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  1. JVC x500 replacement lamp

    Yes, I had another look at the menu and it looks like you can just reset the lamp hours. Obviously I'd need to record the number of hours when I reset in order to keep track of the total.
  2. JVC x500 replacement lamp

    I'm over 3000 hrs and still bright enough. It says it can last up to 4000hrs on low power mode or whatever it's called!! The warning is a little annoying though as there doesn't appear to be a way to switch it off permanently, without installing the new bulb.
  3. JVC x500 replacement lamp

    just as an fyi, I went with an original jvc. Better safe than sorry.
  4. Hi, I need a new bulb for my JVC X500R. There seems to be two choices, either on-line (eg pureflare, ozprojectorlamp) for about $300 or a JVC for $500. Does anyone know if the on-line options (says original bulb in housing, so I assume the housing is not original) are worthwhile, or just suck it up and order the original from JVC? Thanks Michael
  5. Does anyone have an idea of when the new JVC's (X5000/7000/9000) will be available in Australia? I "sort of" need to get a new/replacement projector in the next month. So wondering if I should just get the X500 for now........
  6. Harmony 785 Replacement ?

    Recently just swapped a 525 for the harmony one. On your pts above, you get 6 channels per screen and easy to scroll to additional screens. The colour buttons get loaded onto the touch screen also. Swapping from the 525 was easy. Config was copied straight onto the one. Only time I spent was adding icons for the channels. I also got it for only $135 (IIRC) from the logitech store on ebay. Michael
  7. As well as curtains with blocking, I also have a blind on the window. The blind sits in a channel down the side of the window frame to further eliminate light. Don't know if that qualifies for a 3rd acoustic layer though!
  8. Ir Repeaters/extenders

    The redeye just has a blaster, and as I have my kit in a cabinet I was thinking about adding repeaters to it. Anyone think that wouldn't work or have lag or whatever? Michael
  9. Oppo Bdp-93 Group Buy Official

    me too, thanks.
  10. Hi All Just got the 65S20A and set it up yesterday. I've been playing with the picture settings and also looking around for some recommended settings. Most of what I've seen on AVS I can't tell what the equivalent US model is. Does anyone know? Are there are any other equivalent model settings that might work (smaller?) So far, I'm using the Normal setting, but have upped the contrast to 90. On the default settings, which has contrast on 50, I didn't find the blacks very black. For example, on One HD, presenter was wearing a suit that went from grey to black moving from 50 to 90. Foxtel is a bit crap, but that's the source, and with the bigger screen (previously 52inch LCD), I assume it's just making it more obvious. Has anyone had any troubles with the cricket? Can't get it quite right, artifacts around the players. Need to get the playing out of the way, so it can be enjoyed ! Michael
  11. 'statement Cinema'

    excellent case studies. Seeing things that are achievable or at least bits and pieces