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  1. Yeah...I'm not sure what is up with Aussie broadcasters but they are really bad when it comes to things like this...I'm also not sure what is up w/ them showing sports, etc. They add more time because they're afraid of going over so you get a lot of worthless time in there where people change the channels...If they don't have enough time they just go on to the next show...nevermind that it's the last 5 minutes of a tight game.... Gold Medal Game..USA vs. Spain...tight game....half the 4th quarter is not shown...wow...
  2. This is actually not true. His amp/receiver is almost guaranteed to be HDCP compliant..I can't imagine it not being. (But if it isn't then the message is to be expected) What's happening is the IQ2 sees the amp and thinks it's some sort of copying device, even if it's not. This can be (and should be) fixed in a firmware update. If it's not a known issue on the IQ2, it should be. Many other boxes like this in other countries had similar problems and they were all eventually fixed with a firmware update. You may need to see if you can get sound out of the IQ2 some alternate way (SPID/Optical) and the HDMI directly to the TV...Yes, it sucks but that is the typical workaround...you then have to look at making sure video/audio is sync'd. ..
  3. Golf Channel.... For a country that has so many golf courses and so many players of the game, I'm surprised it's not shown in Australia....
  4. Thanks for the info. I think I'll check out the new building and see what they say and give Foxtel a call and see what they say...
  5. With the future location I don't know if it's foxtel sat or terrestrial. The reason I'm asking is I don't WANT Foxtel's retransmission of FTA, I want to get HD FTA. In addition the building itself provides some extra satellite channels I wouldn't mind receiving either. So basically I'm trying to understand if there's a way they can put both signals (From the Building's Antenna and the Foxtel) into a single coax and then split it back out at my TV so one end goes into my foxtel and one end goes into my TV. It sounds like the answer is probably no..but again, getting a lot of different answers here....
  6. Well, where I'm at now, I have two outlets, only need one connection for my IQ. My foxtel here is Terrestrial. Previously I had two outlets and needed two connections for my IQ, that one was Satellite Foxtel. They split out my FTA connection so I'd have two connections for the foxtel. I would think most places in the CBD area of Sydney would be terrestrial rather than sat but either way...I'm still a bit confused as to the answer to this as I'm getting different responses.. Let's assume it's terrestrial foxtel.....Does that mean they can't split it out for FTA? Only if it's SAT?
  7. Is it any different if it's terrestrial Foxtel?
  8. I'm moving into a place that has a single coax connection where it provides it's FTA for the building as well as Foxtel. When they come to install the Foxtel will they be able to split out the signal so I can get both? Prior to this all of the places I've been in have had two separate connections...Since I've seen them split out one (one foxtel connection needed two connections) and they were explaining they run on different frequencies, I assume it's possible...but just checking to see if anyone else has dealt with this. Thanks,
  9. Virtually every major sporting event is done in HD. Generally they're covered by a major broadcast company and they'll have it for prime time television and it'll be in HD. You also have Golf Channel HD, ESPN HD etc. Not ALL events are shot in HD because they're not necessarily going to be viewed on a HD Channel. So you end up with a lot of SD content which is always in 4:3 in the US. It looks like they're converting the HD broadcast to SD here which keeps it in Widescreen and I'm all for that...
  10. I'd actually say that SD content looks better a lot of times on a 1080 screen....So not sure what you're talking about other than blowing smoke concerning a 1080 vs 720 set. Also, you're paying for HD on SOME channels, not all. Sorry to break it to you a but a majority of the content will not be HD so before you start thinking your Foxtel will be much better, think again. I am curious about the installation though...If they're going to charge I'd much rather just pick up the box myself and install it on my own...
  11. Any word on what other channels will be HD? Sounds like ESPN so far so are the other three channels NON FTA HD Channels? As far as HD costing more in the US...Most of the providers it's FREE so if you have a HD TV they will send you out a HD Box at no additional cost per month. Some of them charge 5 dollars a month or 5 dollars a month for EXTRA HD channels.
  12. What happens here is most of the good shows find their way to other channels. So while you don't have as many channels, you get most of the good shows, just on fewer channels. I will say though, that there are a number of channels I wish they had...Golf Channel for example...There are a few other ones as well but overall I'd say that at least a good percentage of the programming finds its way to Australian Cable TV which makes it "good enough" for now....In some ways its good not to have the extra crap that you end up watching sometimes..not because it's good but because it's there...
  13. Hosko, Depends on what you're watching. Generally you'll find on major broadcast stations, they'll have sports in HD because they're televised prime time. ESPN does not have everything in HD and in fact, most things tend to not be in HD. Major sporting events will all be in HD because they'll generally be covered by a major broadcaster or ESPN HD. I will say that most sports in the US that Aussies will care about will generally be HD...but college hoops for example..is generally not..
  14. They show a lot of shows in HD in the US in widescreen. They also broadcast in SD not in widescreen. How exactly that's converted, I'm not really sure. How it makes it here in SD but widescreen, I'm not really sure either.. Here's the main thing.....NOT ALL SPORTS ARE IN HD IN THE US which means there IS NO WIDESCREEN FORMAT for them. For all ones that have a HD broadcast, there is a widescreen (obviously) and maybe they get converted or maybe they do not...There is no such thing as SD Widescreen in the US>
  15. Well, mainland US, depending on what you get, it's closer to 100+ for both broadband and cable. It ends up being approximately 55 for cable which is basic and some extras...and like 40 for broadband..plus all the extra crap like taxes, remote and box rental, etc. So you're looking at 100+. As far as the quality..definitely better...nearly all cable providers have HD and their regular stations are all very good quality IMO. Program wise..I think Australia gets a lot of good content. You get a lot of shows that are normally only available via premium channels (Entourage and some others). Most of the better shows make it to Foxtel on one station or another. That said, definitely there's more to see on US Cable but it's not THAT bad on Foxtel. Lack of HD is pretty sad though..and the overly compressed sports is really a bit silly....
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