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  1. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/sony/sony-x85f-55-4k-uhd-android-smart-led-tv/315340/ I think that one is the go
  2. I am trying to remove everything that plus into it. My TV is dumb no smart anything. I want to remove the popcorn and google devices and have everything in the tv Plex , I will look into it. ATM my media server is just win10 , though network. popcorn does this. But I am will to set up anything. Also , is netflicks and stuff like that a standard now? does plex stream 1080 , 44 min 2gig files - and 10gig movies files MVK?
  3. all my tv or dumb tv's In my bed room I have a 40 inch lcd and a popcorn media player that streams via a cat 6 network cable to my main pc media player. I play up to 10gig movies files MVK and 2 gig MVK tv shows via the popcorn media player. Also connected to this is a google play thing that my smart phone connect to , to play youtube and stuff like that. Is there a tv that can do all this for me. The google is a option. I am trying to get a tv that can connect via cat 6 to media server to play the video files? Be nice if I sound dumb, like my current lcd
  4. I need a tv wall mount. ATM the lcd is 40 inch, but might go a little higher. It is in my bedroom and ATM on a set of drawers. They are going. The tv is in a corner , going to be a flush 45 degree angle. I will be cutting a hole in the wall to reinforce the area no matter what. Paranoid. Option I see are XCD Full Motion TV Wall Mount (37" - 80") https://www.jbhifi.com.au/xcd/xcd-full-motion-tv-wall-mount-37-80/640107/ EzyMount VLM6600 Full Motion TV Wall Mount (37" - 90") https://www.jbhifi.com.au/vogel/ezymount-vlm6600-full-motion-tv-wall-mount-37-90/643842/ can anyone comment on them or recommend something else. Thanks
  5. I have some room in front, because of what it is on. I will look at that sonos.
  6. Hi, I am looking for a sound bar for my bedroom tv. It is in a corner on a set of draws table height. 42inch tv. When watching through media player we always have it up near max. inbuild speaker just lack some guts. So was looking at adding a soundbar. Budget is around 500 bucks. I went to jb hi and there was around 4 or 5 models 500-600. Anyone recommend one. Tv /movies only. No music.
  7. is the sony an older model clearing out, as some places no longer sell them what about Samsung 65"(165cm) UHD LED LCD Smart TV
  8. My sony 55 inch tv stopped working yesterday. So I need to replace it. I have a budget under 2k ffrom the usual places ( buy other stuff at same time non tv) Looking at maybe hopefully 65 inches. I have not bought a tv for 5 years so I am not to sure. I run a popcorn hour on the tv so ..maybe youtube but stuff like that is ok, but not a must. As in the popcorn player does it This tv is the Foxtel tv, popcorn tv shows, free to air... used most but not our Main movie tv , which will be in another room( which we are buying later on in year 80 inches) Any suggestions
  9. I have the below speakers and I am moving them into a theatre room. Running new cable at different lengths. I am changing all wires. So what gauge wire, 14?
  10. It will not turn on. Was turn on and off now and again for a while. Google told me it might be a powersuplly thingy that is common. Should i get it fixed at all / or try. How much you think it would cost if it was that power problem. And who i live in western sydney. Or should i just go and buy a under 1k new one. I use this as my av to power computer gaming sound only.
  11. got my sound system going. Only i need to find a wall wountable backet for the from par c-190. I dont really like it under my monitor. Would like it on top with a little tilt down. Anyone know of any brackets. System is Yammy 1800b Front : Paradigm Monitor Series "TitanMonitor" speakers : Wall Wounted Centre : Paradigm Monitor CC190 Centre Speaker Back : Paradigm Monitor Series "AtomMonitor" Book shelf : Wall Wounted. Sub : Paradigm DSP3100 10" Subwoofer
  12. i am doing that in some rooms/ with the a.v / internet connected. I am a bit wierd . No $$$ saved in my computer room. ( its is the only room i have full control off ) Just look at the sound system bought for pc, a wankerish but love it. Ordering it now. I also stream internet radio though a/v, but sometime i am maxing internet connection and want this.. For 400 odd buck bullet proof.
  13. looking at buying that cambridge one . thanks
  14. I have a great system for my pc... running a yammy 1800b and speakers,, runing the crappy radio ariel i get for default. Can i buy a pod or dock or something that gives me digital radio to run through the a/v ... would like digital for the other channels... and also a good ariel......
  15. can someone tell me how to post pics on this website. As i got a question with speaker placement and mounting... a pic is a 1000 words.. edit. i have no room to put speakers on a table.. has to be wall mounted. http://www.selbyacoustics.com.au/StoreFron...amp;i=146621206 would that mount a titan monitor.. it meets the specs.. What does the Vertical tilt adjust - can be tilted by 7°, so speakers point more towards the listener. is that 7 degrees down? What i need it a wall mounted system that can tilt down a bit ..as my pc case is to my left and need to mount speaker on the other side... so need to be up pointed down a little bit.
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