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  1. Price drop to $980. It’s very nigh quality and in near perfect condition and very comfortable.
  2. Item: Plush Leroy 2 Seater Electric Reliner (with console) Location: Sunbury 3429 Victoria Price: $1,150.00 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Going a 3 Seater Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Purchased in 2017 Cost was $2,363.00 (Original Receipt Provided). Colour is Portfolio Bitter Chocolate with Elegance Leather option. No marks or cracks or damage of any kind. Right seat barely used (Back View). Leather Treatment Kit included. Comes with a 10 Year Warranty. Info from their website: https://www.plush.com.au/recliners/leroy-recliner#selection.size=2 seater 2 electric motions with console&selection.cover=ESSWESCHA Technical Specs Frame: Cross grain plywood and pine (no chipboard) Support: Zig-zag steel spring Back Cushion: Fixed cushions with channelled fibre fill Seat Cushion: Fixed cushions with high resilience foam and comfort wrap. Dimensions: Length: 2000mm, Height: 1015mm, Depth: 1080mm Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. I've stil got a player and some discs. One of the discs is the first DTS one Jurassic Park and I imported the Japenese version of Starwars: Phantom Menance (Full Bandwidth Dolby Digital Audio), it was a big deal back then. 2 of the best sounding laserdiscs at the time.
  4. Ok thanks. Yes I’ve checked the Oppo as well and CEC options have always been turned off. Also of mention is when I’m not getting sound, if I turn on the projector the audio comes through when playing back SACD.
  5. I just connected the Blueheaven cable into HDMI 2 and updated the Logitech remote for Listen To Music Activity and works perfectly. So will continue to use the Ruipro for movie watching as it works nicely for that activity..
  6. Well not after I just paid $200 for the Ruipro which was promoted on this very site and reviewed as well. I'm aware of the cheaper options out there but I like the latest when it comes to some things in HT. I guess if HT owners like myself didn't purchase these newer things then no one would learn from experiences good and bad. I do understand your point though.
  7. Hi Al. The cable in question isnt the long one from the projector to the Anthem, it's the short 1m from Oppo to Anthem which is the latest change I've made switching to the new Ruipro Optical HDMI from a Blueheaven 1.4 spec cable. Both are 1m in length. So if I connect the old HDMI into the Audio Only HDMI Output and then in the Anthem HDMI 2 (In) and then change the input on the Anthem to Input 2 and make the neccessary adjustments specific to the "Ins/Outs it should rule out the new cable for just Music. By doing this I'm not using the Ruipro so just the Blueheaven HDMI.
  8. I've posted this on other forums and forgot to mention here that the cable is labelled on each ends so the "Source" is connected into the Oppo and "Display" is connected to the Anthem (HDMI 1) "In". The cable is only connected to both these devices but I have another one exactly the same but 15m going from the Projector to the Anthem for Picture.
  9. Because I dont have 5 XLR's handy plus I wanted to simplfy the setup and I'm not a music purist (90% movies). I sometimes listen to SACD's and tried it last night only to encounter this issue. I'll try the "Eco" setting you suggested and see if that has any effect. Thanks for the suggestions.
  10. Hi all. I'm currently experiencing a unique problem so bare with me. I'm running an Anthem AVM-60 paired with a JVC NX5 (4K) projector and an Oppo 205 player. I have recently purchased a new Ruipro HDMI Optical (8GPS version) 1m. I have 2 activities setup on my Logitech Harmony Elite remote, one for Music (SACD) and one for movies. Both activities use Input 1 on the Anthem and under Setup in Input 1 the VID is set to HDMI 1 and AUD is set to HDMI. Now this has always worked prior to hooking up this new cable, Ive changed nothing in the settings. For some reason when I start Activity "Play Music" I see the track playing on the Oppo and the Display on the Anthem receiving the data and displaying correctly but no sound. To fix this I have to enter the Setup Menu on the Anthem and under Input 1 both areas (VID-Video and AUD-Audio) are correct HDMI 1 and HDMI respectively. But to get sound I have to change under AUD from HDMI to the next setting or input then back again to HDMI and I get sound. For some reason it wont do it without me doing this and all I've changed is the HDMI cable that runs from the "Main" HDMI from the Oppo to HDMI 1 (In) on the Anthem. The projector is not on at all with this activity. It's doing my head in as to the cause and I was thinking it could be the ARC feature (Audio Return Channel) on the Anthem but it's not selected under AUD and if I do I get no sound. Turning on the projector fixes the issue but I dont want the projector on just for music playback. It's been mentioned on the Facebook Home Theatre Forum that these new Fibre cables require a Display for them to work? I'm running the exact same cable (15m) from the projector to the Anthem. CEC options are all turned off on the Anthem and HDMI (ARC) is not being used in the setup settings for Input 1 on the Anthem just HDMI is selected. Can anyone shed some light as to what is casuing this problem please and a solution :). Thanks in advance.
  11. The left speaker is much brighter in sound than the right one. I put my ear to both tweeters during music playback and the right is dull compared to the left. I purchased them from Audio Trends and they are contacting Klipsch on Monday.
  12. Hi. I took delivery of these a few days ago and hooked them up via Optical from Samsung Tv (tested 3.5mm cable and Bluetooth) and I believe their faulty. The left speaker tweeter is bright and clear but the right tweeter is dull and muffled. I’ve reset the speakers and gone through all connections and tv audio settings and the results are the same. Has anyone got these and had any issues? I’ve read other user reviews and they were reporting Bluetooth connections being problematic but a reset fixed the issue.
  13. My brother and I went today. Certainly walked a fair way after getting off the tram but it was a nice day for it. I personally went to hear the new Krix MX-5 Speakers and they didn't disappoint. Dropped into the Carlton Audio room to listen once again to their Yamaha setup and Rab puts on Pink Foyd "Wish you were Here" track and about 2mins into it he walks up and pauses it and starts selling the equipment?? My brother and I just stood up and walked out, I was enjoying it and he did that. He could have waited until the track finished at least, put me off. Anyway the show felt smaller this time and I didn't hear that system Snoopy8/Kaynin pity I missed it. I also drooled over the fanastic headphone setups there. Didn 't get to hear the $459K system either as they were demoing the other setup in the same room.
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