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  1. Thanks for the input guys, it is super helpful I'm really liking the look of this Pioneer for my needs cwt can you confirm my understanding that a dolby atmos signal also contains dolby truehd? so its not selecting a different audio from the 4k blu ray for instance, the avr receives the one signal (atmos) and from within that atmos signal picks what is appropriate for the speaker setup? atmos if 5.1.2 or dolby truehd if 5.1?
  2. I have found this Pioneer one https://www.amazon.com.au/Pioneer-VSX-932-Network-Receiver-Amplifier/dp/B0727VPTCC Does anyone have any experience with this?
  3. Hey guys I'm looking to update my AVR and I'm after a bit of help. I don't have a massive budget (sorry), so I'm basically looking for the cheapest avr I can get that can serve my needs I have a 5.1 setup, with kef sattelite speakers and I don't see that changing anytime soon I would like the avr to support all current all current audio and video (pass through) formats. 4K, HDR, Dolby Vision, DTS-HD, Dolby Atmos etc. I gather with a 5.1 setup that things like Dolby Atmos may not work as designed, but do some still recognise this and convert it to a 5.1 signal? This would be what I am after I don't care for any of the online streaming, bluetooth music features that I see a lot of them have these days. These features will not get used at all. I only need it to be used with a tv for movies/gaming If anyone is familiar with this end of the market or has been in my situation, I'd appreciate some input Cheers
  4. Item: Xbox Codes Location: Victoria Price: As listed below Item Condition: All digital and unused Payment Method: Paypal f&f preferred (happy to provide references to other feedback) 12 Months Xbox Live - $55 3 Months Xbox Live - $22 1 Month Game Pass - $7 Steep - $15 The Crew - $10 Minecraft Story Mode - $12 Ori & The Blind Forest - $12 Minecraft Explorers DLC - $10 Minecraft Builders DLC - $10 Minecraft for Windows 10 - $4 If you have any questions let me know
  5. So my mum got Killzone Shadow Fall for Christmas, surprisingly she doesn't have a PS4 so I am looking to sell it for her New and sealed - $25 delivered
  6. Reduced price of Black Flag to $15
  7. Yeah now that I have NBN I probably forget that a little In saying that, Unity is now sold
  8. Happy to listen to offers on these
  9. Noticed there is no thread for this so I thought I would start it I have the following for sale although I am open to trade offers for other Xbox One games, really prefer only digital games though. Assassins Creed Unity (Download Code) - $50 Assassins Creed Black Flag (Download Code) - $25 If you are interested or have a trade offer just send me a PM.
  10. Got these games for sale Title: AFL Live Format: Xbox 360 Region: PAL Australian edition Original Case/Manual: Yes Disc Condition: Excellent Case Condition: Excellent Price: $35 Title: Mafia 2 Director's Cut (classics) Format: Xbox 360 Region: UK Pal Original Case/Manual: Yes Disc Condition: One or two superficial marks Case Condition: Excellent Additional: Comes with second disc that includes ALL DLC for this game. They are not codes but are on the disc so can be installed over and over Price: $15 Postage will be extra but I assume it won't be much I also have used and new wireless controllers for sale, please let me know if you are interested
  11. anyone still read this??? if so have halo reach and modern warfare 3 for sale $20 posted each
  12. Hey guys got a few older 360 games to sell Let me know if you are interested in them as a bundle or individually I guess and we can work something out. Bioshock (steel case) Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Halo 3 Halo 3 ODST Cheers
  13. Black Ops $35 posted Mafia $30 posted
  14. Title: Call of Duty Black Ops Platform: Xbox 360 Region: AUS PAL Original Manual/Cover: Yes Case Condition: Excellent Disc Condition: Excellent Titlee: Mafia II - Classics with all bonus content Platform: Xbox 360 Region: UK PAL Original Manual/Cover: Yes Case Condition: Both game disc and add on content disc are in excellent condition Disc Condition: Excellent Other Comments: The add on content disc contains all extra content available for the game, 3 additional story packs and 4 style packs. Adds plenty of extra gameplay. Game also comes with a map of Empire Bay Looking for some $ offers so just PM me
  15. Will take $15 posted for this Or does anyone have any 360 trade offers? It really is a fun game
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