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  1. Davo has it I think, pretty sure we saw it when we were there viewing his.
  2. They haven’t. In the US the NX-5 is the RS1000, the NX-7 the RS2000 & so on.
  3. I suppose it depends where you order from. My retailer has a shipment soon (or just had one) but they were all pre-ordered. Mine’s in next shipment. Is there going to be new models released this year? Thought they might delay based on how this series has gone.
  4. Hope so cos I’ve ordered one. Late April to early May delivery supposedly.
  5. Interesting. People that already have theirs won't be impressed if that's the case.
  6. I know. Maybe I need an OLED in the meantime ...
  7. Hope not. I was hoping to order this week. 😕
  8. Are you getting that from the website or have you spoken to them? They've listed 2 in stock for at least a month when I first came across the discount on their website. They don't have any in stock. Spoke to them last week. Probably March or April he reckons. No one has pre-ordered through them yet as everyone wants to see one in working first.
  9. I just can’t fathom why they wouldn’t display the NX-7. Middle of the range, best of the bunch I reckon.
  10. As soon as anyone knows where to demo an NX-7 in Melb please let me know.
  11. No. I wouldn't let a TV (basically the size of an iPad) determine my projector choice.
  12. Wow! Congrats! Stating the obvious, please give us some feedback as soon as you can! 😁
  13. Yep agreed, and also avoids the stupid angle connectors too.
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