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  1. "The TVFIX login is currently unavailable"
  2. Seems to me that Ten have taken easy route and are just cropping 4:3 SD masters themselves. As an example, Hogan's Heroes is available in an cropped HD widescreen version from CBS (which I believe was the version on Go!), yet the video quality of it on 11 (and other shows) is so poor. UPDATE: No wonder. Family Ties isn't available in HD.
  3. They already tried that. It didn't last long unfortunately.
  4. Are Ten just zooming in on SD masters? I seem to remember these show looking better on the other channels...
  5. No more HD sport on GEM?... "Cricket is now out of GEM schedule Thursday 25, Friday 26, Saturday 27"
  6. The government is already intent on auctioning it off.
  7. This is due to the time difference between states after live sport.
  8. For all the people who actually believe the situation will get better after the analog TV shutdown: Prime piece of digital real estate causes a stink
  9. There is an editoral on TV Tonight about this, if anyone is interested.
  10. http://www.tvtonight.com.au/2010/10/gone-n...-christine.html
  11. For all those who are complaining about MTV on Foxtel, it is moving into their basic package from November 1.
  12. You do realise that most movies can be transferred in HD? There is nothing wrong with showing old movies on the HD channel provided they have a HD master.
  13. http://www.tvtonight.com.au/2010/09/austar...alary-pack.html
  14. FetchTV. It's only available through iinet at the moment though.
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