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  1. Epson isn't true 4K so you aren't comparing apples with apples. FWIW I've had my N7 just over a year and it hasn't missed a beat. I had the retailer open up and demonstrate my projector in-store before taking it home and they were happy to do that.
  2. Exactly. Same my end. I don't use high lamp either.
  3. Cool. I find it can take an hour or so before my projector heats up and the fan kicks in. The room starts off quite cool then it gets really warm in there. I think this projector (maybe all projectors, this is my first) run hot in general and need decent ventilation. Mine doesn't have anything around it and has a decent distance behind it but still runs very warm. I've learnt to put up with it.
  4. My receiver sits on 26-27 degrees when the PJ is on and working so that's pretty high for idle. Have a look what it is when everything is on. I have the AC Infinity Aircom cooling my receiver and it does a great job, but my receiver is nowhere near my projector.
  5. Exactly this. I know the fan you mean and it only comes on when the room gets too hot for the projector. For us that's only really in Summer, doesn't happen over Winter. Got any heating vents or the like in your room that could cause it to kick in?
  6. I can recommend Clef Hifi in South Melb.
  7. Would it be worth getting a fiber cable? Can’t remember how long the run was.
  8. Wouldn't have thought so, unless you are trying to have ATV 4K set to 4:4:4 @ 60hz or something in which case you might see a HDMI out of range error - different to No Signal.
  9. Haha - precisely why I didn't want to go down that path and just had a straight fiber HDMI cable from projector to receiver. That said, you mentioned it WAS working (I think?) so ... ???
  10. Try the other HDMI input on the projector to see if that's the problem?
  11. No cos it doesn't do Dolby Vision as you say. My understanding is it does the Dolby Vision stuff just in HDR10. Yes I generally always use the Frame Adapt Profile and it kicks in automatically (as long as that's the one you have set-up by default for HDR content).
  12. I'll check today and get back to you on that! Sure yes well I recommend Tony @Rec. 709 from Clarity Calibrations, did a great job and also a really nice guy. He's in SA though and I do believe the borders are closed there currently so I don't think he's doing any interstate calibrations at the moment.
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