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About Me

Family man living in Sydney with a great interest in all things HT and Hifi. Its great to meet others from the forum at the GTG and talk about our "stuff"

The "main" room under development.

Display - Panasonic 65 in VT20A Now wall mounted

Mains - Paradigm Monitor 11

Centre - Paradigm CC390

Surrounds - Paradigm Mini Monitors (Still in the boxes)

AVR - Denon 3808A

BD Player - Panasonic DMP BDT300

BD Player 2 - OPPO 95

Subs 2 x Red Cherry Submersive and a REL T1

Media Player WD TV Live

(Currently putting 13 Cat 6 ethernet points thru the house to connect to NAS)

Family Room

Display - Panasonic 50 in PZ700

Mains - Rodgers Studion 1a

Centre - An old Sound Dynamics Surround Speaker (hidden behind the TV)

Power Amp - Rotel 1080 200 wpc to drive the mains

AVR - Onkyo TX SV70Pro Dolby Digital 1992

CD - Onkyo DX C206 6 Disc Changer 1992

DVD/Video - Panasonic DMR EZ47V

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