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  1. cindernat

    Sony VPL-VW570ES

    You're probably right, they are cheaper just not as cheap as I'd like. Would consider the N5 (or even N7) if not for the production issues, not sure if worth holding out.
  2. cindernat

    Sony VPL-VW570ES

    Thanks yeah - that's my dilemma, I was hoping the new JVCs would bring the Sony's prices down somewhat. And yes, something new in the 370 range would be perfect for my budget (or at least make me feel better about spending the $). I can spend $12k on the 570, it will of course leave less for the rest of the HT budget.
  3. cindernat

    Sony VPL-VW570ES

    This is the one I had my eye on, but it's more than I was really looking at paying since I need to buy an entire home theatre set up. What's missing in the 270ES? Dynamic Iris - Lens Memory, are those things I can live without??
  4. cindernat

    4K projector recommendations

    Really? Ok, cheers...
  5. cindernat

    4K projector recommendations

    Thanks for posting the video. Just watching through it now. For these: Why are they both priced at AU$11,999 if we are assuming the VPL-VW695 is the equivalent of the VPL-VW570ES? ie: why the $2000 difference in the US market? Maybe I am wrong about the Sony model equivalent ...
  6. cindernat

    2019 projector releases ?

    Would also love to know this!
  7. Thanks benny. I will make sure to confirm which it is once the quote comes in, purely out of interest now. If hubby can also get his hands on cat 6a is it worth paying the extra?
  8. Thanks everyone for your responses. I have since found out at hubby's work he can get the cable at cost price and he actually knows for a fact that cat 6 cable's cost is not double that of cat 5e. So all we really need is someone to lay it for us, and their company uses a guy who can do it for us too. So I think we are sorted in that sense. I didn't think I was planning on using HDMI extenders? The only HDMI cabling I was going to get done would be from the roof mounted projector to the entertainment unit which would be under the screen on the wall. I was planning on getting a high quality one that's also 3D capable.
  9. Thanks MTV. And this guy is an NBN installer as well so you think he would know this? We are not in an NBN area currently but one would assume it's coming here some day.
  10. Hi all, Apologies if someone has asked before, I did do a search but couldn't find anything. In our new home build, we are building a double story 35sq house and I'd like to stream audio/video from a central place to the various sources around the house. Some of it will be HD quality. So, cat 5e or cat 6? I was initially thinking cat 6 as I thought I read somewhere that the cost wasn't much different, but the place where I am getting the quote (for the cabling and set up) said the exact opposite, that cat 6 cabling is twice as expensive and the wall plugs being 3-4 times as expensive - whereas the difference from cat 5e in terms if quality/transmission rate is negligible. Could anyone else shed thoughts? I read this link on another forum: http://www.broadbandutopia.com/caandcaco.html But it did seem to be a bit of a marketing beat up. I only want to put in what I need, and if I can, what I will need in the future. Thanks!
  11. cindernat

    Hauppauge Hvr-2200 - No Channel 7

    In case anyone was wondering about the solution, it was *embarrassed cough* a faulty cable. I guess the cable got screwed at some point, because it used to be fine! Anyway, all fixed
  12. cindernat

    Hauppauge Hvr-2200 - No Channel 7

    The problem with this is opening the case is going to void my warranty - and this PC is only a month old. It has ones of those sealed stickers. ARGH!!
  13. cindernat

    Hauppauge Hvr-2200 - No Channel 7

    I can't - I will have to have a look at the case, it's a bit hard to get to at the moment though - might have to be tomorrow
  14. cindernat

    Hauppauge Hvr-2200 - No Channel 7

    In the BIOS I am able to go to Chassis fan which was 600RPM, I dropped it to 500RPM but no difference. Not sure how low to drop it. I wonder if I can turn it off completely just for the purpose of the test, obviously still need air flow thru my case but as you say if it is the cause, can replace it.
  15. cindernat

    Hauppauge Hvr-2200 - No Channel 7

    Thanks MTV, I'll check that and see if it's the culprit. Not sure if it's something that can be edited in the BIOS or I have to open the hood. I'll check BIOS first...