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  1. Holden to Close

    Always liked the HR and the powerglide that came with it. Actually drove one the other day - with the original diff ratio - which meant it didn't pull the head off a beer. Remember the "crackles" when you turned up the volume? LOL Oh yeah - the removal of subsidies, the loss of jobs, the fringe benefits tax, the loss of jobs, the Button plan.... and the subsequent closure of three car factories, the destruction of an entire industry, the loss of jobs, and the loss of jobs from the ancillary business.... That's the price you pay for 1970's style Conservative Neoliberalism and Austerity. But we still had enough money left over for a paid parental leave scheme that cost 100 times the level of subsidies to keep the car industry going.
  2. The Song Game Mk III

    Fats Domino - Little School Girl Domino was present in the audience of 2,200 people at Elvis Presley's first concert at the Las Vegas Hilton on July 31, 1969. At a press conference after the show, when a journalist referred to Presley as "The King", Presley gestured toward Domino, who was taking in the scene. "No," Presley said, "that's the real king of rock and roll." Fats Domino, the amiable rock 'n' roll pioneer whose steady, pounding piano and easy baritone helped change popular music, has died aged 89. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-10-26/rock-and-roll-pioneer-fats-domino-dead-at-89/9086790
  3. There is a crude but cheap way of dealing with stray RF from FM radio. Go on to ebay and get a 1 watt FM transmitter, place it near your gear and transmit a blank carrier wave over the top of the offending radio station. It will still get into your gear but you won't hear it because your not transmitting any audio. Find one that has an adjustable RF output and set it as low as you can to eliminate the interference. Select it for mono as well if possible. Cheers
  4. Bathurst 2017

    Gotta hand it to the V8 teams this year. Great competition, close racing, new faces on the podium and the PB trophy going to Betty and the battlers at Erebus. One of the best Bathursts I've seen in a long time
  5. The Song Game Mk III

    Argentina National anthem
  6. The Song Game Mk III

    Sinceros - Take me to your Leader
  7. The Song Game Mk III

    Avalanche - Sweet Baby Brown Eyes (classic OZ rock )
  8. Bathurst 2017

    Have a good weekend to all those who are getting their backside trackside
  9. The Song Game Mk III

    Speedway Boulevard - Dog in the distance
  10. Bathurst 2017

    You also need some steel capped boots to kick some tyres 'n' freckle in pit lane - plus it puts more HP on your loud pedal if you're carting all that beer up the hill P.S. The Blue Mountains attracts almost every kind of right lane hogger you can think of... might need that panadol before you leave Penrith. P.P.S. There will be radars 'n' cruisers everywhere - so check your speed.
  11. Bathurst 2017

    You'll wanna do it quick. It won't be the same once the V8's are gone from the category.
  12. The Song Game Mk III

    Arctic Monkeys - Space Invaders
  13. The Song Game Mk III

    Boss - Strange Games ( Hard rock 80's Sydney band )
  14. The Song Game Mk III

    The System ~ Don't Disturb This Groove
  15. The Song Game Mk III

    ^LOL - I had that one lined up for next time Bad News - Bad News