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  1. Got up this morning and found no 7HD main channel any more, just the SD Channel, but now have 7 Mate SD on 73 and 7 Mate HD on 70 also noted on the tv guide that the AFL is slotted on 7 Mate in Adelaide tonight, any thoughts. John
  2. Got my Letter today, I am on the Platinum HD with an extra box and currently paying $159pm. I rang Foxtel and asked the rep why i will continue to be charged $159pm for the package i am on, when individually it adds up to $155pm, ( i.e Entertainment $25 + Sport $25 + Entertainment Plus $10 + Movies $20 + Docos $10 + Drama $20 + Kids $10 +HD $10 + Additional HD Box $25) The rep could not explain the discrepancy to me, just kept going on about how i will be getting 2 movie rentals and box set for free each month, I laughed and told the rep, that at this point, i was paying $4pm for the rentals and box set, don't think the rep saw the funny side of that comment. So as it stands, i'll dump foxtel and go with Netflix and Amazon Prime and with the money saved, have a few frothy's over the pub when i need to watch sport.
  3. The only simulcast these days is friggin family feud on 1,10 & 11.
  4. I know channel 7 filmed the 2013 GF with HD cameras and treated Australians with contempt and only showed it on their SD channel, with the rest of the world seeing it in HD, but surely the official bluray release would've been produced in true HD???? HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 7 do something in HD Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  5. GLOBECAST AUSTRALIA’s internationally recognised GLOBECAM™ will bring viewers onto the pitch and into the action at the 2013/2014 KFC T20 BIG BASH LEAGUE starting this Friday 20 December on TEN. Capturing those moments no other camera can, the lightweight and compact Globecam™ allows viewers to witness live and in High Definition the near misses, the painstaking saves and the power of world class bowlers and batsmen as they interact on the field-­of-­play. Commissioned by Network Ten for the 2013/14 season, audiences won’t miss a beat as the revolutionary Globecam™ Helmetcam and Globecam™ Umpirecam transmit from twenty-­one of the thirty-­five KFC T20 BIG BASH LEAGUE games. Read this,then checked TV Guides and find its only going to be shown on Ten SD what a joke
  6. SBS is now Transmitting on VHF Channel 7 184500
  7. Hang on... they can't shut the transmitters down yet AnalH hasn't had his say yet....
  8. Channel 9 Adelaide's picture quality is atrocious I resorted to imparja to watch it
  9. I filled out the form, but didn't receive the email. Remote arrived today, nothing in the enclosed letter stating i had been billed and nothing charged to my account. Looks like Foxtel are honoring their original form and sending the remote to those that applied for it.
  10. Smacca, EPG is missing for GWN7, WIN WA and TEN WEST on the down-link on Optus D1 also.
  11. No No No No No...they cant be, as AnalH has not said so yet :-)
  12. Does anyone know (Smacca/Dr.P) if the current feeds on Optus D1 for GWN/WIN/TENWEST will remain, or will terrestrial transmitters be fed via Vast W.A Addendum:- AlanH, Please do not reply to this post as you know JACKSHIT about anything Satellite related.
  13. Good one Smacca, now you have scared him off and we loose the " Joke Of The Day" :-)
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