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  1. Rolling Stones Through the Past, Darkly Decca UK 1970 I am a little obsessed with "She's a Rainbow" ..... so beautiful.
  2. I listened to the Rega 6 as I considered that, but the Technics sounded way better to me and I love the fact it is a nice weighty unit too. I am very happy with it. I wanted my upgrade to be a "keeper" so went straight to the top within my budget. Of course it all comes down to preference. I have not heard of any others apart from the ones I had and the Rega 6. Your setup looks lovely btw. 🙂 I only posted the link as someone asked me about it - no other reason....... 🙂
  3. Here is al link if you are thinking of an upgrade. https://www.todds.com.au/products/technics-grand-class-sl-1200gr-direct-drive-turntable-system PS not really Madonna porn - I see that as "arty" - love the Herbs Ritt photo shoots from the 90s.
  4. I did indeed have the Audio Technica for about two months to test the waters on vinyl, but brought a new Technics 1200GR late last year when they came to Australia again. A forum member here helped me set it up properly along with the Oroton Bronze M so has been pretty sweet 🙂
  5. Prince Love Symbol Album 1st Pressing Europe 1992 Minty 😍 as I got it new in shrink wrap with hype sticker still attached 🤩 https://www.discogs.com/Prince-And-The-New-Power-Generation-Love-Symbol/release/619546
  6. I have this and love it too - one of his best albums ................Ummmmm OKayyyyyyyyy so I say that about ALL his albums - I know.......hahahahahahhaha
  7. Thank you I really love my set up and have learnt to be content with it now as it has warmed up nicely over the last couple of months and just blends together beautifully now. 🙂 I noticed that when I went from my first turntable the Audio Technica LP120 with their cart supplied and then upgraded to the Technics 1200 GR T/T and the bronze that the bronze does highlight the good and the bad, but it does sound way better overall and I love it, except if there is a slight warp in the record "sometimes" I can hear the stylus in the groove at the start which I did not notice with the older cart - but guess that is due to it getting in deeper into the groove - was told this is normal & I do play my music loud & so if the volume is up I guess I am hearing the physical contact of the two 🤣 but mostly this does not happen, as thankfully I have very few wonky records. I will likely never go with the black M Cart though even though I would like try it, if it highlights defects more - hahahaha - but I really cannot afford the Black to be honest. Same reason I will not go with the MC cart - I cannot afford to sustain that. I do like the Bronze anyway and have learnt to be satisfied with what I can afford and grateful to have a nice system within my budget. But I do get cranky when I get a new vinyl record and it is noisy or hissy - as I know that is not my system - and I find it distracting. I do try to get the original older pressings if I can, but of course hard to do that with new bands/artists. 😔 I do use Discogs for reviews but of course not all new releases have reviews so it can be a bit of a gamble. Overall I have success though, just sometimes one gets disappointed.
  8. Thank you - I have contacted the seller to see if they have had other problems with this one, as it might be a faulty batch, maybe I will see what they say and try to get the orange one .............thank you 🙂 I have both albums on CD but liked this one the most so wanted to have it on vinyl. 😉
  9. I normally have a lovely vinyl experience with most of my albums but this one is a little hissy. I have this album on CD if I want the "perfect digital experience" - but prefer vinyl out of choice. I have a good Turntable and Cartridge & phono pre-amp - just sadly sometimes you get vinyl that can be a little disappointing. I do prefer original issues most of the time though. This vinyl also has some what patchy marks through the vinyl so suspecting maybe a faulty lot? I have a Technics 1200GR, Turntable, Orotofon Bronze M cart, Dyanvector Pre Phono, Marantz Amp & B&W speakers.
  10. The Teskey Brothers Half Mile Harvest 2019 Reissue Black Vinyl A little disappointed with the pressing, quite "hissy" - I might have to take it to the next record fair & pay the dude there to give it a clean with his Ultra Sonic Cleaner and hope it will fix it up. Such a shame when it is new out of shrink wrap & that the 1989 single played prior is mint and sounds better. But the material is fabulous and I would like to thank @Ahh- Schnoo Schnoo for the recommendation. 🙂
  11. Madonna Dear Jessie 7 Inch Single UK 1989 Just coz there is just so much cuteness about this song........
  12. Yes I have this one too, it is one of my favourite albums. 😍 "One Kiss at a Time" 🥰
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