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  1. Don't think that's correct at all, and not the experience I had with my dealer in Melb. The change log might just mean the fixes included in the new firmware.
  2. I know I did! But it was all good. I also printed out the instructions on the JVC site which told me what the various combinations of flashing lights on the unit meant.
  3. Yes, don't use a USB stick greater than 8GB.
  4. Takes 10 mins and note that next start up will take longer, mine was about 5 mins to boot up after upgrade.
  5. Next time (actually hoping there isn't one) I will pay more attention. 2nd time was definitely the nVidia Shield. 1st time I can't remember. I also have Pana 9000, ATV, Foxtel and PS4. But my issue may or may not be related to the blue/green bar issue.
  6. I have a Marantz and use the nVidia Shield (probably my main device as well as Foxtel IQ4). I've never had any bar issue on 2.04 or 2.07. I have the the issue twice now where the NX-7 locks up after being turned on (and is non-responsive except for 'off'), and has to be power cycled. I have been in touch with my dealer who forwarded my email onto JVC who replied within the day with some suggestions next time it happens. As it turns out it hasn't happened since then (both time were on the 2.04 firmware). In saying that there were 3 weeks between the first and second occurrence. They did end by saying that it might have to be brought in for service if their fixes don't help. I'm hoping not, that would be a massive pain. Also, it's been calibrated so would hate to get a new one and have to pay for that again. Other than that, pleased with the quick response from JVC, and very happy with the NX-7.
  7. None that I know of, Clef Hifi only have the NX-5 (they're South Melb). It's worth the trek out the other side (I'm from your side of town) to view that one you actually want. In saying that, don't know who has the NX-9.
  8. Yeah that does make sense. I do have a Marantz receiver so good point, I'll check it that way. I couldn't recommend them more (Clef Hifi), they were fantastic. Reminds me I need to drop them a line to say the installation went well. Speaking of which my installer deserves a shout-out too, just not sure if he wants to be named as he doesn't do many installs these days. Off one of the other forums. That's right yes, I will give it a good run in probably around 200 hours if I can before going down that path. Really happy I bit the bullet and went with this line-up, I did um and ahhh for awhile and have been reading this and the AVS Forum daily. I have firmware 2.04 in case anyone was interested.
  9. Picked up my NX-7 yesterday and also installed by my installer yesterday. Asked my retailer to open it up and fire it up whilst I was there. Took in some test files kindly provided to me on here. There were no purple/blue (etc) bars on anywhere. The test patterns looked great. Did the quick pixel convergence test with built in pattern. Did not get to test noisy DI. It took my installer about an hour or so to set up the mount and then mount the projector. Without changing anything, it already looked pretty darn amazing! Watched the race scene in Ready Player One as my first scene to watch. Had a chat to him about calibration, he definitely recommends it and the one he recommends is Avical. Based in Melb so suits me. I didn't get a whole lot of time to play yesterday (or today yet) but I did apply some settings suggested on here. I have the Panasonic UB-9000 so I added the 2 custom profiles for that also. Quick question, I had the HDR10 profile selected and I watched something off Netflix on ATV 4K which was HD only (1080p), and when I pressed info on the NX7's remote the input showed the source was 4K resolution which it wasn't. Do I managed need to create and select an SDR profile? I thought it might detect the source and automatically do that (I know it does going from something else to HDR). Sorry if a noob question, this is my first projector. Thanks!
  10. Davo has it I think, pretty sure we saw it when we were there viewing his.
  11. They haven’t. In the US the NX-5 is the RS1000, the NX-7 the RS2000 & so on.
  12. I suppose it depends where you order from. My retailer has a shipment soon (or just had one) but they were all pre-ordered. Mine’s in next shipment. Is there going to be new models released this year? Thought they might delay based on how this series has gone.
  13. Hope so cos I’ve ordered one. Late April to early May delivery supposedly.
  14. Interesting. People that already have theirs won't be impressed if that's the case.
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