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  1. Hi iam also after epicentrix, centrix and the atmospherix, a pm would be great thx.
  2. If u can get a good price on the 608 LX pioneer go that, i was in the same posion as you, not sure if 60 inch would be to big at 3.5 meters. Finally went with the 608 and DAMN iam so glad i did, 50 would be wayyyyy to small, i could even go bigger now. Took me 10 minutes to get use to the size. And omg what a tv, the darn picture is fantastic on everything. Money well spent. Blu rays i sit around 2 meters on a bean bag, HD same and foxtell 2-3m. Iam so amazed how good the foxtell picture is, i dont even bother now watching HD FTA via the tuner, i watch the FTA through foxtell. Just bloody amazing.
  3. Buy a 608LX pioneer u sure as hell wont be disappointed, even foxtell looks amazing, cant belive it. I watch from 3.5 meters and love the picture on everything.
  4. Great service, cables and price, just received mine all hooked up and loving them Thank You
  5. Yes iam about to buy a 60 inch plasma and looking at improving the picture via scart to component for foxtel digital. Have seen alot of brands ranging in prices from 30 - 250 dollars any idea if the more expensive cables will produce better results like the Neotech scart - component video $145, or harvey normans have a foxtel brand for $70 or maybe selbys. Thx
  6. Hi iam buying a pioneer 608 very soon and was going to wall mount it. Any1 know of a good tilt and swivel for this tv its 55 kgs. thx
  7. Yea after the first group buy fell through, i decided to wait for the LXs and see what iam getting for my money. Not long now fingers crossed
  8. Yes me 2, id be happy to wait until january, as iam sure id be saving a few more grand on the 608.
  9. Yes interested in 50/60 inch 720/1080 depending on price, in no hurry.
  10. Yes sales person at head office said 100 % sure on 5 year warrantee, free installation and demo. But we going to have to wait until December or January for the 1080 50 inch and 60 inch sets.
  11. Very strange, i just rang pioneer head office, lady told me 508 768 released on 1st of october, no price as of yet call back on 17th of this month for price. The hd 1081 508 and 60 inch not being released till december and no price yet for these two.
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