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  1. Hi Aze. Several of my devices also pick up the recordings (T-Box, PS3, Samsung TV, laptop, etc) but they will only play the FTA recorded programs. There was a time they used to play back subscription channel recordings but fetch has since blocked it. Hope this helps.
  2. Flip TV (www.fliptv.com.au) now has all 5 channels from BBC Australia.
  3. If you guys switch to channel 76, the PQ is shocking atm.
  4. Any more news, leaks or rumors about this?
  5. It was HD ready.... it's since been replaced with the more "current" stuff.
  6. Oh yeah. I remember that. Bought a "HD ready" tv back in '05, thinking it had a digital tuner in it.... ?
  7. I think they will move showcase for 'current subscribers' into the current Essentials package, if I understood their press release correctly. But the new Drama package seems like a rip-off given the channels and amount of channels.
  8. Yes... They're replacing Speed and Fuel TV with Fox Sports 4&5
  9. New pay tv provider. Haven't heard of it before but accidently discovered it on lyngsat.com http://www.wizzie.tv/
  10. So, ch78 back to showing a black background, ch74 showing a simulcast of Seven...
  11. Anyone's TV or PVR pick up channel 78?? Fresh Ideas TV.... another useless unnecessary channel
  12. So Foxtel Play is revealed with 9 new channels added (and MTV Hits & Classic removed). Not quite clear on pricing structure and also no mention if it is affecting Foxtel on T-Box (which I'm assuming it is) http://www.foxtel.com.au/discover/foxtelplay/30daytrial/default.htm
  13. Guys. Just a quick question. If you wanna get UBI, do we have to use one of their set top boxes or can I get my own? Cheers
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