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  1. waiting for the US limited edition release.... looks exxy but awesome.
  2. I ordered a set from the UK, cos it worked out to be about $240AUD - not the outrageous $450+ they're charging for it here. Hopefully I'll get it by Monday or Tuesday. The UK sets have disc issues also, but not as severe as the Aussie ones...
  3. Thanks for that dude! So is that dark blue cardboard thing detachable from the actual case, or is it stuck on? I hate the massive ratings logo lol
  4. Hmm, I want the U40D6600 for my bedroom, and their price is VERY enticing: $1,564..... but part of me would rather buy from a bricks and mortar store.... decisions, decisions. RRP is $2099, I'd love to know what the cost price of this TV is.... I'm guessing around the $1500 mark. ... and does anyone know if these new Samsungs come with a pair of 3D glasses?? Or will I have to shell out extra for those?
  5. Yeah but the US packaging is just so much nicer! Then again, I'm the one who never gets all the hate for releases that come in finicky/fold-out packaging. For me it's all about the aesthetics rather than the practicality lol.
  6. Definitely not getting the local release then. Especially if it's all crammed into one BD case also, like most Aussie releases seem to do (and the US always gets awesome fold-out packaging - Narnia 3 is the most recent example. I imported it because of this, lol).
  7. Ooh that is actually an amazing idea.. I might just do that! Thanks (does that charge include conversion fees, etc.?)
  8. Ooh, so glad I imported it from the States then. Just a heads up though that it is region-locked.
  9. As in till the end of 2012? What a ****ing joke! I understand that they want to sell 3D TVs... but won't potential shoppers be a little concerned when they look in the Blu-ray section in JB and all they can find is a half shelf of 3D BDs? Surely that would put more than a few people off? Thankfully the other studios seem to have wisened up!
  10. Couldn't find Legend of the Guardians 3D @ Big W anywhere today. ... I know it will look PHENOMENAL on my new Sony 3D LED (it looked awesome in the cinema) but $40 is just too much to spend IMO... spent that on Despicable Me as a blind buy and feel like I wasted my money.
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