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  1. Really insightful discussion! How does Panasonic's TX-65CZ952B compare with motion? http://www.panasonic.com/uk/consumer/viera-televisions/led/tx-65cz952b.html
  2. What are the specific 'LCD' technologies that these have, and what would the 'full' OLED alternative be?
  3. A report about LG's new OLED's? You can watch their reports online...
  4. LG's releasing new OLED's in Australia this week - http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2016/06/lgs-best-ever-oled-tvs-are-out-in-australia-next-week/ 65" flagship G6T, and 65" and 55" E6T's, both with Dolby Vision and HDR, but huge in-built Harmon Kardon sound bars. G6T's RRP $10,999, 65" E6T $9499 and 55" $6499. A lower-end curved 55" '55EG910T' will be also be available for $3999.
  5. Great, now just need every region, rewindability, subtitles and HD!
  6. Ping 9HD, and my 8 year old PDP-507XDA that can't tune MPEG-4
  7. So this replay of **** will take up even more bandwidth?
  8. I just wanted to point out a possible example of an idea I've had since ABC News 24 replaced ABC HD, all but stopping any HD content (or any of value) being broadcast by the ABC. Why couldn't they, for example, for the last two Sundays and next, simulcast David Attenborough's Galapagos in HD on News 24, for the hour starting from 7.30pm? Surely it wouldn't matter too much to miss two short broadcast news updates, a replay of Insiders and a summary of The World this week which could be moved anyway, perhaps to 9pm when it airs in the week... They could even broadcast a little ticker with the headlines on the half hour, or even for the whole show. The value of such HD content would be great, for aesthetic quality, that could definitely warrant something like this, as well as these documentaries being of profound factual substance, not unlike something the BBC or other broadcast news networks might air purely for content reasons. I suppose it would be very unlikely to happen now, as we're closer to the analogue switch-off, and that I sent the ABC this idea when the HD changes were made, but it's annoying me enough to post again anyway! Tom W
  9. Sorry for sounding so pretentious, obviously in nit-picking mode! I guess it was just because it was the most explicit thing I've ever seen on free to air TV. Personally I don't care at all, I actually thought it was hilarious - I am the one that broke the government's porn filter... There was probably full-frontal nudity, and simulated acts, I can't remember for sure though, but full of the rest at least, with great intensity. I am sure though if reviewed it would be classified higher than MA15+. Doesn't really matter now though, just making the point.
  10. This is very interesting, for a few reasons: Who would know about datacasting classification restrictions, in such complex legal terms, and use them in a complaint like this. Complainant One is obviously an agent of a commercial rival. ACMA should authenticate complainants and consider possible commercial conflicts of interests The reasons ACMA gave for its finding in favor of Nine regarding it being of appropriate datacasting matter were much simpler and stronger than that which Nine aruged - that it was simply advertising, instead of considering further types (or genres) of Catergory A content Nine were VERY LUCKY and would have been SCREWED if a commercial rival made a complaint like this about its original broadcast over the weekend of June 1st this year, after which they pulled it themselves. It had extreme nudity with bare breasts, butts and more being shoved at the camera - absolutely conflicting with their self-proclaimed 'rules' the advertiser must comply with, definitely exceeding an MA 15+ classification, quite possibly being Refused Classification (RC) - the most serious, illegal classification That's probably why they pulled it early again this time, the stakes were just too high for them - this commercial rival won...
  11. As far as I'm aware Panasonic has had one of the biggest production models for a while now, in the 152" 4k 3D TH-152UX1 Professional Plasma - http://panasonic.com...a-TH-152UX1.asp - http://panasonic.net...TH-152UX1_E.pdf. But at over half a tonne and half a million dollars it's probably out of the reach of some consumers. The second last 103" non-3D model is in Seven's Martin Place studio's, used as the backdrop for Sunrise.
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