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  1. ... well i hope they are better than Clash of the Titans.... i may as well watched the movie without the glasses.....
  2. 3d TV on a piss farting, 46in panel .... why bother anyway.
  3. it only should be released in its correct theatrical ratio.
  4. its obvious every post you have is bashing avatar... you have a right to an opinion, but maybe just leave the thread to those that will enjoy its upcoming bluray release and are happy to discuss the various aspects of it... no offense ;P
  5. 5 year warranty yes right. a friend originally purchased (at the time, 1998), a Barco Front projector, 708MM i think, made in Belgium. $17,500. that came with a 1 year warranty. go figure. produced a sensational picture i might add.
  6. Samsung Series4, 50in plasma. today at Myers $1088 .....
  7. good points. whether its just me, or whatever, i like / and prefer the picture that a plasma panel offers.
  8. US version, although having said that, i might try to source a cheaper one via eBay.
  9. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0035WTJB..._rd_i=193640011 bring it on. : P
  10. sounds like a repack. and not a new one fresh out of the box.
  11. no worries. understood. i bought this on steam for $49.95, which i thought was good value. theres a very neat walkthrough trailer, explaining some features of the game. nice touch. oh, for the PC ... ; P http://blogs.battlefield.ea.com/battlefiel...-trailer.aspx##
  12. have they still got it on display at Myer at Pacific Fair?... they had it back in January whilst i was there ....
  13. Was switching around channels last nite, and noticed Predator on. Not bad picture quality actually. Loved the film. Jesse Ventura, Carl Weathers, Arnie..... hehe what a team.
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