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  1. As far as screens go, Oz Theatre Screens are definitely worth a look. For speakers you can’t go past Krix. I was lucky enough to get a tour of their factory yesterday and it’s amazing. A South Australian company selling speakers to commercial and home cinemas around the world.....and they sound incredible.
  2. I’m currently using an Xbox One X for UHD disc viewing. The tone mapping on the Panasonic is of interest as I’ve found I currently need to have several different user presets on the projector depending on which disc is playing. I’m interested in getting the new UB820 but given my JVC X5900 projector doesn’t support Dolby Vision is their any advantage to purchase this model over the UB420? Dolby Vision support appears the be the only difference between the two models. It’ll only be used exclusively with the projector. Your thoughts appreciated.
  3. Awesome drteflon! No worries...Glad to be able to help. [emoji1303]
  4. Cheers. Let us know how you get on. Given your almost identical setup and issue, I’d be very surprised if the Ruipro cable doesn’t fix your problem. Good luck!
  5. I tried that too. Unfortunately no joy with the Comsol cable. Worth a shot though if you haven’t given it a go.
  6. I agree the Yamaha is the most likely culprit. I’ve now owned 5 Yamaha AVR’s over the journey and been happy with them all up to now. I tried all the other stuff to find a fix like direct connection from source to display, latest firmware etc on all devices, factory resets etc etc Comsol cable was the $69 version al referred to in his link. It appears to work perfectly fine for most people. For me I couldn’t be bothered with returning the Yamaha to try something new and the simplest next step was to try a higher spec cable (albeit at a higher cost) and enjoy my system as it was intended. Cheers.
  7. G’day DrTeflon, I’ve been a long time lurker on this forum but your setup, situation and issue has given me reason to be a first time poster. I know there’s a lot of love on this forum for the Comsol 10m cable from Officeworks but I also experienced the same issues as you when using it to display a 4K 60Hz signal. Late last year I upgraded from an old Epson 1080p TW1000 projector fed via a 10m Kordz HDMI V1.3B from a Yamaha Aventage 3000 series receiver. I bought a new JVC 5900 projector and Yamaha 2083 receiver along with a 4K Apple TV and XBox One X and needed a new higher spec 10m HDMI cable as a result. After a bit of research I went with the Comsol 10m 4K cable recommended on this forum. I had no problem playing 4K movies via Apple TV at 4:2:0 or XBox but encountered problems when displaying a 4K 4:2:2 signal via Apple TV and 4K 60Hz games via XBox. Long story short....after following a logical process of elimination I bit the bullet and bought the 10m Ruipro HDMI Fibre Optic Cable and the problem was solved. Have never seen the issue since. Luckily I ran the Comsol across the floor to test it prior to installing in my ceiling so had no dramas returning it to Officeworks for a full refund. I purchased the Ruipro via EzyHD and can agree with the glowing reviews on-line. It’s not priced in the same ballpark as the Comsol but the quality is excellent and it fixed my problem. Happy Days. Hope this helps.
  8. Anyone know where we can buy one of these Nyko remotes in Australia??
  9. I'm new to dtv forum and have been reading these posts regarding the tw1000 with great interest. It convinced me to go ahead and purchase one without actually seeing a demo of it, something I wouldn't ordinarily do as it's my first ever projector but there are currently no dealers here in Adelaide. The projector rocked up today and to my horror the ceiling mount I'd purchased a few weeks earlier didn't fit as the mounting points seem to be a very long way apart. From looking in the manual and measuring the projector I'd estimate the arms would have to span a distance of at least 340mm. My question is what brand of mount are you guys using, where did you buy it from and how much did you pay? I've had difficulty finding too much on the net that would be suitable at a reasonable price. Thanks.
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