is wrong???????? His long shelf is vertical too !!!
  9. They are nice - the link says they do fit the Kallax 🙂
  10. I know and funny thing is, I have put my own flat packs together before myself and never had an issue as I am one of those that lays everything out and reads and follows every instruction to the letter - the only reason I brought it in to work is because I wanted feet on it and don't own a drill !! So I thought might as well get them to do it at the same time............................... It is an honest mistake I guess - looks like it can happen easily enough looking through this thread maybe?
  11. I now have mental images of people at home tonight undoing their Kallax systems and sticking pins in my eyes using a Voodoo doll named "April Snow" LOL Sorry guys, thought it was an innocent post 😨 PS Crates are starting to look really attractive now ..........................🤣
  12. Ikea says this on the Kallax maximum shelf weight of 13 kilos...................I remember being told they were discontinued for a while too.
  13. This does look nice, love the glass shelves too. But isn't this like mine ? Where the longest shelf piece is going vertical and not horizontal? But I guess as you have put something on the back and braced to the wall helps there? 🙂 I also put plastic sleeves on my records too - I use the Blake type that are crystal clear. Who'd have thought that what I assumed was just a cute beginners photo would cause so much discussion???
  14. I didn't take it as a dig - just wanted you to know I am not totally one-eyed - I like to see what else is around. I am actually trying to get things I don't own on CD to make it a nicer Vinyl collection too, more rounded. It did make me smile though 🙂
  15. No they are open - it is just I have white walls - so looks that way 🙂 Mind you some MDF could be nailed on there easily enough and painted if one wanted to.
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