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  1. That's great to hear. I'll add, so was mine. D.I. issue only came on after 1 year of ownership ... but I think I am just unlucky.
  2. Yes, for sure. To me it seemed like the repairer was relying on JVC to tell them whether the noise was normal or not, and JVC (Australia) obviously only had the audio clip, and basically said take it to an authorised repairer for assessment - endless loop. Not sure what to do from here, will probably contact my retailer after Christmas.
  3. They've said it's the quietest projector they've ever heard ... Well, agreed. It was before the D.I. noise started happening. I'm convinced it mustn't have done it for them.
  4. They didn't even open it up and look at it, as they reckon it's not making any noise. Picking it up this afternoon otherwise going to be without it whilst they shutdown til sometime in Jan.
  5. Thanks Dandlj. Rang the dealer in the first place and he just gave me the 3 JCV service centres around here to choose from. Yep going in to listen to it on Monday arvo.
  6. Nope they replied that they are already testing it upside down/mounted so that's not the issue. Confirmed they have not taken it apart as yet. Waiting to hear from JVC technical which can take days apparently.
  7. That's a really good point actually. At home it's mounted using a Peerless mount and inverted. Worth mentioning to the guys for sure.
  8. Yep super frustrating if that's the case. I did record an audio mp3 (since my issue is iris noise) and sent it to them today, but they did say since I held the iPhone up to the projector to record it then of course going to hear it, but I explained can hear it clearly from the listening position, but hard to record that with my phone.
  9. So I am wondering people's thoughts on this. The projector has been with the repairer for nearly 1 week in regards to the noisy D.I., and I called them today. Apparently, they can't find anything wrong with it, they can't hear the iris and reckon it's one of the quietest they have heard. I am not sure if it's not doing what it's been doing at home (and has been fixed) or it is doing it, and what I've been hearing is normal. They've said I am welcome to come and pick it up (super tempting as I am missing it) but at the same time I am worried that when I get it home, it's going to ha
  10. Got mine a few months back from a retailer on here, OzTheatre, maybe give him a PM.
  11. Not too surprising I wouldn't have thought? That's why I just bought another original bulb in housing. But disappointing for you, for sure!
  12. I knew everybody here would! Also Cyberpunk 2077 came out today, grrrr. But anyway, playing it in the living room instead.
  13. Well, I waved a sad and sorry goodbye to my NX-7 today to try and get the D.I. issue sorted. Bye bye love, goodbye happiness, hello emptiness .... It actually almost was cry-worthy, since I don't know when I'll get it back (backlog due to Covid, Christmas/NY etc etc). I also got a flat tyre just as I got there as well, just to top it all off! Anyway ... first world problems I suppose.
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