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  1. Thanks for your reply miata. I wasn't sure what you meant by 'hdmi handshake' but googled it and I now understand what it means. They are talking about disconnecting the hdmi cable from the Tv first, wait 10 to 20 minutes and then reconnecting the hdmi cable to the tv and powering up the tv first before the Toppy. I will try it out and see if it fixes the problem.
  2. I recorded the f1 today from Albert Park on One HD and on playing back the recording I have noticed a slight lip sync delay. Watching the broadcast though my Panasonic plasma TV inbuilt tuner their is no noticeable lip sync issues at all. The unit is connected to the TV via hdmi cable I bought the Toppy from JB about a month ago and this is the first recording I have done with the unit. Is there a firmware update to fix this or have I got a dud unit. Cheers.
  3. I just bought and received 2 hdmi cables today + free mouse pad after reading all the great reviews about EZHD on this forum. I am in Melbourne and received them 2 days after I put the order in. The quality of the cables is above what I expected and couldn't be happier. I'd just like to say thanks to Keith and Anna for the great service. This is how a bussiness should be run.
  4. I'll tell a lie.He was there for at least 2 hours as we were chatting about this/that while he was working.
  5. I am sorry to hear some people having bad experience with Mr Antenna. I am in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne and I had an antenna installed by them recently. The guy showed up on time, went straight to his work and an hour later job finished and perfect tv reception the end result. He even discounted his quote by about thirty dollars because I gave him a bit of a hand and a couple of beers for his work. Aussie made antenna too. He also gave me his bussiness card to contact him directly if I had any problems in the future regarding the installation. Top bloke and highly recommended.
  6. Thanks Col. You have explained basicly everything that I wanted to know.
  7. Cheers gents and thanks for your replies. The pics it displays are pretty descent on my panasonic plasma tv. I have noticed that none of my neighbours or surrounding areas have got this type of antenna and instead are all running the old big element types. That is why I was curious in asking the question to you proffesionals as i was not familiar with the new smaller shorter element types. It looks descently constructed and locally made so hopefully should last me many years.
  8. I recently had a new TV antenna and RG6 cabling installed by a local antenna installer in the Northern Suburb of Thomastown Melbourne. The antenna he installed is a ten element yagi type. This antenna is a much smaller version and has shorter elements than the pevious analog one I had. He explained to me that the new digital frequencies that are in use now don't require the longer elements used in the analog antennas. i have checked my street address on the governments my switch website and it says that the coverage for my area is good. The antenna model p/n is HG-636 digital only and locally made in Geelong Vic. It seems to be working okay but I want to ask an installer on this forum of their opinion of this type of antenna. Here is the link below to images of the antenna. Cheers. http://www.higainant...mages-Page1.jpg
  9. Hi everyone. I bought the model P/N SC-BTT775GNK last week which has the rear wireless speakers. After assembling the speakers and connecting the system to the TV I performed a sound check of the speakers only to discover the R/H rear speaker not working. Further troubleshooting has narrowed it down to the grey coloured connector conversion cable (for those familiar with this system) which connects to the black wireless speaker box.The speaker works fine when using the L/H blue conversion cable. I have sent Panasonic Australia an email about this today and I was wandering if they would send me a replacement cable or would I have to dismantle the complete system and take it back to Hardly Normal where I bought it from (which would not be worth the hassle) as everything else appears to be working fine. Thanks in advance to your replies.
  10. I am using a soniq plasma 42" which I bought 2 years ago.It is the one with DVI out.Recently my Hotchip brand HD set top box with DVI out blew it's power supply(a common problem of this model)and I was in the market again for a new HD stb.I looked everywhere for a replacement box but the only ones I could find were with HDMI primary connection to the tv.I eventually settled for a teac hd model no 840. I had to also buy a HDMI to DVI cable to connect to the soniq plasma. The only problems I am having with this set up is minor graining on some channels when I am watching AFL football especially the crowd shots in the background. Apart from this the picture display is very good although the hotchip might of been a touch better.
  11. I bought a new dvd recorder and before connecting it up to the hotchip and tv I turned the power off. When I turned the power back on the hotchip was flashing but no picture.It took at least 1/2 an hour for it to come back to life.Like you said I would try to avoid turning off the power in the future.The unit is about a year old and already is showing signs like the previous threads of packing it in.
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