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  1. Selling my old but reliable KVEH36M31 HD 91 cm Widescreen CRT TV. Cost $6300- in the day Still working perfectly after 12 years. any reasonable offers considered. text to 0407601737
  2. woo hoo, im in. Dream Teams alright by me....ooooooh yeahhhhhh.
  3. Yep great year guys. Well done wheels. Always love my dream team. Will be weird watching the finals and not counting points for each possession..lol
  4. Yeah, i second that, well done mate.
  5. ah ha, well good luck wheelz. im outa trades but hopefully should be right for a full team. the luck is how they play on the week. some of my guns go 100 points different from week to week. lol
  6. Thanks guys, is the other person a non DTVer?
  7. and the more you play Yorac the better you generally get each year.
  8. yes boys buddy and robbo not back this week....grrrrrr theres nearly a mil sitting on my forward bench
  9. making my run for the premiership now mate.
  10. yeah im back big time guys. im in 5 leagues and doing the worst in this one. still looking good for a top 4 and still some trades left.
  11. you did well mate, but in the words of the great man, "ill be back"
  12. i was going to bring in murphy after his 68 when he bottomed out. I didnt realise how much he would actually bottom out. oh well, goodbye toby greene, hello matthew boyd.
  13. what the hell this week, im in five different leagues and havent lost a game all year until now!!!!
  14. no worries mate, remember as well, this is a partial lockout week but any trades after tommorow cant be reversed even though it will open up again.
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