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  1. Hi all, I have a Panasonic VT20 3D tv 58" and I experience floating blacks software version is up to date See here between 4-5 seconds for my issue : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhC6x-AUt0M It gets quite annoying when transitioning from dark scene, to light scene to dark scene. Software version is up to date Is there any fix yet ?
  2. registering interest oh both 42PX70a and 50PX70a depending on price
  3. I got my 70A for $2030 a couple of weeks ago. I would've negotiated harder but it was store credit because they let me return the craptastic samsung I had bought before this, they simply wouldnt budge below $2030. I'd imagine $1950 would be a good price for the 70A.
  4. Hey mate did you figure out which number is the one that has the total hours yet ?
  5. I had the samsung Q9 for about a week, let me tell the ultrabright filter is absolute junk. It equals reflection hell and moire (wavy lines across the screen on blacks). I'm surprised samsung even chooses to sell the damn thing. I traded it in for a panasonic, but definately get the C9 over the Q9 (not to mention the C9 is cheaper)
  6. I got a pana 42inch 1024x768 plasma about 2 weeks ago, looks great on dvd's, obviously you do have to sit about 1.5-2 meters back. With free to air tv, well thats a mixed bag. The plasma has an inbuilt digital tuner, even though digital is an improvement over analogue, there is still definately blocking issues, this apparently is due to the networks broadcasting even their digital HD channels in low bitrates. What this means is on certain action scenes or certain parts of shows, the pixels turn into large square blocks (I think it's called macroblocking). I had a samsung before the panasonic and it did the same thing, so it's definately a broadcast issue. Btw I did have a 95% signal so nothing wrong with my signal. This is not to say digital still doesn't look great, it does but definately could be better. Analogue doesn't have the pixel blocks issue as it just introduced more noise and speckles into the picture. I'd imagine free to air tv would look even worse on a even higher resolution tv (e.g. full HD 1920x1080). IMO if you are only going to watch free to air tv and dvd's, get a 50inch 1360x768 plasma. You also need to take into account your viewing distance and decide if full HD is even worth the extra money. Hope this helps.
  7. I returned my 3 day old samsung because of the 'moire' effect and got a panasonic instead. Much happier, the samsung was reflective as a mirror, the panasonic is much better in that department (not very reflective at all) and also doesn't have any 'moire' or lines which was very annoying.
  8. I bought my px70a about a week ago and it clearly had on the box "Made in Japan". Regarding differences, as far as I know it's the extra HDMI port and a better looking case and it's made in Japan. Haven't rheard anything else about anti-glare scenes etc, but I swapped my 3 day old samsung plasma (reflective as hell) to the px70a and the reflections is like night and day. The samsung was like a damn mirror (even when it was on).
  9. so the macro blocking issue is normal and I'll have to put up with it ? Seems a shame as it doesn't happen on analogue.
  10. I think the uptime is the number on the right of the main screen on the second row under Model ID mine shows 00000020, so 20 hours I think which sounds about right.
  11. ok i got it You hold down the -/V button then press the 'i' button 3 times Cheers
  12. nope didn't work either And by V- key I presume you mean -/V button as thats the only one that resembles it on the front flap.
  13. didnt work, tried it on both the analogue and the digital.
  14. Anyone know how to get into this to check hours used ? thanks
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