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  1. Just finished setting up a Panasonic TH-65EZ950U. Must say I am very impressed. Very easy to set up and looks as good as my Pana VT20 65 Plasma. Maybe better. Hard to compare as they are in different rooms. Still have to connect to my old Onkyo 1992 AVR to get some sound out of my separate Rodgers Studio 1A speakers. Very easy to use and easy access to netflix etc. First real smart TV I have owned.
  2. I know its an old post but to look a bit more professional and perhaps comply with standards it is best to mount a normal GPO behind the TV and plug into it. Certainly what I did. PS I bought an SONY LCD the other day from Hardly Normal to mount on the back of a workbench in front of the universal machine in the garage. Make fitness not so boring. Anyway the sales tries to force a movable $399 movable wall mount down my throat. I said I would be fine. Went home found 4 M6 screws the correct length in my garage and mounting with those. Cost ZERO.
  3. With the research I have done it looks like you are correct. Thank you for that. But then there is a smaller 65 OLED for the same price. Oh what to do.
  4. That looks like a great deal. Can anyone tell me what the difference if between the 8500E Sony for that price and the Sony 9400E on the same website for $5219 ? Trying to read the specs but they look similar and I must be missing something if one is more the 2000 dollars more than the other. Any help appreciated. Cheers.
  5. Hi mate remember your name too from DTV. I may have not structured my sentence well. I only have 2 Elecktra amps in total. 1 HD2 that i bought brand new which powers my main system and a second hand HD that powers my man shed/motorcycle workshop with two Krix Neuphonix. I love the Krix Neuphonix they go so low, but I have a 3 rd submersive that I am going to put into the man cave. And I still have the 3808A driving the main system and purchased another second hand in mint condition to power the man cave system. Makes it easy to remember how to use the functions.
  6. Oops my mistake. Learn something everyday. Thanks for letting me know. Apologies to the OP. GLWS.
  7. Maybe I need to go to supersavers but the picture shows a 7 ch amp. I own two 7 CH versions a HD and a HD2.
  8. Looks like it may have gone up in price. 3196 for a 75 i think is a good price.
  9. So I am in a Hifi store the other day and a guy tells me there is an 8804 coming in a few months. Anyone else heard that ?
  10. Hi K I bi amp and bi wire my Neuphonix with a first generation 7 ch Elecktra and for subs 3 x subversive.
  11. Looks like it is gone again. 65 in just too small though. Would have liked to see a high quality 85 or 100.
  12. How much is the Sony 100 inch ? I am sure I cannot afford it though. Very curious though.
  13. I will probably not miss Dolby vision as I have never heard of it. LOL Have to get back up to speed on the latest. Problem is the "latest" only lasts one week. Thanks for the info.
  14. Blackman I am seriously thinking of the Sony 85 inch KD85X8500D Did you have a look at that one. Only $7900 at the moment. May even get it down further with cash and self pick up and install.
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