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  1. Celine Dion These Are Special Times US 2018 Really lovely album, no complaints........
  2. That is true the cost of the LPs will likely be more expensive than your Vinyl/Cart setup - but same can be said for CDs and CD players and DVDs and DVD players if you collect those. Gosh - even ink refill cartridges cost more than the printers !! I would not let that put you off .................seriously, grab the best entry level Turntable you can afford - get a couple of LPs and test the waters - you can always upgrade to a better turntable if you like the "sound" of what you are hearing. If you do not like it you can sell the turntable without too much of a finan
  3. Yep that is exactly what I did about 5 years ago, all ripped on to hard drives (they still are backed up there) and then I streamed them to my system - but then I realised they still sounded better (for me anyway) as a physical CD. So I ended up buying most of them back again.............. ( so I been there done that). I felt liberated with the space but it just did not sound the same to me to be honest.
  4. "Hello my name is Alice - welcome to the Rabbit Hole !!" (OK my name not really Alice...............I may be lying about that part) I was not sure if I would like vinyl or not - so I brought an Audio Technica LP120 at the time - not very expensive but reliable enough for a newbie & the reviews are good for that as a starter turntable. A lovely member from here set it up properly for me. I used it for about 2.5 months to test the hobby out. I used that table to get used to the vinyl & using a turntable and found out I loved the hobby and then brought
  5. Totally agree, those are the biggest pain in the 🙊 I detest them. Jewel Cases will always be my preferred though, because you can replace the whole case or just the toothy insert and they just sit nicer on the shelf. Some of the Digi Packs are of varying sizes now too (particularly the so called deluxe sets). But guess that is getting off topic now ............... I have a number of CDs and I have brought storage boxes from Ikea (the snap together ones) and just have the CDs in those in a cupboard in alphabetical order as I seem to play mostly vinyl at the moment............ Ye
  6. Same can be said for anything - what about people spending hundreds or thousands on wardrobe storage or walk in robes to hang their $5 T-Shirts? I have no problem spending money if it suits the purpose, to make it easy to use and be organised and enhances the look of the room & my home. But I do understand what you are saying.............one does have to weigh it up. But I am female and if I prefer the look of something I will always pay more if I prefer it over the cheaper one because I have to look at it everyday and I am fussy 😉
  7. Actually I hate Digi Packs - CDs can get scuffed sliding them in and out (especially if tight) & I really hate the ones where the CD sits in the slots in the glued in tray in the digi pack - once one of the teeth get broken (easy to do) they CD does not stay inside, and you cannot replace it because it is the artwork itself. At least with the cases we could replace them and keep everything in tact.
  8. I would never throw away the CD cases - I had to replace several of mine due to being cracked when I purchased them second hand and it was hard to find good quality CD cases - the ones from Office Works are flimsy and awful. You used to be able to buy decent ones everywhere but no more.............so if you decide you want to put them back in to CD cases you may find it hard to source them in the future?
  9. I have noticed that about so many of the re-releases - even the Prince one I posted over the weekend for Hits 1 - the original cover was a Sepia tone and the new release Black and White - I prefer the original tones. Another thing I have noticed that is really SLOPPY is how they will take the artwork from CDs and then just copy that for LP Jackets and they can be "fuzzy" and pixelated. That is just laziness. I prefer the original tones in the cover of this one too 🙂
  10. I like the vinyl only thread because I do not stream music (only to preview a new album that may come on my radar) and I hardly play CDs anymore at the moment ................so I like the fact that I do not have to go through so many posts to find the vinyl ones - so would hate for it to be generic "music spinning" one. I like the fact they are separated. The details in the Vinyl one I find valuable as someone only new to the medium. I am glad they are staying apart. Love this forum so much 🥰
  11. Meat Loaf Bat Out Of Hell Australia 1977 Had a "loop skip" in it so hit it with the Revirginzer Product after I could see some crud stuck in a groove using a magnifying glass and it fixed it up - now plays NM.
  12. I agree, the original cover was so bad - so cheap and lazy - and fuzzy. This new double album is in White - sounds just great. Very happy with it.
  13. Britney Spears Glory LTD Edition white Vinyl Reissue Deluxe 2020 US I have both the original pressing and this new re-issue that comes with the unreleased tracks - I was worried that the reissue might not sound great because adding the extra tracks meant extra tracks per side compared to the original pressing but have to say this Re-Issue is fantastic, not one click or pop and the mastering is superb. The packaging is much nicer than the original too & I loved the unreleased material.
  14. CD/Digital Format for one thread Vinyl for the other thread sounds clearer to me 😉
  15. I prefer the Vinyl thread on it's own and I enjoy seeing the different pressings. What I do think is odd is that the coloured vinyl had it's own thread - I always post in the "Vinyl Thread" no matter if it is coloured or black wax. One time I posted a coloured wax in the "vinyl thread" and someone from the "coloured" thread said I should have posted there. I did mention I only wanted to post in the one thread and have always been supporting the Vinyl Thread no matter what the colour wax. If I want to post a CD I just post it under the normal "currently spinning" thread. But vi
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