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  1. are firmware updates needed? i can plug my amp into the network if needed.
  2. i did the YPAO last night and then made a few adjustments to it. tried out some of the movie and game settings with the DSP. sounding good. pure direct seemed to make a big difference when watching a blu ray film. does anyone use the pure direct setting?
  3. yeah will do. gave it more of a read last night after i had done this post. will do some more tonight. might run the YPAO from more listening positions too.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. That would explain why it set my front speakers to small. I'll have to put a movie on and play around with it a bit. Its sounding great anyway. Just wanted to see if there's anything particular i should change. Does the presence option requite extra speakers? i'm only running a 5.1 setup. annoyingly the manual comes on a cd-rom. i guess its a good idea to save paper by not giving us a 150 page manual. i read through a few things. i guess with most amps its up to the user how many different features they want to play around with. you can always ignore most of it and just use standard settings.
  5. Hi all, just bought a Yamaha RX-V1067 and with all its features its a bit overwhelming. Just wondering if anyone can direct me to a site or let me know the best way to setup this amp for the best possible sound. or link me to another thread which spoke about this amp. is the "straight" setting for sound the way to go? does anyone bother with all the different sound fields or just stick to one? does the YPAO do a good job? one thing it did with me is it said my front speakers were small but I have large towers? would there have been a reason for this? any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. thanks. I was leaning towards yamaha and that model looks to fit in with my budget. wasn't sure of the quality of the higher end onkyos. the speakers i have are 8ohm. is it recommended that i get an amp that is the same? my current onkyo is only 6 ohms. not sure if that makes a difference or not.
  7. A/V receiver. Sorry should have been more specific. Just something to replace the onkyo.
  8. Hi all, I'm in the process of upgrading my home theater. I've bought all the speakers and a sub. Just need an amp now. I have: Fronts - Polk audio TSi 500s Center - Polk audio CSi A4 Rears - Polk audio FXi A4 Sub - Polk audio DDSWPRO550wi Looking to spend about $1500 on an amp to upgrade from my onkyo 605. Looking for recommendations Thank you
  9. Most recent additions: Centurion The Expendables Inception The Hangover
  10. what is the recommended ventilation area? I have a few inches above my amp and it does get hot but not stupidly. all amps get hot. I wouldnt say it's too hot to touch. Think i'll just leave things as they are and work on upgrading everything else to go with my new front speakers.
  11. well i have a couple of 7.1 blu ray discs and ps3 games are in 7.1. not too fussed for making a 5.1 movie be in 7.1. i have the speakers sitting there anyway. i didnt buy the new fronts especially for the 7.1 just bit by bit upgrading everything. i plan to buy a new amp soon.
  12. Thanks heaps for the reply. The 2 jamos that i tried as the surround rears were the front L and R speaker before i got the polk fronts so the speakers themselves are fine. Bi-amping is off. And its not in wall wiring. if the speaker cable being used for the surround rears was fault could that cause the problem? dont think it was at high volume that it was turning off. just at normal volume and almost immediately. sound would play for a few seconds then the amp would shut off. like you said it might be the amp being pushed but it is a 7.1 amp so you'd think it would have no issues running 7.1 speakers. everything runs perfectly fine with the 5.1. only when i plug in those 2 extra speaker cables. at the moment im setup in a small room so the surround rears arent really needed and i do plan to buy a new amp within the next few months. with the polk fronts now i plan to upgrade everything now over the next 6 - 12 months anyway.
  13. My setup: Onkyo 605 amp Jamo A320 speaker set (5.1) Polk Audio Tsi 500 front speakers When running the Polk speakers and 3 of the Jamo speakers and the sub theres no issue. When i tried to add in the other 2 Jamo speakers to complete the 7.1 the amp turns itself off. The amp is 6 ohms, the Jamo speakers are 6 ohms and the polk speakers are 8 ohms. I had the same problem over a year ago (using different front speakers) and i sent the amp off for repair. one of the surround rear inputs had blown. got that fixed and still had the same problem. sent it off for repair again and they told me there wasn't a problem. no one was ever able to give me an answer as to why so i just went back to the 5.1 setup as the extra 2 fronts i tried weren't mine and i had to give them back so it wasn't an issue. But now that i have bought the Polk fronts i'd like to have 7.1 and have no idea why the amp keeps turning off. I know its a safety feature so there must be an overload of some sort maybe? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. ok i downloaded tversity and got it all working. thanks heaps. still dont understand why media player wont work anymore but at least i got my media sharing working.
  15. i have all this on. media sharing is on in media player. i have the network sharing. i can even see it in my network places. ive right clicked on the hard drive itself in my computer and turned sharing on. the xbox and ps3 detect the pc but theres nothing in there. i dont get it. with my old hard drive there was never an issue. i turned on media sharing in media player and it worked. i tried winamp remote but i had no idea what to do. i couldnt even see an option to chose which folders to share. i dont know what im doing wrong. thanks for all the help guys. i dont know why i cant get it working. its really confusing me.
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