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  1. Hahaha! That has def become clearly apparent early on. Getting my toys in before our first lil one comes in a few months. Wife jokes with me that Peppa Pig is gonna sound awesome with all the new gear.
  2. So according to my profile I've been a member since July 2007 but have only really participated in the forums in the last month to buy a Plinius Hiato off daserhalo and begin my journey once again. I've had Dynaudio Audience 80 for music(plus smaller same line surrounds and center) for years powered by rotel and was never really satisfied. Got rid off all the rotel gear(rmb 1095 beast),but kept the speakers in storage, had a feeling they could do more. 6-7 years later the Plinius has them singing now and I am hooked and back on the audiophile bandwagon again, and this time properly.....getting rid off the Monster cables and loving the journey on testing for the right cable, learning lots from the forums and my local shop(shout out to Douglas Hi Fi in Perth). I'm listening to music like never before, thank you to all for sharing all your knowledge over the years, here's to many more! J System: Marantz NR1609 Plinius Hiato FR: Dynaudio Audience 80 Centre: Audience 122c Rear: Audience 42 Sub: Velodyne CHT10
  3. Hey mate, Keen to try these, I'm in Perth and work in the city, could we arrange to meet up? Or whereabouts are you for pickup after hours? Javier
  4. Hi I have the dvb2go UB300 and have managed to lose my cd key, i still have the CD and the tuner but i can't use it without the CD key. Can someone please send me a CD key? or let me know what else i can do to be able to use the machine again Thanks! pachangaloca@hotmail.com
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