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  1. ** Pending collection ** I've had this player since new, but no longer need it. Firmware upgraded to be multi-region. It's currently set to region A, but I'll try and find the instructions for how to change it. In good working order with remote. Pick up from Point Cook, VIC.
  2. ** Sold, pending collection ** Recently upgraded my system and it seems this isn't worth a whole lot, so figured I'd give it away to someone that may appreciate it. In good working order and has the Audessey mic, both remotes and the manual. You'll just need a power cable for it as I used the old power cable for the new receiver, then put the box in the loft. Pick up from Point Cook, VIC.
  3. Item: JVC DLA-HD1 Projector Location: Point Cook, VIC Price: $500 Item Condition: Used in excellent cosmetic condition. Remote is missing battery cover. Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Selling my DLA-HD1 which I've had for over 10 years. In a dark room it still produces a great picture. Lamp has about 1400 hours on it at the moment and will likely need replacing soon. Pictures:
  4. I recently upgraded to a new x9900, which is awesome, but now I need to sell on my old HD1, which has been awesome for around 10 years. It's in excellent condition and still has the box, manuals, remote etc. Just wondering what it's worth these days? It'll probably need a new lamp fairly soon too. Also, if there's anyone here that would be interested, I'd prefer to sell it at a lower price to someone that will really enjoy it.
  5. If you're interested in selling a couple of pairs of the 3d glasses and/or the Spyder 4 separately, let me know. I could be interested in those. Cheers, James.
  6. I might give that a go, I'm actually in the US next week, so will see if I can have it delivered to the office there for me to pick up.
  7. Looks like it is the cable. I got the Comsol one from Officeworks, but it's not working at 4k 60Hz, only at 24Hz. It will do 60Hz at 4:2:0, so looks like it's going back to Officeworks then. I might try another one from there as some have had success with it, otherwise it's up to the Ruipro from Foxy :)
  8. Thanks, I'll find that post when I have a chance. I bought the Comsol one as my old one didn't display anything at all, the Comsol one will display a 4k image directly from the Oppo (receiver needs an upgrade), but only seems to work in Source Direct mode. I'll have more of a play with it when I have time - need to get the new cable run to the projector first.
  9. Ok, you were right @:) al, I am super impressed! Out of the box the picture is amazing, but now it's time to start tweaking. Any pointers for posts/summaries for what to look at, particularly for configuring the Oppo 203 for the best picture for 4k HDR discs? Also, I noticed on the Oppo, it only seems to work properly if I set it to Source Direct output resolution. If I have it on Auto, or Custom (UHD Auto) the projector doesn't display any output. It may be a setting I changed when setting it up with the LG OLED in the lounge, but I can't see what I would need to change on the player/projector to get it to work. Thanks, James.
  10. Thanks for the tips, I've ended up ordering the 9900 from @oztheatre (thanks Richard) as I have an Oppo 203 in the lounge that I can move into the theatre room to get going with at least.
  11. Thanks @:) al, I think I'll go for the 7900 then and use the $900 for an Oppo 203 then. Now to plan out the receiver upgrade for Atmos...
  12. Right, so I'm getting closer to upgrading my old JVC HD1 to a current model. I was pretty set on the 7900, but with the Oztheatre special, the 9900 is a little under $900 more - is it worth the extra money for the 9900 vs the 7900 do you think?
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