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  1. The left speaker is much brighter in sound than the right one. I put my ear to both tweeters during music playback and the right is dull compared to the left. I purchased them from Audio Trends and they are contacting Klipsch on Monday.
  2. Hi. I took delivery of these a few days ago and hooked them up via Optical from Samsung Tv (tested 3.5mm cable and Bluetooth) and I believe their faulty. The left speaker tweeter is bright and clear but the right tweeter is dull and muffled. I’ve reset the speakers and gone through all connections and tv audio settings and the results are the same. Has anyone got these and had any issues? I’ve read other user reviews and they were reporting Bluetooth connections being problematic but a reset fixed the issue.
  3. My brother and I went today. Certainly walked a fair way after getting off the tram but it was a nice day for it. I personally went to hear the new Krix MX-5 Speakers and they didn't disappoint. Dropped into the Carlton Audio room to listen once again to their Yamaha setup and Rab puts on Pink Foyd "Wish you were Here" track and about 2mins into it he walks up and pauses it and starts selling the equipment?? My brother and I just stood up and walked out, I was enjoying it and he did that. He could have waited until the track finished at least, put me off. Anyway the show felt smaller this time and I didn't hear that system Snoopy8/Kaynin pity I missed it. I also drooled over the fanastic headphone setups there. Didn 't get to hear the $459K system either as they were demoing the other setup in the same room.
  4. So how exactly do you make sure it’s the player that does this? I don’t have the Panasonic just the Oppo 205. Thx
  5. I've put on 32hrs so far and will be arranging a calibration in the next few weeks. The guy that did my last projector back in 2014 still does them so I've spoken to him and he said that I only need 30hrs on the globe post calibration. Loving this projector but with the Oppo 205 not playing some 4K discs it's going to Interdyn for a checkup in the next week.
  6. Ok thanks for the reply.
  7. Thanks cwt. I spoke to Interdyn and they suggested changing the resolution on the Oppo to force 1080p and try a problem disc to rule out the processor and I still got the “Unknown Disc” error. Yeah I’m thinking the Blueheaven is 1.4 spec as well. The only thing left to try is replacing the Blueheaven with a 2.0 HDMI as Al suggested, it’s the option left before sending it to Interdyn. It’s still under warranty, but as you mentioned the discs aren’t higher bandwidth. I just had a thought. The HDMI cable that came with the Oppo, would that be 2.0 Spec?
  8. Ok So I did as Quark suggested and just connected the Ruipro to the Main HDMI Output on the Oppo and tried Ready Player One and got the same error, so it's not a cable issue. I did some digging online and checked the specs on the disc and its a Triplke Layer UHD 100 disc as is Godzilla: KOM. But I checked one of the discs that does work and it's also a triple layer. The funny thing is all 4 discs that dont work are all Village roadshow. Anyway I'll contact Audio Trends where I purchased it from and let them know the issues I'm having and have it looked at.
  9. Thanks Al. I guess that’s the only thing that is left to test.
  10. Ok I’ll try that. Good idea.
  11. So I changed in the Oppo settings under Output Resolution to Source Direct while just on the Oppo main screen and the resolution changed to 1920x1080p (50hz). On Auto it goes to Full 4K resolution 3840x2160 (50hz). I don’t have Apple TV. The Blueheaven cable is 1m and the HDMI from Projector to Anthrm (AVR) is the new Ruipro 8K Optical as per the link.
  12. Ok So I finally had some time last night to go through my 4K collection and test every disc on the Oppo 205 and see which ones play and which ones dont, so out of 20 titles only 4 wont play (Unknown Disc Error). The discs that wont play are: 1. Ready Player One 2. Godzilla: King of Monsters 3. Superman: The Movie (The original) 4. Deepwater Horizon Discs that do play are: 1. Avengers 1,2 & Infinity War. 3. Wonderwomen 4. Mission Impossible: Fallout 5. John Wick 1-2 6. Bladerunner 2049 7. A Quiet Place 8. Superman: Man of Steel 9. Alita: Battle Angel 10. Justice League Other than Godzilla: KOM those other 3 movies have all played perfectly in the past on the latest Oppo firmware. The only thing that's changed is I have a JVC N5 4K projector and using a Blue Heaven high speed HDMI cable from the Oppo to the Anthem AVM-60 plus a Ruipro HDMI optical (the latest version) from the Anthem to the JVC, but when I purchased Godzilla:KOM, I had the JVC X-35 1080p projector and it wouldn't play then. So my question is the 4 titles that wont play are they exceeding the HDMI's data limits and would that influence and cause the "Unknown Disc Error" message? I cannot confirm wether the Blueheaven HDMI cable is 2.0 spec as even on the web it doesn't tell you. I purchased it 2nd from a member here but I have checked all the settings related to the tranmission of UHD and the HDMI setting in the Oppo to transmit 2.0 specs to the Anthem. There's nothing on the Anthem in the menu you can change in relation to 4K. Here are the lnks to the HDMI cables that I'm currently using: https://www.ezyhd.com.au/shop/hdmi-fibre-optic-cable-ruipro-8k-to-48gbps http://audioconnection.com.au/products/nordost-blue-heaven-hdmi This website covers the 2 types of 4K certification: https://www.dpllabs.com/page/dpl-full-4k-product-certification I hope someone on here can work this one out for me as I'm at a loss as to what is causing this issue. If it was the laser in the Oppo it wouldn't be reading all the 4K discs. Blueray also play back fine. I have unplugged the player and left it for an Hour did nothing but today I'll do a factory reset on the Oppo to rule that out as well.
  13. So has anyone got some settings to improve PQ? I’m running mine with Picture Mode: Natural with default settings for that mode. Just wanted some basic improvements before getting it professionally calibrated :).
  14. Sorry quick question. Is there a setting in the menu for Standby Echo mode or is it just the option to turn Eco mode On/Off that puts the projector in normal Standby Mode (Red Light On)?
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