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  1. Prince and the New Power Generation Love Symbol UK/Europe 1st pressing 1992 💜
  2. Norah Jones Come Away With Me Australia 2002 Blue Note
  3. Freddie Mercury Barcelona Special Edition 2019 Europe
  4. Madonna I'm Breathless 1990 US Standard Release US Club Edition Australian Promo only Australia Standard Release Europe Standard Release Spinning the Europe one .................just love this album - wish Madonna would do a full on Jazz record. and of course there is always the original CD I brought in 1990 🤣
  5. Wow really? Because Prime is lovely on my Samsung QLED - it is much brighter than Netflix - interesting your have the opposite experience. I do not have Disney, Apple TV or Stan so cannot comment on those.
  6. Just an obvious question - you are paying Premium Netflix to access the 4k content? It is around $19 a month. Of course not everything is 4k on Netflix either, to find 4k you have to put 4k in to the Netflix Search - seems most is HD (well what I watch anyway). I had to "up" my Netflix Sub from HD to access 4k. Kayo cannot say as I do not have that............. I noticed the biggest improvement for me was Amazon Prime - the resolution on that is hands down better than Netflix (used to be the other way around on my old Samsung 3D Smart TV). You Tube is pretty
  7. Linda Ronstadt Lush Life Australia 1984
  8. Freddie Mercury Mr Bad Guy Australia 1985 - original pressing Lovely Minty copy and so lovely to have the original release and not the messed up re-issue they put out that was screwed up. 😡
  9. Madonna Ray of Light 2003 German Pressing
  10. I love this album, it is one of my top Favs - on vinyl it is gorgeous - "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" is devine.
  11. Wow, I looked at this and thought "cable management" 😉 totally triggering my OCD 🤣 Seriously though - I bet it sounds gorgeous 🙂
  12. Madonna Erotica Limited Numbered Gold Tour 1993 Edition Australia with Poster still in tact My first concert - The Girlie Show at the MCG Melbourne 🎶 and picked up the CD in Melbourne.
  13. Yup there goes my "no vinyl for a while" ban .........💜
  14. Doesn't matter an improvement on having nothing ..............and a bargain at $70 - so was worth taking a chance on without a big investment. Have been looking for weeks and this fit the bill for now.
  15. I have only just put it down on the floor tonight, but I think so - only played a few tracks so far - not sure what I should be looking for? Maybe the bass is a little tighter? and vocals not bouncing around so much maybe? Only played about 5 tracks so far, so not really sure............
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