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  1. DT 990 Pros - 250 grams is nice weight, the velour pads are comfortable but wear out too quickly. They're retailing at $39 a pair to replace. I would describe the sound as warm, clear, spacious, lively, good. Bass is impressive, and these headphones are priced well these days. Clamping force might be too clingy for some, and top head band padding thins out over time. Pushing the bass too hard might cause buzzing or rattling! They're not $1k headphones, but they are exceptionally good for their class.
  2. There's no OS built in, no apps, thank god! You would need to add a Fire stick or something. (it has a space under rear cover to fit some streaming devices such as fire stick, and has micro USB cable to power. ). Quick to power on, just works as you'd expect with no fuss. I would have liked a second HDMI port, so I could leave the Fire stick in all the time. I might buy an HDMI switch adaptor for toggling sources, but haven't looked at what's out there. I saw a cheap one at jaycar, but not sure.
  3. I bought this little projector recently after finding a good deal. It's my first projector. Replaced my 2007 panasonic 42" plasma (still going strong, just wouldn't die). So of course I was impressed by the increased screen size and the amazing brightness and colours. My biggest concern was the 720p resolution, but it's all good, looks sharp and clear at the size and distance I'm sitting. This is a very cool new category: compact laser projector. Even though it's my first projector, and I have zero experience with projectors, I'm quite sure the laser diode is no gimmick. Funny how my forum login still works here. Well done to whoever migrated dtvforums. My previous post before today was 7 years ago!
  4. Well ok, but I've never seen anyone mention it. I would have assumed most TV owners enjoy their big screen for everything they watch, or otherwise are not fussy about the issue I raised. Which is why I asked if people if they know what I mean, because many people I'm sure just think "bigger the better". I have a 2008 42 inch Panasonnic which I bought after reading advice on this forum, great TV, but there is no 50% zoom function. That's what I'm after on a 55 inch or something above 50inch, so I will look around. I find computer gaming slightly too small on the 42 inch at 1080 res from 2+ metres away, hence the wish to go bigger. To the person who said "just watch the news on a 32 inch TV", I don't want two TVs in the same room. I want one screen that can be big and full of life for movies and games, and its image shrunk to 50% for the news. Simple. Thanks for the tips.
  5. Hi all, Is there a TV on the market that allows the picture to be shrunk down so you end up with a small picture of around 32 inches or whatever I scale it to, in the middle of a black screen? I like the idea of having a 65+ inch TV for movies and good shows, but don't want to watch the news and average TV at that size. Just want easy control on remote control to zoom/shrink the video. Edit: --- 7 years later. I finally upgraded my old 42 inch plasma to a laser projector. It does what I need and has digital zoom, which I use a lot. Finally no more oversized talking heads in my lounge.
  6. Sorry but whenever someone regurgitates the old "but that's the law" line, it makes me want to turn around and break the law. Before 1902, it was illegal to go swimming at the beach in daylight hours. Would you say to the illegal swimmer, "but that's the law"? No you wouldn't, unless you were too uptight to recognise the *right* thing to do, declare the law stupid, openly defy it, and avoid suggesting the formal consequences by repeatedly referring to "the law". Regardless of the fact that you have said "whether any of us abide by it is our decision", you are presenting the options available to us in a light which above all, reminds us of this thing called "the law", and therefore granting undeserved respect to the law. But that's not the way life works. The law isn't with us at every minute of every day. Morality, common sense and ethics are though. I am of course referring to the temporary backing up of BD discs one has legally purchased. I am not suggesting that selling the discs then gives me the right to keep the backed up copies. This is where the OP is wrong, because the copyright holder stands to lose money because 2 people now have the movies but only 1 person effectively paid. But if the "way permitted" does not specify the potential for the medium to become defective beyond repair from normal use, then I will take it upon myself to protect my purchase from such wear and tear. Much like normal wear and tear of a rented house does not come out of one's bond. The law says that paint will peel, floors will become worn, and eventually these things will need replacing. But that is not at the tennants expense, because "normal wear and tear" is paid for by the property owner. Likewise, normal wear and tear should be covered by the copyright owner - by allowing one to make backups of the disc for the sole purpose of avoiding wear and tear, so as not to make it a potential additional expense for the purchaser. The disc after all, is merely the current technology by which the copyrighted material is printed on. I couldn't care less what that technology is, because what I am buying is the movie that's printed on the disc. And without specifying that it might be a lucky dip as to how long that disc lasts, then I'm sorry, but the law has omitted relevant information, and so I must deal with it myself and make a backup. Which I will continue to do without losing any sleep. / my 2 cents
  7. The Beyonwiz DP-P1 is quicker to change channels and navigate between channel items in the EPG. It's not that the Beyonwiz is particularly fast, it's more the Topfield is pathetically slow. As I said above, my 7100 died so I swapped for a P1 just yesterday, and am already appreciating the improvements. $100 more, but a much better EPG - more options, clearer interface, more responsive.
  8. My 7100 just died. Was only 4 days old. It was the newer model with silver remote. And now I see quite a few people have had the same problem where it refuses to start, no matter how much unplugging and attempting to give it life again. It had the latest firmware, and was working fine for a few days. And yes I understand there are some happy 7100 owners around here, and that's partly why I purchased one. But I should have listened to the UNHAPPY people. I won't be getting another Topfield. Four days of operation = appalling quality control. The EPG totally sucked anyway.. clunky design. There were good features of course, but what use is mentioning that when it doesn't start.
  9. Quick question, does the P1 hard drive turn off automatically after a few minutes of inactivity? Is this what happens when it goes into standby? And then will it wake up to record if scheduled to do so? I tried to find this out with search but no luck. If the hard drive always stays on, then I will need to look at something else.
  10. I left a computer game's menu screen on for hours when I fell asleep on couch. Screen saver didn't kick in. Panasonic pz plasma (2008 model). The image retention freaked me out, but faded away soon after. My plasma had clocked more than 100 hours of use already, so that may have helped protect it from burn-in. I run windows, browse the web all the time now without noticing any problems.
  11. Good advice. The problem happened again on my 42pz800a tonight, no signal on any channels, so I turned off computer, turned off TV and off at power point, then unplugged HDMI cable, plugged back in, then powered on. All channels returned and working. Edit: I've just discovered that unplugging the HDMI cable is not necessary to get the channels back. I can now make this problem happen on demand by simply turning the TV off without turning the computer off. The TV must remain off long enough for the 'click' sound where it goes into low power stand-by, which is about 2 or 3 minutes. (I'm guessing turning off at the wall is the same as waiting the 2-3 minutes.) To get the channels back I need to turn the computer off (or hibernate), then turn the TV off (hard off as before) and then back on. Channels then return. Although this is still a significant problem - as sometimes I might want to leave computer running without TV, at least now I know the circumstances when it happens and how to resolve it. Panasonic really should have the balls to at least acknowledge this fault, even if a fix is not possible.
  12. Ok thanks for that. I have emailed Panasonic. At least this isn't a nasty problem with the picture quality - that would be a lot worse. But still, I hope there's a fix.
  13. Just to add that I too have this problem on my 42pz800a. Just found this thread tonight. I hadn't seen the problem at all until recently when I hooked up a computer via HDMI (computer has HDMI out from graphics card.) I didn't know until reading this thread that the problem is related to HDMI. I should also add that the aerial is connected directly into the TV, not going through computer. This makes it a very odd problem. You would think the HDMI port is completely separate and isolated from the tuning part of the TV. I'm happy with the TV overall because it really is a good picture, but would like a fix for this problem which happens only rarely, but when it happens it's a pain to re-scan channels.
  14. The "old" State Cinema in Hobart has added 4 new cinemas with digital projectors. I don't think I've seen a digitally projected movie in a cinema before, and I have some questions I hope someone can shed some light on. Firstly, what is the format of the movie? By that I mean, what medium is the movie delivered to the cinema? If it's a digital format, it must have a resolution.. what's the resolution and/or "data rate" of the digital file? I was annoyed by the fan noise the projector was making. It was suspended from the ceiling in the small cinema. I could see the projector was Panasonic, and said "WXGA" on the side, but could not see a model. I felt like I was in someone's home cinema, not at a $15.50 session of Slumdog Millionaire. Shouldn't the projectors be isolated? I was disappointed to see that the letterbox black bars were actually projected along with the image. Further adding to the home cinema feel, the screen must have been 1.85:1, and Slumdog is 2.35:1 so projected "black bars" were visible the whole time. Finally, as much as the image was crisp and free of dust and scratches, it nevertheless had an underlying RGB rainbow effect. Not obvious, but noticeable on occasion. I've seen this before, a lot worse, in old video projectors. I thought by now the problem would have been eliminated. Perhaps unrelated to the projector, but even the sound was bad. The effects were very loud, but dialog very soft. What's with that? All up, if this is the future of cinema projection, then I'll be going less often. Big thumbs down from me. Or has the State in Hobart just purchased old or cheap projectors?
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