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  1. Looking for Region B: 300 Alien vs Predator Batman Sixth sense Troy Iron Man (i guess it's not too early for me to dream about it Pm me if any of you wana sell it . cheers
  2. Anyone have tried their headphone jack from the 80 Panasonic? Mine have problem with it. The headphone only produce the sound for the Left side only, not sure what's wrong with it. Anyone have the same issue?
  3. I think KEF is cost around 2k without the receiver. So it will end up around $3k. I'm just looking at 2.1 because of the space issue. Is the bookshelf without a sub will be good enough for a movie freak like me hehe.. i'm using an altec lansing 2.1 at the moment(which came with THX) but still not good enough for me. and it doesn't have the optical input so i have to plug it from my speaker to tv's headphone slot.
  4. Hi guys, I'm looking for a decent 2.1 (something like logitech speaker- i mean in size cause i don't have enough space) to pair with my 50"plasma. Will use it mainly for watching movie. And it would be good if it has a optical conection so that i can coneect it directly to the tv. i gues my budget wil be 1k max Thanks first
  5. Lol welldone. come and join us DSE staff. they just rang me and said if they can call the store who issued the price they gona match it. why you need to call the store, it's your own franchise(north parramatha dse)..
  6. Anyone notice on the pick up date? 11/11/11? is that normal?
  7. I don't think DSE will let it go for $1531 anymore. The store manager told me that they have been told by the regional manager not to sell at that price anymore. not sure whether it just a bu** s*** or not. Anyone have any luck with 1531?
  8. Nah I have no choice. They did call to north paramata dicksmith and ask the buyer's name. Then he ask me where i get the receipt from. I would rather be honest in that kind of situation.
  9. That's because they don't have any in stock and macquirie has a few. Tonite is the last day to get into the swim promotion. Even i call them before hand and one of the staff agreed to match the price. He even mention that it could be consider a fraud by printing the receipt from the internet and sharing with everyone... Welldone Dick Smith..
  10. You weren't in my shoes before. The manager just told me that he can't match the price, and i ask him what about the price matching policy. Then he just told me that as a manager i can do whatever i want.
  11. What happen with the price matching policy here.... Should lodge a complain wif ACCC...
  12. They just refuse their own receipt (Macq Dicksmith) + 3 receipts from MYER.... Anyone have any luck with the receipt? looking for 1 in sydney.....
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