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  1. Looks good, the framed one looks lovely too - thinking of that as well for an option - glad to know that having a picture disc out in the open unframed (like your avatar) is OK though .............I just thought they would be better behind glass etc.
  2. Etta James Relaxing for a Sunday Arvo One of my Favourite albums Sounds delicious
  3. We have perspex at work, I shall think on it, just thought having the vinyl exposed to the air and such might be bad? I am also thinking of a deep shadow box and putting a screw in that and then the disc suspended in the framed box with the perspex/glass over it ............
  4. I dunno you look pretty cute in your Avatar !!!!! hahahahahhahaa
  5. You are sooooo on to me !! You knew that was coming right??????? 🥰
  6. "Yeahhhhhh Babbbbbyyyyyy" to quote Austin Powers & look it is actually a SATURDAY NIGHT !! Might make myself a Harvey Wallbanger - hahahahahaha
  7. Wouldn't having a Picture Disc exposed all the time without being in a frame cause some damage long term? I think I can come up with something better than that - I think I will have to find a deep shadow box and modify.................watch this space (when my Picture Disc arrives from UK that is......)😉
  8. LOL - have to find a Purple Feather Boa now ......
  9. Not to like? Frizzy Perms Bright blue eyeshadow Impossible wedges that the cork fell out of at the most inconvenient time
  10. Yes, I picked up my vinyl from JB with the 20% off sale and I have both versions on CD too - think one was the UK Free sun paper too........(might have three then............) I really like this album, even if some don't 🙂
  11. Hahhahahaha - that is for people that dare touch the "Wrecka Player!" ...................😂
  12. Yes love the Planet Earth album & the Hologram is great in the vinyl much better then it looks on the CD 🙂 I might consider doing that too - assume the vinyl is stored elsewhere? 😉
  13. these are cool too, although sold out on this website, only seems the double sided tape is not so great and not sure I fancy four screws in the wall behind it............but the idea is great.
  14. Yes they are cool, but they are for vinyl sleeves (and I assume the disc itself stays inside as usual) but I am looking for something to display a Vinyl Picture disc (no sleeve). Like these though if it was on my radar at this time.
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