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  1. Unless you are watching live events who cares about the PQ on FTA. Buy the DVDs' blurays and what ad free without a subscription. Kids TV may not be so easy but for most people there are so many more options to watch content that waiting for FTA t come to the party is stupid. Like any old market player they will resist or swallow up competitors. Unfornately for them there is no money to buy or law to support this Having fewer and fewer people planted for hours and days in front of mindless FTA channels is not a bad thing. If Prime, NBN and SC10 want TVSN's tofill the screens then most people will look elsewhere for entertainment and not necessarily technology based. HD will be a premium product just as it is on Foxtel but because Australia was used to 5 channels at no cost broadcasting godd quality shows there is an expectation that will last into the multi-channel era. Right now some major sporting codes around the world offer live sport direct rather than broadcast only on subscription or FTA. NBA is a great example. Once the NBN starts to get rraction in major population areas then content creators could have a apps like market (some free some paid) bypassing the distributor. Years away yes and maybe never will dominate.
  2. re: NBN and Coalition DOn't be so sure Turnbull will do what he has said. Regions are more interested in the NBN than metro and that will sway some voting. The Coalition plan is not priced correctly (disclosed) when ongoing contract and maintenance costs are included. construction tier 1 firms will not want a reduction in govt spend so you'll find MT's predicted cost (supposed savings) will ebb away during term 1 of the govt. I rather spend the max and get it right (inlcuding late) because the coalitions plan will still be expensive and late but a reduced service especially in regions. MT you are missing the point. You look like a guy who would have shouted down the Opera House because of the cost and not even care that it has paid for itself thousands of times over with tourism revenue. Bankers, no vision just dumb mission to be proved right.
  3. Foxtel on Internet TV is being scaled back to 2012 Samsung models only. Until last week 2011 models were supported but with so many issues like sound/picture sync unresolved while charging a premium over IQ based Foxtel it might be months before the whole service vanished with Go taking priority. Lucky FoIT is month to month and not 24 mth contract because the support and attitude from Foxtel in general is woeful when problems arise.
  4. How is the 7mate v Fox Footy HD comparison at the moment. I only have Fox Footy via Internet TV so I cannot compare. Is 7Mate HD but a poor quality version or a good upscaled SD?
  5. It's an AFL forum discussion, not legislation with some AFL thrown in - note to "Senior Members"
  6. Sports Package $30 - Foxtel on Internet $25 - everyone else with Foxtel
  7. Haven't opened mine yet so hope it works first time out
  8. No pixellating here but occassional unexpected exit. The bigger bug I have is the Freeview and EPG Guide never working the same each time I start the unit. Also naming the HDMI and other connections would be handy other than using the generic name ( the Panasonic did that ). Are there any links for getting good settings for Motion and Motion Plus. Watching Foxtel on Internet and normal TV I'm finding it hard to get the ideal settings. AllShare Play and my Network are not talking so I'm still looking for a solution to play files. Basically get a message saying "Request cannot be completed. MEDIA PLAY will take you back.even though Network is on and working and found by the TV. SMART TV remote and using the touch pad can lead to four letter word syndrome but overall I like the navigation. The RCU does have a few buttons to similar so you tend to press the wrong one.
  9. On a slightly different issue, how is the Hisense to use? I went into JB today and saw the 55inch next to one of the bigger brands and it did seem fine by comparison and about $1000 cheaper (than Samsung). Does it have a 1 or 3 yr warranty and other than the calibration is it working well? I was looking at them about 4/5 years ago but I went with Panasonic instead.
  10. Try 6 WB v COLL GEE v MEL SYD v ADE STK v HAW (delayed) CAR v WSYD POR v RIC (delayed)
  11. Recently (or as far as I have noticed) the SBS HD feed from the UCL matches (including last 2 weeks) has been playing with a slight sync delay between sound and picture (sound lags). Is this well known or repeated elsewhere or have I a unique issue. My feed is from Mt SUgarloaf 599.5mhz and no I haven't checked the SBS SD feed. Recording to Beyonwiz and playing direct through HDMI to a TV (backup TV at the moment) although a sound output from the BW to an old hifi via RCA has the same result. No a big deal during general play but noticeable during studio discussion. Haven't noticed issue on other SBS conetnt or other channels. FW is up to date
  12. SImply look at Ebay for faulty sets, it's clear what happens and when. All brands have a problem and that's the point. For technology that is supposedly improving and costing less it seems to stop working sooner and across a wider population. Maybe the inherent problem of technology not being tried and tested before entering the market
  13. NSW had two evening games shown but were they the same (Freo v Cats) or was the second game Ess v NM? Still annoyed with SD vision from perth on 7mate on Prime
  14. Welcome to the world of Panasonic faults. Try typing your model number + "faults" or "red blinking LED" to search for common issues which yours could be. If you find the model Technical Guide that will generally have the actual fault identified with your description above. Generally one (or more) of the boards on the need replacing
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