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  1. it has been quite here recently ... How is IQ3 thing going on ? Everyone has been screwed up again like with Digipath few years back ? More work for less pay ?
  2. not with IQ2. Magic eye was designed only to work with IQ1, it does not with standard boxes, IQ1.5 or IQ2. You can use existing RF cable, to send modulated signal to another room, but you have to buy modulator and you won't be cable to change channels, and you will get crappy picture through RF cable unless you still have CRT TV.
  3. That Multirrom eye does not work with IQ2, only with IQ1
  4. check Transfield, they are looking for subcontractors for NBN project.
  5. if you need to buy all the above, it may not worth it, you'd better order the 3rd box and get it installed by Foxtel and then disconnect it next month, so that you will ended up with professionally installed point and you won't stuff up Foxtel cabling
  6. great post ! and congratulations on making the right decision to go away. It is not worth two year of your life. Hopefully the other ones won't suck in there b.**** promises. Have you been getting some extra from the government ? As far as I know if a trainee is getting paid less that $575 (?) or so government pays $150/week to trainee directly for the first year and $100/week during the second year of traineeship. Check with Australian Apprenticeship Centre. Do not wait till BSA DTVforum full-time cowboys jump in here and start telling you that you are an idiot and you won't be making $250k per year now working for BSA and and loose your free Foxtel.
  7. Do you have Bigpond cable internet ? If you don't, you do need that filter.
  8. sure you can buy one. Antenna Warehouse used to advertise one recently for $299
  9. ATO (i.e. Office of State Revenue) want to "backcharge" BSA Ltd for $11.7mil I guess BSA Ltd will be all over with the backcharges on all Foxtel installers now to recoup the above. It is a time to leave the sinking Titanic.
  10. guys, great news! Looks like BSA Ltd is a deep sheet with their stoopid management and requested a trading halt on their shares on ASX. Foxtel should now ask themselves why would nearly bankrupt company keep the installation contract.
  11. why would you bother doing that ? You are paying Foxtel a lot of dollars to maintain service is working order and it is their job to "clean and check" connections if required.
  12. and I bet you they want you to have public liability insurance through Assurity and then if anything happens, they just take money from your fortnightly payment and send to Assurity without your concern. it is 100% hat it is illegal to do that, but they do not give a sheet and keep doing that until someone take them to court.
  13. To give a rough idea, not BSA, but another company pays about 1.5 more for STB installation than T2H
  14. do not even worry about that ... BSA management has been present here all the time ... Some of them have been already sacked by BSA and back to soccer coaching where they come from ...
  15. HAHAHA Look here - BSA Ltd is so desperate that they started advertising on DTV forum looking for Foxtel technicians
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